Kreuzberg 61

13 Apr ’11 by Sara Street Life
My first impressions of my new neighborhood (spoiler: I moved out only a few months later and to Kreuzberg 61).

So I found a WG in Kreuzberg, but I was quite surprised when I first visited it for a quick check. “This is Kreuzberg? Really?” In my three years of living in Berlin, I’d never once made it beyond the Kottbusser-Tor-Kreuzberg that I love. Kreuzberg 36: rough, dirty, charmingly different. And here I am in Kreuzberg 61: it’s clean and tidy. Good looking people in expensive clothes dominate the sidewalks on sunny afternoons. Cafés, restaurants and tall, beautiful Altbauten make the scenery. I guess this is what people mean when they talk about Berlins gentrification. The difference in Kreuzberg 61 and Kreuzberg 36 is not just the post code, from where the names derive; it’s a whole culture. Or is it?

Nightlife has ceased to exist, although people do tell me that this particular area wasn’t so bourgeoise back in the days of Westberlin. Everyone is grown up here, the graffitis are being removed from the walls. It’s relaxing, but it’s also very sanitized and eco-trendy. I don’t feel like I belong here at this time of my life. The Victoriapark is very different from Görli.

Six comments

  1. Hm, Kreuzberg 61, damit verbinde ich vor allem Erinnerungen an meine Exfreundin, mit der ich oft in der Ecke Großbeerenstraße unterwegs war. Schöne Erinnerungen. Nicht der Exfreundin, der Großbeerenstraße wegen. Berlin wegen.

  2. Kreuzberg (L)

    wo ist genau das Foto mit den Kindern?!

  3. Kreuzberg 61 – huge memories
    Approximately 30 years ago was my first place in town the legendary Mehringhof.
    My first visit was the pup Spektrum or as called Spekki. Later this location was renamed in Ex and today the name is Clash.
    I’m very proud that my dental surgery is now located at the Mehringhof.

    Thanks a lot for this memories
    love the Zahnfee from Kreuzberg