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With the Ger­man national team win­ning the last game of the pre-rounds, pro­ceed­ing into the final stages of the World Cup, my week­end has been saved from apathy and bore­dom and watch­ing games that are irrel­ev­ant to my party emotions.

But where to watch? So far we’ve been enjoy­ing watch­ing at home, but things are dif­fer­ent on week­ends, dur­ing the day, for import­ant matches. I’ve already pos­ted about my favor­ite pub­lic view­ing loc­a­tions, but one does really stand out: the Johan­nes­burg 24, brought to you by Bar25 and Adi­das (and man, they really must need the cash to give up so much cred­ib­il­ity. Bar 25, that is). Loc­ated right next to the Bar 25, right at the Ost-Spreeufer, it does not only look fuck­ing amaz­ing, it’s just damn cre­at­ive and dif­fer­ent, too.

It’s got everything: from beach and pools to fuss­ball tables, a huge chess field, a beach vol­ley­ball field and a skate vert. Most import­antly of course, there’s a huge screen to watch all of the games. All of this packed min­im­al­ist­ic­ally into the hut styles of Johan­nis­burg. And because I really, really, really suck at explain­ing, just see for your­self in this video (they don’t let you take pic­tures inside, so I had to shoot in unwatched situ­ations from the hip– but I’ll try bet­ter next time):

So, any­way: this is the per­fect spot to watch and cel­eb­rate in good weather. If you’re try­ing to find me: I’ll be there on Sunday.

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