Taking a walk through Kreuzberg in snow

6 Jan ’16 by Sara Other
2016 is "finally" seeing some snow and I'm NOT freaking out! I do hate everybody who's out on holidays in the Southern hemisphere right now.

I took one for the team and went outside for longer than necessary, all equipped with a real camera instead of my iPhone. This season, I am actually prepared from head to toe for winter! I bought classy Timberlands, I have wicker shirts and socks, I even have a winter-ski mask that I am not ashamed to wear, guys, I AM EMBRACING WINTER, AND NONE OF MY CLOTHES ARE NEON-COLORED!

I still wouldn’t want to spend more than the obligatory 20 minutes waiting for the M29 outside. After nine winters in Berlin, I finally could if I wanted to.

In the meantime, enjoy your calm days at home. Although I hate the cold, I love the unicolor grey-white sky that gives the impression of a timeless, pale day. And I love the Zombie shuffling of people trying to navigate with anchor-heavy boots through the snow. Most importantly though: that look on the kids’ faces when they keep tripping and falling into the snow, or annoy their parents with impromptu snow fight performances.























Two comments

  1. It seems you slashdotted http://www.onewarmwinter.org/

    Can you provide some contact info instead?

  2. Richtig schöne Fotos! Makes me miss Berlin (Wollte ich schon immer mal schreiben!) !