Muschi Fashion Fatwalk 2011

by Sara · 27.02.2011 · Events · 4 comments

One of my most favor­ite, Ber­lin inspired fash­ion labels, “Mus­chi Kreuzberg”, ran their annual Fash­ion Fat­walk last Fri­day. With their clever word­play they’ve man­aged to grow a large fan­base in and around Ber­lin. I myself had traveled with a “Kotti D’Azur” bag on my trip through South East Asia until someone stole it from a hostel room. Just to put it into per­spect­ive: the thief left my iPod, my note­book and every other valu­able thing, but they took the bag. I for­give them on account of hav­ing a damn good taste; I wouldn’t have done it any dif­fer­ently. The bag is now sold out, but I’m cross­ing fin­gers for more in the future…

In the mean­time, my friends Ebbe, Matze, Nad­ine and Paul went to the sum­mer release party (and for the most dis­ap­point­ing reas­ons of all — not being in Ber­lin — I couldn’t go) in Neuk­ölln and have put some pic­tures of the event up online. Check them all out here, and I’ll hope­fully be around for the next gig. Remem­ber boys and girls, always sup­port the local brands and keep the cre­ativ­ity flowing!

  1. Hier direkt am Alex gibts einen Laden, der hat noch die Beutel ;)

  2. Also wenn du den blauen Beutel mit “kotti d’azur” meinst, den gibt’s auch noch im Online-Shop (http://​shop​.muschikreuzberg​.de/​p​r​o​d​u​c​t​/​k​o​t​t​i​-​d​a​z​u​r​-​s​ack)…

  3. but i wanted the white one this time! :)

  4. good morn­ing my friends, I would like to con­tact ALL of you my friends. YUM YUM