Nowkoelln Flowmarkt

by Sara · 19.07.2010 · Events · 5 comments

Wow, yesterday sucked. First a long ass drive back to Berlin, finding out the door to my balcony gave in and was taped back to the doorframe by my roommates and then almost destroying my 1.8 lense because I’m too stupid to carry a camera (yes, I’ve owned that camera for about what, four weeks?, and I’m already trashing it. For now, the manual zoom has a very crunchy feel and sound to it. This is why I can’t own nice things, because I’m careless and I suck), and of course, my last day of vacation before going back to the work routine.

Good for me it was all made up by to the beautiful Nowkoelln Flowmarkt on Maybachufer, and an amazing find back home: we have a rooftop! I mean, of course we have a rooftop, but we also found out how to get up there. I took the chance to watch the sun set over Berlin (and I’ll be sure to spend some more evenings on there, provided that I don’t fall and break my neck trying to overcome the obstacles in the dark attic). Damn, I missed this place. I don’t even know how to survive leaving for more than a year. My world trip is getting closer with every day that passes by, and Berlin just gets better and better. It breaks my heart (a bit).

(The Nowkoelln Flowmarkt at the Maybachufer was lovely, by the way. It had everything the Mauerpark market has, but in smaller size, in a rather familiar atmosphere, close to the water and most importantly: with space to breathe. No crowds, no annoyances. Live music and homemade food. If it hadn’t been for my camera mishap I would’ve raved about it, but it was great nonetheless. I even bought stuff. I never buy stuff from flea markets, it must be a sign. Pictures of my newly acquired possessions will follow as soon as my ever so cool company Jeriko uploads them).

The Flohmarkt’s opening last month certainly showed it to be a hipster market – a mini Mauerpark without the park, if you like. There were arty bands, curry from the Kreuzberg Jamaican restaurant Rosa Caleta, organic beer, families of dancing children and their jointsmoking parents… There goes the neighbourhood! Despite iffy weather, thousands of visitors “flowed” through the single corridor of 100 stalls along the Landwehrkanal, browsing through second-hand hipster paraphernalia, hand-made wares from cushions to cake to jewellery, and the occasional designer item. (via)

By the way, am I the only one who considers the Maybachufer as part of Kreuzberg (as opposed to Neukölln)?

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  1. Hihi, ich war da gestern auch, nur leider viel viel zu spät und fast alles war schon am abbauen, aber am Maybachufer kann man trotzdem gut sitzen und die Sonne genießen. So langsam mag ich doch Neuköln…

  2. If you take a look over the garden fence which you knowing, you’ll find the juiciest fruit …. Wedding, mir bisweilen arg fremd, offenbart sich als Perle und auch Neukoeln ist einem gewissem Cliché unterlegen. Zu unrecht, so man den Blick abseits des Muenchner- oder Hambuger Standards schweifen laesst.

    Dies aber nur nebenher, denn : Miss **S. mit ihren grandios eingefangenen Bildmomenten draengelt einem, zumindest mir, den Gedanken an Herrn Boeckens “Anfangszeiten” auf ! <3

  3. Whoa, I KNEW I forgot something… will upload them as soon as I got home this evening!

  4. schöne fotos.
    aber die jar jar binks hurensohn-figur haste hoffenlich erschossen?!

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