Mmaah: Korean BBQ in Neukölln

by Sara · 16.07.2014 · Food, Kiez Life · 2 comments

Every­body loves Korean food! This is a known fact! And another fact is that I am the per­son that loves it the most, which is why any new Korean joint in town is already a favor­ite of mine. Unfor­tu­nately, Mmaah is a little on the off-side. It’s between Hasen­heide, Columbiabad and Tem­pel­hof, sure, but at the wrong entrance of Tem­pel­hof and Hasen­heide and there­fore only really rel­ev­ant when it’s soar­ing hot out­side and I’m on my way to the Columbiabad.

Here’s a def­in­ite recipe for good lifin’: Columbiabad, cold Coke and spicy Korean food at Mmaah. The Korean BBQ joint is just a charm­ing shed, but its col­ors pop in the sum­mer and the Kim­chi is on point. The menu is small and simple (Bul­gogi is a must!), but you won’t miss any­thing. You can order for take-out or have it right there. Big bonus: the own­ers are sweet and charm­ing, and every cus­tomer is treated (much unlike the typ­ical Ber­lin exper­i­ence) with a smile and a thank you.

There are veget­arian options, too, and I can’t stress enough how good the Kim­chi was when I finally got around to Mmaah. Thanks for another sweet Korean BBQ spot in the city and a nice street food altern­at­ive next to Columbiabad.

Oh and, sorry for the lack of food pics, I just always seem to end up there when I’m at my most hungry.

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One comment
  1. Mmaah ist Yumm! :)

    The veg­gie options are all vegan too.

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