#lastdance at Cookies

by Sara · 20.06.2014 · Events, Made In Berlin, Places · 37 comments

– Cook­ies Club is clos­ing down on the 19th July, but the #lastdance will be cel­eb­rated with all the sup­port­ers and friends of the past, res­ult­ing in a mega line up for a whole month! We paid the club a visit for a farewell din­ner and a last look around. Plus: we’re giv­ing away 2×2 guest­l­ist spots for a rare Ben Klock gig in the holy halls at the 8th of July. Leave a com­ment under this post to par­ti­cip­ate; win­ners will be noti­fied a day before the event! –

The Cook­ies club is one of the old­est in Ber­lin; almost twenty years since its con­cep­tion. I’ve never been an avid vis­itor, I must say. When I moved to Ber­lin, Cook­ies was already an insti­tu­tion with tough doors and a Mitte crowd that only had very little in com­mon with my pre­ferred scenes. That said, I was always thor­oughly impressed by the loc­a­tion, by the line ups and by the whole concept — and his­tory — of this Ber­lin legend.

After start­ing in a hole in the wall illegaly in 1994 and mov­ing five (or six?) times around the city, the Cook­ies finally ended up in the back of the Westin Grand Hotel on Friedrichsstraße. Although I’ve been to the club enough times, I still look for the entrance reg­u­larly. Was it here? By day, you wouldn’t notice at all (another club door to con­sider for our Day & Night series before it vanishes).

Cook­ies invited us for a last din­ner before the club is head­ing off into its last month. Yeah, another Ber­lin club clos­ing its doors. The loc­a­tion is stay­ing, though, with a new concept in plans. Another res­taur­ant, maybe? The Cook­ies Cream, already one of the best (veget­arian only) res­taur­ants in the city (and also one of the best web­site themes for a res­taur­ant) has already made a name for itself. The res­taur­ant deserves its own entry at some point. I’m sure we’ll get there.

This could be the per­fect tim­ing to speak of all those clubs clos­ing down in the past years. Maybe the per­fect tim­ing to speak out about the eco­nomic and cul­tural changes of the city. But I think it wouldn’t be fair to this club — damn, 20 years is a long time for a club in any city. Things change way faster than that, and one can only bow to the moros­ity of a party that las­ted longer than any polit­ical reign or infra­struc­tural change. Sure, clubs are clos­ing down. Mean­while, oth­ers are open­ing up.

That said, Cook­ies isn’t going down like most other clubs. I think the owner, the Cook­ies is named after him, is pulling a plug on some­thing that has lost the essen­tial spirit of its hey­day: unit­ing a scene. You won’t find that in the Ber­lin clubs any­more, not in Mitte any­way (that’s not neces­sar­ily a bad thing, come to think of it, although many leftover party-goers will sulk about it). Com­munit­ies are dif­fer­ent today, glob­al­ized, scattered, attend­ing on Face­book, send­ing Snapchats, etc. The urban spaces they need are dif­fer­ent from the urban spaces they used before, at least that’s my mea­ger the­ory in gen­eral. I’m sure I’ll get deeper into it at another point.

For now, I am happy that I got to do one last round with my cam­era in this oth­er­wise very restrict­ing club (before it got too crowded and while M.A.N.D.Y were play­ing a gor­geous set). It’s obvi­ous how much love for detail was put into the venue, and it’s a shame this club will cease to exist. As expec­ted though, it’s going to close with a final boom: the line up reads like a Best of Ber­lin, both past and present.

Since we’re big Ben Klock fans (and Ben Klock is appar­ently a Cook­ies fan), we’re shelling out guest­l­ist spots for his gig on the 8th of July at Cook­ies. This gig seems unreal. Leave a com­ment under this post to par­ti­cip­ate; win­ners will be announced a day before the date!

  1. Ben Klock please :-)

  2. The end of an era !

  3. what a shame! klock gig will be epic though!

  4. I would so love to be there at the last party — please con­sider me for guest­l­ist spots. pretty please!

  5. I’d really want to pay a last visit to Cook­ies — pick me, pick me!

  6. Hello, Good­bye.

  7. REALISE!!!
    Great story Sara.

  8. I was so naïve when I first came to Ber­lin and walked past Cook­ies one even­ing that I thought it was an elite min­im­al­ist bis­cuit store. Didn’t even know it was clos­ing… would love to go back for a final farewell.

  9. Hi, I would love guest­l­ist please to say a last good­bye. Thanks a lot!

  10. Ben Klock in Cookies!

  11. done!

  12. Good bye…

  13. –Klock, klock
    –Who’s there?
    –is the best dj for the best farewell!!!

  14. Uhm, a com­ment is now left.

    Rasmus Hedlund
  15. Cook­ies adé, scheiden tut weh.. Danke für all die schönen Stun­den, lachen, tan­zen, Kon­fetti, Begegnun­gen. Save the last dance

  16. last time.. party hard.. :)

  17. Drink to that.

  18. love ben klock!

  19. bumm bumm

  20. Delete Cook­ies? Bet­ter not!

  21. Cheers.

  22. Remem­ber­ing the days when Ben Klock was Ben E Clock…

  23. Ben Klock !!!

  24. he has the applause

  25. danke!

  26. Ok, so the thing is… I looove Ber­lin and I know that one day i will be liv­ing there and it will be time of my life. Its amaz­ing that there is so many amaz­ing people and places and so many new spots that are on my to-do list (and the num­ber of spots is still rising!). One of the spot is Cook­ies. Its a shame that place like that is clos­ing but… some­thing ends some­thing begins and I believe that it will be somet­ing amaz­ing aswell. It would be honored to be on guest­l­ist in that kind of place. Pick me up, find me and I will find Berlin :)

    PS. Did I men­tion that Im a big fan of Ben Klock? (But who isnt?!

  27. why i would like to listen Ben Klock and spend a great time there?
    first of all my bday is on 7th July so that would be an amaz­ing sur­prise for me ;) (true story)
    secondly it would be a pleas­ure to par­ti­cip­ate in such an exquis­ite and mem­or­able moment for Berlin-techno his­tory
    and and and… well i just broke up with a great girl so it would be a per­fect moment not to think about her and enjoy my life!

  28. Back to my second home and my birth­day is on 8th :).
    show­ing a friend ber­lin fort the first time, would be a real treat!

    Iza Johannesson
  29. excited :)

  30. will be there

  31. wish to be there !

  32. should be reopened soon. liked dif­fer­ent cookie’s loc­a­tions through­out the last years. try to be there on 19th

  33. Yes i want to Klock!

  34. Yeah!

  35. It’s dance o’klock!

  36. Last dance. Last chance
    But see you tomorrow