ODD FANTASTIC — win 2×2 guestlist spots!

24.02. 2015 · Event calendar

Odd Fant­astic are throw­ing another big party in our favor­ite Boiler Room of Ber­lin; to win 2×2 guest­l­ist spots, leave a com­ment under this post with a valid email address. We will notify you by Saturday! Pen­der Street Step­pers (Mood Hut, PPU Peoples Poten­tial Unlim­ited) Hash­man Dee­jay (FUTURE TIMES) Shanti Celeste (Idle Hands, Brstl) RVDS

Last Days of Robbie Williams at Backyard

24.02. 2015 · Event calendar

ast Days of…the party with the fall­ing star testi­mo­ni­als, at least as dec­or­a­tion on the walls and in form of music on the dance­floor. The party that cel­eb­rates our idols from the 80s and 90s and some­times from today. Young and lost or old and pathetic, we love all of them. If Lind­say, Brit­ney, Axl,

Oman — Detox For The Mind

24.02. 2015 · Escapism

Although Ber­lin hasn’t been crippled by winter as much this sea­son, every year we long for another escape into the sun. And every year — some­times more than once — this ques­tion pops up: where to go? The Carib­bean are too expens­ive (and frankly, a little tacky, although I cer­tainly wouldn’t mind the cash to up and leave) and everything even

short notice: Geschichten über Zeit

19.02. 2015 · Kiez Life, Made In Berlin, People

My friend Ari is a great per­son. She always texts me to get a drink and I always fall asleep before I can get back to her. Ari is crazy in a good and aca­demic way. Her art hap­pens in her mind first, and when she feels she can share with you the pro­cesses and thoughts that spark her cre­ativ­ity,

Neukölln’s World of Vintage

18.02. 2015 · Kiez Life, Places, Shopping

Okay, I’ll admit it: I don’t really like shop­ping. No wait, let me cor­rect myself: I don’t like shop­ping in the real, non-online world. As a true mater­i­al­ist, I of course like hav­ing stuff, but the down­sides of phys­ic­ally buy­ing it are just fear indu­cing. Spend­ing hours run­ning through the city or — God help me — a shop­ping cen­ter,

Crackers Bar & Restaurant

05.02. 2015 · Food, Places

Some res­taur­ants that freshly open their doors in Ber­lin come with an extra spe­cial serving of hype. With some, it is jus­ti­fied, and with oth­ers.. not so much. In the case of Crack­ers, we were overly excited to see what the former (and legendary) club Cook­ies had turned into after we said good­bye at the

5 Things To Do On A Stopover In Dubai

03.02. 2015 · Architecture, Escapism

In the Find­ing Dubai edit­or­ial, I made pretty clear that Dubai might not be for every­one, but is cer­tainly worth a stop­over of about 48 hours if you’re at it. Now, there are many reas­ons to go to Dubai: the sheer sight of such a mod­ern city will make you ques­tion the era in which we’re liv­ing. But

Finding Dubai: Sci-Fi City

03.02. 2015 · Escapism

Every­one has heard and seen Dubai in count­less of doc­u­ment­ar­ies and movies about the urban future. Indeed, many people have already vis­ited Dubai by acci­dent already: the city is prac­tic­ally right in the cen­ter of the world, mak­ing it a travel hub from West to East and vice versa. Not just geo­graph­ic­ally, though: it is also,

Delivery Food in Kreuzkölln

02.02. 2015 · Food, Kiez Life, Made In Berlin

My favor­ite activ­ity in the world, next to actu­ally eat­ing food, is order­ing food. Especially in this muddy piss weather, there’s lit­er­ally noth­ing bet­ter than ignor­ing the world out­side and have someone take care of your diet­ary needs while you’re binge watch­ing ALL the US TV shows that you missed when you were never home in the sum­mer
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WILD OATS LABEL NIGHT with Kyle Hall & K15

30.01. 2015 · Event calendar

THE RITUAL Presents: Kyle Hall — WILD OATS — DETROIT K15 — WILD OATS — LONDON DéDé — THE RITUAL — BERLIN WILD OATS records and mer­chand­ise will be sold dur­ing the night. We’ve heard such good things about the Fun­da­ment­als parties in Detroit (organ­ized by Kyle Hall and Jay Daniel) that we decided to cre­ate some­thing sim­ilar in Berlin. No set
Alba_und_Estrel_ 44x70cm_oel_Web

short notice: Milena Auilar at Museum Neukölln

28.01. 2015 · Events, Kiez Life

Most people are sur­prised to hear that Neuk­ölln has its very own museum. Even more if they real­ize that it is not the kind of cheesy “Heimat­mu­seum” they expect. Actu­ally Museum Neuk­ölln has a young team with an fresh approach. They cur­ate very dif­fer­ent works which circle around the many nuances of Ber­lins notori­ous neigh­bor­hood. This


28.01. 2015 · Event calendar

We need no excuse to shame­lessly pro­mote Korean food. after a short pause and 11 suc­cess­ful edi­tions in 2014, POJANGMACHA — Korean Street Food Cul­ture is back! we’re unpack­ing our tents, fir­ing up the BBQ and cool­ing all the beer & soju you can drink. South Korea has one of the most intim­ate street food cul­tures, snack­ing and drink­ing


28.01. 2015 · Event calendar

YOUR LUCKY DREAMS — MY LUCKY DREAMS Check out the full pro­gram here. http://www​.hebbel​-am​-ufer​.de/programm/programm/alphabetisch/creamcake-my-lucky-dreams/ sup­port your local theater! poster by our favor­ite designer Max Boss free entry www​.cream​cake​.de

IN A HURRY (Zeiten Der Eile)

27.01. 2015 · Kiez Life, Made In Berlin, Other

Quite a while ago I shot a series try­ing to widen the range of my pho­to­graphic techniques. As often, this idea came by acci­dent when I real­ized that with an old fash­ioned Sony Walk­man mobile phone it is hardly pos­sible to pro­duce what you would reg­u­larly call a “good photograph”. Using the tech­nical weak­nesses of this trashy gear led me to