January 1st

After the party comes the afterparty... and the rubbish. Marcus documented Berlins street after the big bang into the new year.
3 Jan ’13 by Marcus Street Life

First of all: the whole FindingBerlin crew wishes you all the best for the new year! We hope your NYE party was a blast and you had as much fun as we probably did (we can’t remember).

Usually we don’t go out in this night cause we don’t like overpriced and overcrowded clubs. So we started doing our own partys instead and celebrate the new year with our whole Berlin family. So we also escape the craziness on Berlin’ s streets and have the better music anyway ;) .

I always like the morning of January, 1st. Getting out – taking a first deep breath of the new year and walking through the streets of my neighborhood where just some hours before all these small storys and big emotions took place. Now nearly nobody is there anymore and you just find the relicts of the last night. 2013 – Let’ s do it!!

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  1. My wife a and I were in Berlin (near Warschauer Straße) for New Year and it was certainly an experience… a very unexpected, chaotic, crazy experience! ;)