One Year of WEBOOGIE: Collective Memories

by Sara · 27.04.2013 · Events · 5 comments

Memories of parties are always a bit of a blur. But I do tend to get a bit cheesy remembering all those moments full of love. Like when you’re super exhausted after dancing and laughing all night, but you still don’t want to go home because THIS song, I love this song, and I need to stay.

After a couple of years of living and partying in Berlin, we’ve traveled from one group of friends to the next, shared many a festivities with the whole city on big raves and, in general, watched how everything changed so fast. From a very subjective perspective, the wheels turn pretty quickly in Berlin. You have to adapt to changes (well, let’s focus on nightlife here, yeah?) in an instant: closing clubs, changing venues, or a whole crowd that separates.

But last year we finally found something that resembles a steady institution in our lives (it might be a bad sign if you consider a party series a “steady institution” of your life). A place and a party where all of our friends meet up – always. Where we enjoy the night, even when the music is not completely in line with our tastes (that never happens), because everyone’s there, everyone likes to be there. It’s WEBOOGIE.

I know that the vast majority of the techno crowd has already found what I love so much about WEBOOGIE, but for people like me – people who like different sorts of dance genres, I guess we’re the outcasts of Berlin – there was never such a place. I know it’s not everyones game, but I don’t care. If you’re into great and fresh sound and an eclectic mix of people and like to dance your ass off in a former striptease-bar, go ahead and do it.

If a party can be anything like a restaurant, then WeBoogie is the family-owned, loved and cared for diner that is open 24/7 and always serves you with a wonderful warm meal. In fact, WeBoogies trademark is the self-made pizza that you can get during the warm-up of the parties. No shit. I mean, great music AND pizza in one place. You’d think it can’t get better, but it can, and it does.

Today is the first anniversary of WEBOOGIE and we’re super doped up about it. We’re looking forward to celebrating with our homies and friends at Chesters. Looking back on the past partys, we’ll probably be more cautious too; what with all those mobile phone pictures and videos that keep floating up, documenting our wastedness and such. They are our Collective Memories, so to say. And it’s nice to know that just by simply asking within that group of friends, we can find many, many pictures to put up here and share with you.

This first year anniversary will go down in history as the legendary party where I really felt at home. Which might also be because the Chesters, the new WEBOOGIE venue, is located five minutes away from my doorstep. Nevermind though, I’d mighty support it even if Chesters was in Spandau (I probably wouldn’t. Lucky me.)

If you’re ready to take part, let us know in the comments. We’re giving away 2×2 guestlist spots for tonight and we’ll be thrilled to see you there, boogying with our friends, getting wasted in the corner, and letting us take your picture! DJ Paypal, Ticklish, Hazeem, Nightjar and favorite residents Sarah Farina, Genys and Front2blaq will keep you entertained. Be early for the pizza!

Thanks to Ari, Tim and Genys for those precious pictures. We should bring our Lomo cameras more often for sure.


  1. just the right words to explain this place of truth and selfbe(e)ing.
    aim ready for takeoff;D
    please catch or come over to the GH 36 Vernissage at Große Hamburgerstraße 36

  2. so so ready to swing, swang, swung!!!

  3. we would love to celebrate our friend´s birthday at weboogie! guestlist spots would be the i-tüpfelchen!

  4. I wanna boogie tonight.. Pls hit me up with guestlist!

  5. Can I get it?