One Year of WEBOOGIE

Community is everything in Berlins nightlife. Our favorite dance and music crew WeBoogie is celebrating their first birthday and we are lucky to consider ourselves part of it. Here are our collective memories. Thanks to Ari, Tim and Genys for those precious pictures.
27 Apr ’13 by Sara Community

After a couple of years of living and partying in Berlin, we’ve traveled from one group of friends to the next, shared many a festivities with the whole city on big raves and, in general, watched how everything changed so fast. From a very subjective perspective, the wheels turn pretty quickly in Berlin.

But last year we finally found something that was not just a place, but a community – held together by music and the passion for Berlins nightlife, even beyond Techno. It’s WeBoogie.

If a party can be anything like a restaurant, then WeBoogie is the family-owned, loved and cared for diner that is open 24/7 and always serves you with a wonderful warm meal. In fact, the WeBoogies trademark is the self-made pizza that you can get during the warm-up of the parties.

Five comments

  1. just the right words to explain this place of truth and selfbe(e)ing.
    aim ready for takeoff;D
    please catch or come over to the GH 36 Vernissage at Große Hamburgerstraße 36

  2. so so ready to swing, swang, swung!!!

  3. we would love to celebrate our friend´s birthday at weboogie! guestlist spots would be the i-tüpfelchen!

  4. I wanna boogie tonight.. Pls hit me up with guestlist!

  5. Can I get it?