When Thugs Cry – Muschi Kreuzberg Summer Jam

by Sara · 18.07.2012 · Events · 18 comments

Get your guns loaded, kings and queens of the district! Muschi Kreuzberg are holding up everyone you love for ransom: one million and a few dope bitches, just get your ass to the meeting point on Thursday at Prince Charles. If you don’t have the necessary cash – too bad. But if you’re nice to us, you can win 2×2 guestlist spots to play gangster for one night. Only condition: you have to wear a bandana, you have to get into a fist fight with one of the rappers on stage, and you have to throw up behind the bar after stealing a bottle of vodka. Make them thugs cry.

Seriously though: leave a comment on this post to win 2×2 guestlist spots for the Muschi Kreuzberg Summer Jam.

  1. Comment!

    (gangsterliste = groß)

  2. boom

  3. Geelist yo

  4. I think I already did everything in PC.

  5. tschyeah!

  6. Marcus, you did not wear a bandana and I demand you should do that tomorrow.

  7. U going too???

  8. of course we’re going too!

  9. Would appreciate a nice vodka shot with the legendary Muschi Kreuzberg Kptn but unfortunately I’m absolutely out of cash ’cause some fuckers stole my wallet.

  10. tschakalakka booooooom

  11. muschi muschi yeah!

  12. broke but dope.thats whats up. no trendy bitches tough.

  13. Bandana and Fubu Shirt ready to wear….

  14. whaaaat…?!

  15. peng! -> com­ment

  16. Poster/lineup look great. God knows that with the weather as it is this gangster needs a little paradise…

  17. WINNERS ARE DOM +1 and MANCO M +1!