A Lonely Year In Berlin

26.01. 2016 · Crew Life, Other, People

Sometimes I get really interesting submissions. Sometimes they’re weird or rude, usually people who need to critically assess the value of this crappy blog. But every now and then, someone just wants to share their perspective on Berlin, and how they experienced life in the city. When these mails come with emotional, subjective photography that
Naturkundemuseum Berlin Mitte Tristan Dinosaurier-9415

Naturkundemuseum Berlin: A Field Trip

25.01. 2016 · Places

I have to admit, it was the T-Rex that drew me to the Naturkundemuseum Berlin. Although I’d only recently been to the impressive Natural History Museum in New York, I’d never given the museum in Berlin a shot. In fact, I’ve never given ANY museum in Berlin a shot, so after eight years, consider this
Hello Fresh Berlin Delivery Service-9322

HelloFresh & Jamie Oliver: Delivery Recipes

22.01. 2016 · Food

I grew up in a household that was centered around the kitchen. My mother was a great chef, mostly out of necessity – with five hungry mouths to feed, you don’t really get to eat out in restaurants without going broke really fast – and I definitely inherited this underlying need of feeding people. I
Bildschirmfoto 2016-01-06 um 13.31.07

Kreuzberg in Snow

06.01. 2016 · Kiez Life

Guys. I took one for the team and went outside for longer than necessary, all equipped with a real camera instead of just my iPhone. The winter wonderland of Kreuzberg makes for a great panorama, although usually when it snows like this it’s not -9 but rather -2. But it doesn’t matter, because this season
New York NYC 2015 FindingBerlin Brooklyn-2-22

Notes about New York

15.12. 2015 · Escapism

Although I’ve been in Berlin for quite a few years now, it took a personal loss and a thorough dissection of my parents house to make this city feel like my home. Even if I wanted to move back, I couldn’t. And though nothing about the materiality of me (still) being in Berlin changed, the concept of why
Zenkichi Berlin Japanese Restaurant Review-8590

Zenkichi Berlin: Japanese Fine Dining

11.12. 2015 · Food

My greatest weakness: I can’t say no. It’s horrible. I strive to be a meaner, more disinterested person; a perfect radiation blend of Lucille Bluth and Rihanna. But then someone invites me to a Sake tasting and maybe 2-8 cocktails and I throw all of my principles overboard (which were pretty thin to begin with). Thankfully this
Rixdorf Weihnachtsmarkt Christmas Market Neukölln Richardplatz-8863

Rixdorf Christmas Market

07.12. 2015 · Kiez Life, Shopping

As always, I must be out of my mind to voluntarily go to a Christmas Market in Berlin. But having visitors (from abroad) over for a weekend in December without going to a Christmas market is kind of silly; after all, it is the holiday staple dish of the proper German citizen, mulled wine, Bratwürstchen

How To Help Refugees in Berlin (Winter 2015)

03.12. 2015 · Kiez Life, Other, People

It’s been quite a few weeks since my last post about how we can all help refugees in Berlin. Many things have changed since then, especially the weather. Now more than ever, children, families, young women and tired men need our help. They need clothes, they need social reassurance, and sometimes they just need practical,
Bildschirmfoto 2015-11-23 um 18.08.50

Christmas Present Ideas for Berliners

23.11. 2015 · Shopping

I love giving presents. Even when there is no occasion. I think it is my way of manipulating people into liking me. That’s why, throughout the year, I collect very good ideas and then blow everyone’s mind. I know you all want a piece of me and my genius mind, so I do want to
Abandoned Warehouse Lichtenberg Berlin-8511

Fleischfabrik in Lichtenberg

20.11. 2015 · Architecture, Places

Between visiting the Stasi-Museum and riding our bikes to Don Juan Center, my friend Rachel and I stumbled upon an odd warehouse in the middle of Lichtenberg (although I don’t know if it is the “middle” of Lichtenberg. It’s maybe just somewhere in Lichtenberg). Since I’ve probably never even been through Lichtenberg before,
Festival of Lights 2015 Berlin Leuchtet-7278

Secret Concerts: Bach-Marathon at Konzerthaus Berlin

19.11. 2015 · Events, Music, Places

  My favorite German word is “Hochkultur”, because it implies that culture, per se, is low and that you have to willingly participate in some form of elevation to know what Hochkultur means. Unfortunately, not many people know that High Culture doesn’t need to be elitist, conservative and lame. Especially when it comes to
Der antike Kronleuchter und das Deckengemälde im Stil des 19. Jahrhunderts sorgen für französisches Flair in der Fly Beyond Bar


18.11. 2015 · Events, Food, Places

I always forget that this part of Friedrichstrasse exists. But walking up to the spotlit bright blue exterior of the BOULANGERIE FRANÇOIS, with all these fancy people queuing up behind the red rope in heels (HEELS! In Berlin!), I wonder why I’m not here more often. I’ve been tempted up here for the opening night

EatFirst: Fresh Food Delivery

17.11. 2015 · Food, Kiez Life, Made In Berlin

Update (19.11.2015): After reviewing EatFirst originally in summer (we left the original review below), the start-up closed for a little break and re-appeared on Berlins food scene with a new concept. Initially, EatFirst was available two times per day, making sure you’d get fresh, healthy and hot meals for lunch or dinner. We were asked
Stasimuseum Lichternberg DDR Berlin-8405

Stasimuseum Berlin

16.11. 2015 · Places

I never get tired of mentioning how much I detest museums and most exhibitions. Unless I have a very specific interest in something that is shown, I would rather spend my time and money on strolls through forgotten streets and eat artisan cakes. But the Stasimuseum caught my attention, not necessarily for its content (as German