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by Sara · 26.07.2013 · Places · 4 comments

As we have mentioned before in our “Things To Do In A Berlin Summer” posting (which, by the way, will be continued in due time), there’s nothing better than spending a fair amount of time on the rooftop of a tall building watching over the city. I’ve just returned from a great trip to the South Tyrol mountains, and while the urban sport of rooftopping is not at all like being in the presence of giant mountains (and who would compare the one to the other – blasphemy!), with a bit of imagination (and clearly a shitload of  drugs) you might just believe for a split second that you can almost touch the sky…

So you’ve got no rooftop and you’re not willing to put your life in danger? You have learned nothing from us! But understandably, it would be so much better if there was loud and good music, a bar, some food, lots of space and a great view. Move away, here comes the Klunkerkranich Project!

There have been some (relatively secret) raves at the parking deck of the Neukölln Arkaden, but now they have been officially transformed into a summer garden, bar, rooftop-chill out space that invites you to spend the evenings watching the sun go down while sipping on cool drinks. We were astonished when we first saw what the people behind the Klunkerkranich (a name I will not even try to translate into English) have made out of the parking lot deck! Lots of wood, space, and love put into the project. The gardens and little beets are a fantastic idea that, by time, will add a lush green scenery to the (hopefully everlasting) blue horizon.

Well, there’s no need to sell a spot like this to you. It’s amazing. There’s something special about watching over the city.. I’m ever so convinced that we don’t need a skyline. It’s especially impressive how the Fernsehturm just sticks out from this perspective as if it was miles high, with nothing next to it to soften the perspective of its height.

The Klunkerkranich will host a variety of events – from readings to concerts – on the rooftop. For now, it’s only open on the weekends, but you can follow whatever they’re planning on their Facebook.

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  1. Thank you for this great article. You have to pay tribute to the owners of Klunkerkranich, who have transformed grey ugly concrete into a green and even family-friendly space. Honestly, I love to be there. But there is also one downside to it. Before, everybody who knew the place could enter the parking deck and enjoy the beautiful view on Berlin (and perhaps drink a beer or two). Now, the only way to get in is to pay for the whole experience. During the week, the parking deck is now completely closed to anybody and shielded by a huge steel door.

    Please do not get me wrong, the Klunkerkranich is a great project made by people who seem to love what they are doing and are pretty good at it. But on the other hand, it is one open space less.

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