One Year of WEBOOGIE: Collective Memories

by Sara · 27.04.2013 · Events · 5 comments

Memor­ies of parties are always a bit of a blur. But I do tend to get a bit cheesy remem­ber­ing all those moments full of love. Like when you’re super exhausted after dan­cing and laugh­ing all night, but you still don’t want to go home because THIS song, I love this song, and I need to stay.

After a couple of years of liv­ing and party­ing in Ber­lin, we’ve traveled from one group of friends to the next, shared many a fest­iv­it­ies with the whole city on big raves and, in gen­eral, watched how everything changed so fast. From a very sub­ject­ive per­spect­ive, the wheels turn pretty quickly in Ber­lin. You have to adapt to changes (well, let’s focus on night­life here, yeah?) in an instant: clos­ing clubs, chan­ging ven­ues, or a whole crowd that separates.

But last year we finally found some­thing that resembles a steady insti­tu­tion in our lives (it might be a bad sign if you con­sider a party series a “steady insti­tu­tion” of your life). A place and a party where all of our friends meet up — always. Where we enjoy the night, even when the music is not com­pletely in line with our tastes (that never hap­pens), because everyone’s there, every­one likes to be there. It’s WEBOOGIE.

I know that the vast major­ity of the techno crowd has already found what I love so much about WEBOOGIE, but for people like me — people who like dif­fer­ent sorts of dance genres, I guess we’re the out­casts of Ber­lin — there was never such a place. I know it’s not every­ones game, but I don’t care. If you’re into great and fresh sound and an eclectic mix of people and like to dance your ass off in a former striptease-bar, go ahead and do it.

If a party can be any­thing like a res­taur­ant, then WeBoo­gie is the family-owned, loved and cared for diner that is open 24/7 and always serves you with a won­der­ful warm meal. In fact, WeBoo­gies trade­mark is the self-made pizza that you can get dur­ing the warm-up of the parties. No shit. I mean, great music AND pizza in one place. You’d think it can’t get bet­ter, but it can, and it does.

Today is the first anniversary of WEBOOGIE and we’re super doped up about it. We’re look­ing for­ward to cel­eb­rat­ing with our hom­ies and friends at Chesters. Look­ing back on the past partys, we’ll prob­ably be more cau­tious too; what with all those mobile phone pic­tures and videos that keep float­ing up, doc­u­ment­ing our wasted­ness and such. They are our Col­lect­ive Memor­ies, so to say. And it’s nice to know that just by simply ask­ing within that group of friends, we can find many, many pic­tures to put up here and share with you.

This first year anniversary will go down in his­tory as the legendary party where I really felt at home. Which might also be because the Chesters, the new WEBOOGIE venue, is loc­ated five minutes away from my door­step. Nev­er­mind though, I’d mighty sup­port it even if Chesters was in Spandau (I prob­ably wouldn’t. Lucky me.)

If you’re ready to take part, let us know in the com­ments. We’re giv­ing away 2×2 guest­l­ist spots for tonight and we’ll be thrilled to see you there, boogy­ing with our friends, get­ting wasted in the corner, and let­ting us take your pic­ture! DJ Paypal, Tick­lish, Haz­eem, Night­jar and favor­ite res­id­ents Sarah Farina, Genys and Front2blaq will keep you enter­tained. Be early for the pizza!

Thanks to Ari, Tim and Genys for those pre­cious pic­tures. We should bring our Lomo cam­eras more often for sure.

  1. just the right words to explain this place of truth and selfbe(e)ing.
    aim ready for takeoff;D
    please catch or come over to the GH 36 Ver­n­is­sage at Große Ham­burger­straße 36


  2. so so ready to swing, swang, swung!!!

  3. we would love to cel­eb­rate our friend´s birth­day at weboo­gie! guest­l­ist spots would be the i-tüpfelchen!

  4. I wanna boo­gie tonight.. Pls hit me up with guestlist!

  5. Can I get it?