Nowkoelln Flowmarkt

by Sara · 19.07.2010 · Events · 5 comments

Wow, yes­ter­day sucked. First a long ass drive back to Ber­lin, find­ing out the door to my bal­cony gave in and was taped back to the doorframe by my room­mates and then almost des­troy­ing my 1.8 lense because I’m too stu­pid to carry a cam­era (yes, I’ve owned that cam­era for about what, four weeks?, and I’m already trash­ing it. For now, the manual zoom has a very crunchy feel and sound to it. This is why I can’t own nice things, because I’m care­less and I suck), and of course, my last day of vaca­tion before going back to the work routine.

Good for me it was all made up by to the beau­ti­ful Nowkoelln Flow­markt on May­bachufer, and an amaz­ing find back home: we have a rooftop! I mean, of course we have a rooftop, but we also found out how to get up there. I took the chance to watch the sun set over Ber­lin (and I’ll be sure to spend some more even­ings on there, provided that I don’t fall and break my neck try­ing to over­come the obstacles in the dark attic). Damn, I missed this place. I don’t even know how to sur­vive leav­ing for more than a year. My world trip is get­ting closer with every day that passes by, and Ber­lin just gets bet­ter and bet­ter. It breaks my heart (a bit).

(The Nowkoelln Flow­markt at the May­bachufer was lovely, by the way. It had everything the Mauer­park mar­ket has, but in smal­ler size, in a rather famil­iar atmo­sphere, close to the water and most import­antly: with space to breathe. No crowds, no annoy­ances. Live music and homemade food. If it hadn’t been for my cam­era mis­hap I would’ve raved about it, but it was great non­ethe­less. I even bought stuff. I never buy stuff from flea mar­kets, it must be a sign. Pic­tures of my newly acquired pos­ses­sions will fol­low as soon as my ever so cool com­pany Jeriko uploads them).

The Flohmarkt’s open­ing last month cer­tainly showed it to be a hip­ster mar­ket – a mini Mauer­park without the park, if you like. There were arty bands, curry from the Kreuzberg Jamaican res­taur­ant Rosa Caleta, organic beer, fam­il­ies of dan­cing chil­dren and their joints­moking par­ents… There goes the neigh­bour­hood! Des­pite iffy weather, thou­sands of vis­it­ors “flowed” through the single cor­ridor of 100 stalls along the Landwehrkanal, brows­ing through second-hand hip­ster paraphernalia, hand-made wares from cush­ions to cake to jew­ellery, and the occa­sional designer item. (via)

By the way, am I the only one who con­siders the May­bachufer as part of Kreuzberg (as opposed to Neukölln)?

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  1. Hihi, ich war da gestern auch, nur leider viel viel zu spät und fast alles war schon am abbauen, aber am May­bachufer kann man trotzdem gut sitzen und die Sonne genießen. So lang­sam mag ich doch Neuköln…

  2. If you take a look over the garden fence which you know­ing, you’ll find the juici­est fruit .… Wed­ding, mir bis­wei­len arg fremd, offen­bart sich als Perle und auch Neuk­oeln ist einem gewis­sem Cliché unter­le­gen. Zu unrecht, so man den Blick abseits des Muench­ner– oder Ham­buger Stand­ards sch­weifen laesst.

    Dies aber nur neben­her, denn : Miss **S. mit ihren gran­dios einge­fan­genen Bild­mo­menten draen­gelt einem, zumind­est mir, den Gedanken an Herrn Boeck­ens “Anfang­szeiten” auf ! <3

  3. Whoa, I KNEW I for­got some­thing… will upload them as soon as I got home this evening!

  4. schöne fotos.
    aber die jar jar binks hurensohn-figur haste hof­fen­lich erschossen?!

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