Kreuzberg 61

by Sara · 13.04.2011 · Kiez Life · 6 comments

So I found a WG in Kreuzberg, but I was quite sur­prised when I first vis­ited it for a quick check. “This is Kreuzberg? Really?” In my three years of liv­ing in Ber­lin, I’d never once made it bey­ond the Kottbusser-Tor-Kreuzberg that I love. That is, Kreuzberg 36, rough, dirty, charm­ingly dif­fer­ent, never wel­com­ing. Well, and here I am in Kreuzberg 61: it’s clean and tidy. Good look­ing people in expens­ive clothes dom­in­ate the side­walks on sunny after­noons. Cafés, res­taur­ants and tall, beau­ti­ful Alt­bauten make the scenery.

I like it to an extent. It’s peace­ful and I’m never scared of step­ping into dog shit. But it’s pretty bor­ing too. Every­one is grown up here, the graf­fitis are being removed from the walls, and where once you had the sound of sirens and the gun­shot pops you’re now bathing in the noise of children’s play and cry­ing babies. Not that gun­shots are a bet­ter altern­at­ive. I’m just saying.

In any case, Kreuzberg 61 seems to be a mis­placed part of Pren­zlauer Berg, where people dandy like it’s the 1920s again. I can already hear the killer phrases of gentri­fic­a­tion. “You des­troyed our Kiez” is what the “UrBer­liners”, that is, people who’ve been liv­ing here for the last 20 years or some­thing, will say. But in my book, all of this and espe­cially the con­trasts between two parts of a dis­trict only prove that it’s nat­ural devel­op­ment. Yes, of course we should try to keep the costs low and not cre­ate a bubble that rises over our heads and explodes into a cata­strophe. But: if we start com­plain­ing about what is hap­pen­ing (without act­ively doing something/by dis­crim­in­at­ing against people from all over the world who come to live and stay in Ber­lin), we’ll just add to the fact. We will become the same small-minded town people. And that, in my opin­ion, is the prob­lem we should tackle.

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  1. Vikt­ori­apark, or the hill called Kreuzberg :)

  2. Hm, Kreuzberg 61, damit ver­binde ich vor allem Erin­ner­ungen an meine Exfre­undin, mit der ich oft in der Ecke Groß­beer­en­straße unter­wegs war. Schöne Erin­ner­ungen. Nicht der Exfre­undin, der Groß­beer­en­straße wegen. Ber­lin wegen.

  3. Thanks!

    I’ll be stay­ing in Kreuzberg next month for a week :)

  4. Kreuzberg (L)

    wo ist genau das Foto mit den Kindern?!

  5. Kreuzberg 61 — huge memor­ies
    Approx­im­ately 30 years ago was my first place in town the legendary Mehring­hof.
    My first visit was the pup Spek­trum or as called Spekki. Later this loc­a­tion was renamed in Ex and today the name is Clash.
    I’m very proud that my dental sur­gery is now loc­ated at the Mehringhof.

    Thanks a lot for this memor­ies
    love the Zahn­fee from Kreuzberg