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The Vacancy: A “Berlin Experience”?

26.10. 2015 · Architecture, Places

Ber­lin is littered with aban­doned places, but you can rarely find them in the city cen­ter any­more. The last one’s are either imme­di­ately sold to the biggest investor — a pro­cess that has been going on for a while — or used as tem­por­ary space. But not by artists, make­shift ravers or cul­tural pro­grams, at least not that I know, not like
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short notice: Shitti Graffiti

23.10. 2015 · Kisses from Berlin, Other

Shitti Graf­fiti has not been updated in four months even though I have enough mater­ial to feed it for a life­time. This mostly Berlin-based Tumblr col­lects, as the title reveals, shitti graf­fitis. Oth­er­wise known as “street philo­sophy”. DUDE IF YOU’RE STILL ALIVE HIT ME UP I WILL SEND YOU MY COLLECTION. I have always been obsessed with the stuff
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One Fine Day in Lisbon with the smart forfour

22.10. 2015 · Escapism, Other

As you will remem­ber from my hol­i­day blog entry about Lis­bon, I am a very big fan of Lis­bon. Rarely does a city have that effect on me: calm­ing and relax­ing as a sum­mer hol­i­day, but as excit­ing and chal­len­ging as a met­ro­pole. No won­der then that so many young and artistic people have settled over there (a dream of mine
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Laily’s Berlin: Playground Hang Around

21.10. 2015 · Crew Life, Kiez Life

I think, as we get older and more accus­tomed to being inde­pend­ent, out to explore and define ourselves, the more we real­ize that decisions and dis­cov­ery really take a blow at the spon­tan­eous people we once were. Nope, that’s not okay. What has made me come to terms with this? Well it isn’t hard to take a stroll through

The Most Useful Apps & Websites to Travel Berlin

20.10. 2015 · Other

I’m not a big app fan­atic in gen­eral. When I travel, I mostly get advice from friends that I trust on all mat­ters taste and pref­er­ence. That said, some­times you’re just lost in a sea of recom­mend­a­tions. Even on my own blog I tend to con­tra­dict myself with all the sug­ges­tions. It must be super con­fus­ing for vis­it­ors or fresh arrivals,
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Festival of Lights 2015

20.10. 2015 · Events

If you’ve attent­ively fol­lowed our Ins­tagram account @findingberlin, you will most likely have noticed the abund­ance of Fest­ival of Lights pic­tures in the last week. From the 9th to the 19th Octo­ber, we were tour­ing all around Ber­lin to take pic­tures and fill up the Heat­map. It was like catch­ing Poké­mon. But it was also quite con­fus­ing,

The Things I Loved About Copenhagen

19.10. 2015 · Escapism

There’s enough said already about Copen­ha­gen, so I’m not going to bore you with more travel tipps. The city is a global favor­ite in terms of food, fash­ion, gen­eral style and pretty people. For someone who hadn’t vis­ited a Scand­inavian coun­try yet, Den­mark was long a front run­ner on my trip-list. I was eager to see this dia­mond on
Chicha Ceviche Kreuzberg Friedelstraße Review Berlin-8166

Chicha Ceviche

19.10. 2015 · Food, Kiez Life, Places

Guys. It was only a mat­ter of time, but now my dreams came true: a Per­uvian Ceviche res­taur­ant, only 300 meters from my liv­ing room away. Guys. Para­dise has opened its doors for me. It’s the truth. Of course, on the first day of open­ing, I had to go in and see for myself. After binge-gorging on Ceviche in
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Staycation: 24 hours in Charlottenburg

15.10. 2015 · Escapism, Kiez Life, Places

I’m a really bad Ber­lin blog­ger, as most of you know. I rarely update around here and when I do, I’m five years too late for the excit­ing stuff. I have stopped pres­sur­ing myself, though. In fact, I enjoy roam­ing the same streets every day, vis­it­ing the same res­taur­ants. Unless it’s some­thing really new, innov­at­ive and cool, I am quite happy
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Lisboa: A Berlin Favorite

13.10. 2015 · Escapism

People have been say­ing it: Lis­boa could be the new Ber­lin. Rents are cheap, artists every­where, nightlife’s so loud. Ger­mans have had a knack for Por­tugal any­way, and now Europeans can all go on vaca­tion in a city that feels more like a hol­i­day pro­spect super­star: amaz­ing nature, incred­ible cli­mate, qual­ity food (fish mate) abundance,
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Berlin Against TTIP: 200.000 People Protest

12.10. 2015 · Events, Kiez Life

Polit­ical protests are a Ber­lin sig­na­ture dish. They com­bine all the char­ac­ter­ist­ics of the city: left-wing act­iv­ism, loud music, spon­tan­eous riots and an aware­ness of polit­ical and his­tor­ical rel­ev­ance of these gath­er­ings. We have also had a his­tory of doc­u­ment­ing the most import­ant demon­stra­tions and ral­lies in the city (a
Konrad Langer (@konaction) - The Bunker

PostCollective: Berlin, Art and Instagram

09.10. 2015 · Architecture, Shopping

Ever since Ins­tagram became every­bodys essen­tial social media plat­form, our ways of see­ing and writ­ing about Ber­lin have changed from photo stor­ies on the blog to live cap­tures in our Instafeeds. A pic­ture is a pic­ture: it doesn’t need a head­line or any con­text, and on Ins­tagram, it’s instant (duh). Not only does this par­tic­u­lar format

Temp Affairs 2015 — win 2×2 guestlist spots!

08.10. 2015 · Event calendar

There’s a surge of some very spe­cial new kids, from all over the world, cre­at­ing beats and sounds you prob­ably haven’t heard before. And if you did, you ended up won­der­ing “what the hell is this shit?”. Little brats “rap­ping” about being rich mil­lion­aires? Really? And yet, they’re epic in their fant­astic spirit. With their indie
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15.09. 2015 · Music

Not sure if my Google res­ults are just skewed by all the NSFW that I’ve been doing, or if these guys are lit­er­ally invis­ible on the net. Guess what, chaps, ROCKAFELLA isn’t the most out­stand­ing name. Any­way, on my mis­sion to find Ber­lin music, I have returned again to rap. ROCKAFELLA are (is?) from Tem­pel­hof, and have