When Thugs Cry — Muschi Kreuzberg Summer Jam

by Sara · 18.07.2012 · Events · 18 comments

Get your guns loaded, kings and queens of the dis­trict! Mus­chi Kreuzberg are hold­ing up every­one you love for ransom: one mil­lion and a few dope bitches, just get your ass to the meet­ing point on Thursday at Prince Charles. If you don’t have the neces­sary cash — too bad. But if you’re nice to us, you can win 2×2 guest­l­ist spots to play gang­ster for one night. Only con­di­tion: you have to wear a bandana, you have to get into a fist fight with one of the rap­pers on stage, and you have to throw up behind the bar after steal­ing a bottle of vodka. Make them thugs cry.

Ser­i­ously though: leave a com­ment on this post to win 2×2 guest­l­ist spots for the Mus­chi Kreuzberg Sum­mer Jam.

  1. Com­ment!

    (gang­ster­l­iste = groß)

  2. boom

  3. Geel­ist yo

  4. I think I already did everything in PC.

  5. tschyeah!

  6. Mar­cus, you did not wear a bandana and I demand you should do that tomorrow.

  7. U going too???

  8. of course we’re going too!

  9. Would appre­ci­ate a nice vodka shot with the legendary Mus­chi Kreuzberg Kptn but unfor­tu­nately I’m abso­lutely out of cash ’cause some fuck­ers stole my wallet.

  10. tschakalakka booooooom

  11. mus­chi mus­chi yeah!

  12. broke but dope.thats whats up. no trendy bitches tough.

  13. Bandana and Fubu Shirt ready to wear.…

  14. whaaaat…?!

  15. peng! -> comment

  16. Poster/lineup look great. God knows that with the weather as it is this gang­ster needs a little paradise…

  17. WINNERS ARE DOM +1 and MANCO M +1!