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With the German national team winning the last game of the pre-rounds, proceeding into the final stages of the World Cup, my weekend has been saved from apathy and boredom and watching games that are irrelevant to my party emotions.

But where to watch? So far we’ve been enjoying watching at home, but things are different on weekends, during the day, for important matches. I’ve already posted about my favorite public viewing locations, but one does really stand out: the Johannesburg 24, brought to you by Bar25 and Adidas (and man, they really must need the cash to give up so much credibility. Bar 25, that is). Located right next to the Bar 25, right at the Ost-Spreeufer, it does not only look fucking amazing, it’s just damn creative and different, too.

It’s got everything: from beach and pools to fussball tables, a huge chess field, a beach volleyball field and a skate vert. Most importantly of course, there’s a huge screen to watch all of the games. All of this packed minimalistically into the hut styles of Johannisburg. And because I really, really, really suck at explaining, just see for yourself in this video (they don’t let you take pictures inside, so I had to shoot in unwatched situations from the hip- but I’ll try better next time):

So, anyway: this is the perfect spot to watch and celebrate in good weather. If you’re trying to find me: I’ll be there on Sunday.

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