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A few weeks ago I waited at the subway-station Jan­now­itzbrücke for the U8 to take me to Kotti. Pre­fer­ring the bike, I dont take the sub­way that often. So it was the first time I recog­nized that Jan­now­itzbrücke is being gen­er­ally ren­ov­ated, des­pite the fact that the work star­ted in Janu­ary 2009!

I walked around the sta­tion, a nice tune in my ear, inspect­ing all the changes and con­struct­ive sur­ger­ies that were already done. It didn’t take long before I for­mu­lated the con­struc­tion site of Jan­now­itzbrücke as my visual meta­phor for ber­lin. You come in, its grey and dirty. Some people even call it ugly by instant. But you need to look closer. If you do, you soon recog­nize all the dif­fer­ent struc­tures, abstract motives that catch your atten­tion, leave you think­ing, inspired. You go on, accept­ing that you aren’t in munich/ aren’t in the mod­ern Pots­damer Platz sta­tion and you start to love all that under-construction-beauty, that no-need-to-look-fancy-easiness and then you see the col­ors, appear­ing next to the grey, out of it, because of it.

Ber­lin is under con­struc­tion, that’s why I love it. It’s not ready and hope­fully it never will be. My favor­ite places aren’t clean nor fancy, they cre­ate their own aes­thetic, an impro­vised beauty that I hardly find any­where else and which makes this city so spe­cial to me.

I hope they never fin­ish Jannowitzbrücke.

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  1. And there for a moment I was con­fused.. I thought, wait, thats not Maggs usual style. Its good but dif­fer­ent.. thats when I saw your name, Nico. Nice work as always!

  2. super­gut. dürfte länger sein. weiter so.

  3. Love the video. Looks like archaeology.