Yume Gyoza Pannierstraße-6225

YuMe Gyozas

13.10.2014 · One comment

Among my circle of friends, nobody can stop talk­ing about the cur­rent Ber­lin food craze. “Bur­ger is the Berg­hain”, for we used to spend our Sunday after­noons in a dark Techno club. Today, we go binge-eating in dif­fer­ent places in Kreuzberg and Neuk­ölln because there are a gazil­lion new res­taur­ants, diners and snack bars that we haven’t

Papi Crunch: Sunday Brunch at Parker Bowles

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Is any­one keep­ing count with the food events this week? I know there’s a bar con­ven­tion (“really?”) and the Ber­lin Food Week and sev­eral mar­kets and the respect­ive after-partys. If you know me, you know that I’m dis­gust­ing and glut­ton­ous and would never pass a chance on free (or not) food, but I com­pletely lost my shit try­ing to make sense

short notice: LACKREC


There’s an abund­ance of lowkey dance music labels hail­ing from Ber­lin, but not one has made an impres­sion such as LACKREC dur­ing the last year (not on me, any­way). It was their second release, the LUNGO ISLANDO EP (Pablo Mateo & S. Hoff­man), that had me look up. If you’re fan of intel­li­gent, con­tem­por­ary, ana­logue

Persepolis Restaurant

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Note: I don’t like tak­ing pic­tures of food. I suck at it. Whenever I’m in a res­taur­ant and I have to doc­u­ment my visit, I am the unhap­pi­est per­son in the world. First of all: I hate wait­ing to eat. I am hungry 100% of the time and I have a strong, no com­prom­ise stance on hun­ger. Second of all, every­body in the place
Daluma Vegan Raw Mitte-5929

Daluma — Raw & Vegan Food

02.10.2014 · One comment

Ber­lins culin­ary ver­sat­il­ity is grow­ing. You can see new (concept) res­taur­ants and pop up bars appear on every corner. There are many who com­plain about the so-called demise of Ber­lins under­ground vibe. But if you’ve been eat­ing out in this city long enough, you’ll surely appre­ci­ate the rising num­ber of decent res­taur­ants. Ber­lin has

Snapshots from “Plötzlich am Meer” Festival


Two things con­vinced me to go to another fest­ival in my life­time: the Baltic Sea and the people who were com­mit­ted to going with me. Although I had been dis­ap­poin­ted before from my Fusion visit and a couple of other fest­ivals, the Plötz­lich am Meer Fest­ival at the Pol­ish coast kept its prom­ises. A mix of good music

Pastoral autumn days on Pfaueninsel


Whenever I find myself over­whelmed by the flurry of busy street life, excited party crowds and tour­ist masses washed up on my front door, I like to get out of Kreuzberg and Mitte for a while, not to travel far away, but to seek solitude within the city boundaries. Berlin’s calmer parts feel as much home to me as my cent­ral
Heineken Open Your City Fusion-5631

Heineken Cities Of The World: Berlin/Rio Fusion

23.09.2014 · One comment

To cel­eb­rate their newly launched City Edi­tion bottles, #Heineken have brought the Cit­ies of the World cam­paign to life. In a first post, we have already intro­duced the Open Your City app and gave you some advice on how to go hard in Berlin-Wedding, one of our favor­ite Kiezes to discover. But the cam­paign entails more

PROFIT | PROPHET — team titanic exhibition


I am not a big fan of art weeks and fairs. In gen­eral, I have little love for art. Not because I don’t appre­ci­ate the aes­thetic, but because everything sur­round­ing it is mar­ket and dis­trac­tion. Some­times it’s very hard to find the art between all of the booze-hunting VIPs. When it comes to the exhib­i­tions my friends from

Make Love, Not War: AXE & PEACE ONE DAY Campaign Round-Up


Remem­ber the incred­ibly well done AXE Peace cam­paign we already repor­ted about a while ago? The time has come to round up its achieve­ments, which are abund­ant. With the Motto “Make Love, Not War”, which was prom­in­ently painted at the notori­ous street art corner of Fal­ck­en­stein­straße, the cam­paign was also phys­ic­ally brought to life in

Table Dance & Champagne Bottles: #THETICKET with Kindness & Blood Orange


Have you ever been to a con­cert in a table dance club? There’s a first time for everything, I guess. In a spec­tac­u­lar “This is so Ber­lin” man­ner, Con­verse have out­done them­selves on grandeur. Schöne­bergs local exquis­ite play­house “Golden Dolls” got ready for Ber­lins best dressed fash­ion and music kids. Impa­tiently, all were wait­ing for
onbooze hawlin ceviche mademyday-5246

Haw-lin x Ceviche Bar


As every con­nois­seur will know, food and the fine arts go hand and hand. While every­body went to the open­ing of the 2014 Ber­lin Art Week, I dug deep into Per­uvian cul­ture at the OnBooze x Haw-Lin Ceviche Bar on Tor­straße. Like in the past years, juicy Per­uvian fish and sour drinks await art fiends for a week. Like Israeli

Ucon Acrobatics — Haw-lin Artist Edition

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Our friends Nathan and Jakob from Haw-lin have recently designed an artist edi­tion for the Ber­lin based sportswear label Ucon. Inspired by moto track styles, they’ve designed sweat­pants and long-shirts with over­sized cuts and the typ­ical sym­bols and pat­tern designs that are usu­ally found all over bikes, gear and hel­mets. Each piece of the
Gordon Record Store Cafe Neukölln-5210

Gordon Café & Record Store

14.09.2014 · One comment

Good cafés — places that serve really good barista cof­fee, that is — are now found as far down south as Her­mannstraße. The newly opened GORDON has brought a per­fect Cap­pu­cino to the Kiez, but that’s not why I liked it when I passed by. The Israeli import is a fusion of café and record store that brings a new light to an oth­er­wise very