Summer on Landwehrkanal

03.08. 2015 · Kiez Life

I still haven’t been on a Sch­lauch­boot on Landwehrkanal, and some­thing inside tells me that I never will. I have seen too many dead fish float­ing on top of these toxic waters, too much dog shit near the canals and one too many rats fight­ing swans. But when seen from the river­side, it does look kinda cool, and maybe

Pilates at Kirsi Sabri

31.07. 2015 · Health

Pil­ates has always fas­cin­ated me. I once read in an art­icle about the inventor of pil­ates, Joseph Pil­ates, and that the sport itself used to be for box­ers to rein­force their bal­ance and power, and to sta­bil­ize their train­ing. Today, Pil­ates is rather per­ceived as a female sport. But after all, all the women who have the

Club Doors: Day & Night 2015

29.07. 2015 · Kiez Life, Places

Over four years ago, Mar­cus released a post on Find­ing­Ber­lin about how the Ber­liner club doors looked by day­light. The post became one of our biggest at the time, and people star­ted play­ing the game of “guess the door”. What it became to me, though: a list of clubs that were slowly disappearing. Now, in 2015, not only

Laily’s Berlin: Roskilde Festival

28.07. 2015 · Escapism, Events

Alright, I guess I am a little ashamed to say that for the past 20 glor­i­ous years that I have lived I had never atten­ded a real, get in the dirt, tents-out, sun-kissed, music fest­ival (a fact that Sara appar­ently approves of). I know. I’ve heard all about it. Maybe too much about it. I often feel like people get out of there

Tandiss Travels: Berlin

27.07. 2015 · Kiez Life, Made In Berlin, Shopping

There are only two things that Tan­diss loves more than Tan­diss: “Products”, and trav­el­ing with me. So it was such a great coin­cid­ence that we were asked to test stuff that was meant to be really use­ful when trav­el­ing. Unfor­tu­nately, we weren’t on vaca­tion. And we’re not going on vaca­tion any­time soon, either (well — I am not going

WASSERMUSIK: Mother India at HKW

23.07. 2015 · Event calendar

Star­ted on July 17th and going on until August 5th, WASSERMUSIK 2015 is put­ting on Mother India, an open-air fest­ival attract­ing eyes and ears to the greatest of what Indian cul­ture has to offer. From film, to dance, to music and lets not for­get free yoga, Haus der Kul­turen der Welt will be host­ing the fest­ival,

Flying Kites

23.07. 2015 · Kiez Life


short notice: Posters of Berlin

22.07. 2015 · Kiez Life, Other

Ber­lin com­mu­nic­ates via lamp posts and walls most of the time. Whether it’s lost pets or more obscure requests, the walls of Ber­lin some­times resemble ancient cave walls and their rudi­mental sign lan­guage. And, because this is the Inter­net, there is a web­site where all of those notes are actu­ally col­lec­ted: Notes of Ber­lin. But there’s
berlin social media apps changes urbanity

Apps & Urbanity: How Social Media Is Changing Berlin

22.07. 2015 · Architecture, Kiez Life, Other

You’re prob­ably read­ing this on your mobile phone because of two reas­ons: a) I finally got around installing a plu­gin that would actu­ally dis­play the site on mobile (wel­come to 2015), and b) because it’s more con­veni­ent, and you just wanted to see what the mys­ter­i­ous Google query of “Ber­lin cock Orani­en­straße party” would yield. Yes, this

Laily’s Berlin: Steak Night Show Recap

20.07. 2015 · Crew Life, Events, Made In Berlin, Places

STEAK NIGHT SHOW was put on by none other than Medi­asteak (we can see how the theme ties in eh?), an online blog ded­ic­ated to show­cas­ing their per­sonal col­lec­tion of not­able doc­u­ment­ar­ies and short films. It is a bril­liant way to expose your­self to a world of film that isn’t so often publicized. The night took place
Urban SPorts Club-2495

Making Decisions — with Urban Sports Club (pt. 2)

16.07. 2015 · Health, Made In Berlin

Do you want to know what the defin­i­tion of hot is? My new, oily body: If you want to look like this, too, but don’t want to read through all of my annoy­ing text, then just skip down to the bot­tom of this post to win a 3 month L-membership at Urban Sports Club for unlim­ited classes!

Laily’s Berlin: First Impressions

15.07. 2015 · Crew Life, People

For­eigner in Ber­lin – doesn’t sound like any­thing you haven’t heard of before. As one, amongst the mil­lions of vis­it­ors in this cap­tiv­at­ing city, I want to share with you what my curi­os­ity leads me to stumble upon dur­ing my stay here this sum­mer. I’ve got a friend whose been boast­ing about Ber­lin for ages (as most of us prob­ably
Berlin analog-2-10

Visiting Berlin: A Guide To Berlin Guides.

13.07. 2015 · Events, Other

I once read in a Chinese (don’t ask) tour-guide about Ber­lin that one should only travel to the city between May and August, as the rest of the year is “rain sea­son”. Little do they know that in prac­tice, all year is rain sea­son, with a dash of bru­tal, Game-of-Thrones style winter thrown in for good measure.

PLACE presents Nike SB Berlin Open Aftershowparty

09.07. 2015 · Event calendar

Fash­ion Week is not just for cat­walks, it’s also for street– and skatewear, best staged by the beloved PLACE mag crew. Even bet­ter: the parties that we get to attend. This year, the Find­ing­Ber­lin music DJ group, known by the name A MILLION, is play­ing again for the coolest party in Ber­lin. There will be no