13 Berlin Souvenirs That Are Actually Cool

26.03. 2015 · Made In Berlin, Shopping

Most of our read­ers aren’t in liv­ing in Ber­lin. They are vis­it­ing tour­ists! Hello, my dear trav­el­ing reader, how are you? This art­icle is for you, because the second most often asked ques­tion by tour­ists (right after “how do I get into Berg­hain”) is usu­ally “what souvenir can I bring back home”? Today’s your lucky day! Okay, that

Nudo — Cucina Italiana

24.03. 2015 · Food

Italian res­taur­ant Nudo opened not long ago on Laus­itzer Platz in place of another, rather shitty Italian res­taur­ant. I’ve been there twice now and both times it has con­vinced me of being a very decent altern­at­ive to other Italian res­taur­ants, espe­cially in Kreuzberg. It’s a good, calm place to have din­ner with friends and fam­ily; not

The Zoo-Aquarium Berlin

23.03. 2015 · Places

As you all have noticed, some­times I do things just so you don’t have to do them again. Like, eat greasy food in crappy places and hate myself after­wards (I do it for the Likes, not the lulz). And some­times I break into aban­doned places to show you how cool Ber­lin isn’t any­more. And some­times — very rarely — I also do

Thai & Techno II

20.03. 2015 · Event calendar

After its suc­cess­ful launch in Winter 2014, Thai & Techno is back for one night in Spring! The Thai & Techno — Spring Edi­tion is set to trans­form your Fri­day night into a food and music affair of mod­ern Thai street food, Thai-inspired cock­tails and deep techno music. – MUSIC – Our djs will be on the decks

Frühlingsfest at EAT

20.03. 2015 · Event calendar

To cel­eb­rate the com­ple­tion of the exter­ior of the cafe EAT, the first pro­ject with my newly formed sign paint­ing and mural com­pany Stu­dio Elm, we’re hav­ing a little drink this Saturday. We loved the food at EAT and can only sin­cerely recom­mend a visit!

Kisses From Weserstraße

19.03. 2015 · Kisses from Berlin

“Because it’s good for your health I decided to be happy“ “But that’s not covered from insurance!” The little quips and con­ver­sa­tions on the walls of Ber­lin are some­times the most delight­ful thing that I hap­pen upon in a day (yes, that’s how sad my life is). Check out the Kisses cat­egory for the rest of these little

EAT: Healthy on Kottbusser Damm

12.03. 2015 · Food, Places

Kottbusser Damm surely isn’t a treas­ure chest of healthy food options. There’s all sorts of Döner, Pizza and Kebap for an after hour of a wild night out, but noth­ing even remark­ably close to healthy and mod­est (unless you con­sider the over­crowded Sushi joint at May­bachufer or the vari­ous baker­ies as some­thing healthy). Except… there is
London London-000010

About Doing Nothing Particularly Exciting In London

11.03. 2015 · Crew Life, Escapism

As I’ve grown older, wiser and fat­ter, I have real­ized that there are many dif­fer­ent ways to travel — and not all of them have to be par­tic­u­larly excit­ing. I mean, most travels are primar­ily exhausting. And most of the vari­ous attempts in dis­cov­er­ing dif­fer­ent coun­tries & people have a lot to more do with blown up expect­a­tions of

Frau Tonis Parfum

09.03. 2015 · Made In Berlin, Shopping

Those who know me will have noticed that I have cul­tiv­ated a nasty addic­tion to per­fumes in the past years. I don’t know why, but unlike other women, I don’t mind per­fumes as gifts. In fact, I encour­age any­one to sur­prise me with their favor­ite smells. That’s why I did not hes­it­ate to visit Frau Tonis Par­fum in Berlin-Mitte when they

Finding Torino

04.03. 2015 · Escapism

To make it clear right away: I love Italy. In a really Ger­man way. Ger­mans are real romantics with this one. They have expressed a deep desire for the Italian land­scape and its cul­tural achieve­ments; most sig­ni­fic­antly found in the writ­ings of Goethe. Even though the post­mod­ern ver­sion of Italy is very dif­fer­ent from its aspir­ing


25.02. 2015 · Food, Kiez Life, Places

A couple of months ago a Korean food res­taur­ant opened up on Reichen­ber­ger Straße next to where I live. It looks like it’s been there since the 70’s or some­thing, a shabby, worn-out, com­pletely undec­or­ated place that smells and looks grimey as fuck. I don’t know how it can be legal (or some­how even pos­sible) to estab­lish a res­taur­ant like

ODD FANTASTIC — win 2×2 guestlist spots!

24.02. 2015 · Event calendar

Odd Fant­astic are throw­ing another big party in our favor­ite Boiler Room of Ber­lin; to win 2×2 guest­l­ist spots, leave a com­ment under this post with a valid email address. We will notify you by Saturday! Pen­der Street Step­pers (Mood Hut, PPU Peoples Poten­tial Unlim­ited) Hash­man Dee­jay (FUTURE TIMES) Shanti Celeste (Idle Hands, Brstl) RVDS

Last Days of Robbie Williams at Backyard

24.02. 2015 · Event calendar

ast Days of…the party with the fall­ing star testi­mo­ni­als, at least as dec­or­a­tion on the walls and in form of music on the dance­floor. The party that cel­eb­rates our idols from the 80s and 90s and some­times from today. Young and lost or old and pathetic, we love all of them. If Lind­say, Brit­ney, Axl,

Oman — Detox For The Mind

24.02. 2015 · Escapism

Although Ber­lin hasn’t been crippled by winter as much this sea­son, every year we long for another escape into the sun. And every year — some­times more than once — this ques­tion pops up: where to go? The Carib­bean are too expens­ive (and frankly, a little tacky, although I cer­tainly wouldn’t mind the cash to up and leave) and everything even