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Adidas FANATIC Tournament 2015 Snapshots

07.07. 2015 · Crew Life, Events, Kiez Life

I remem­ber my first year at the Adi­das FANATIC tour­na­ment (and, if I’m not mis­taken, it used to be called adicup and we took pic­tures back then, too, although the first post from 2010 was deleted since because I have the power to erase and modify my per­sonal his­tory AS I PLEASE). I was very intim­id­ated by all the

Escape To Ostsee: Warnemünde

07.07. 2015 · Escapism

While on this par­tic­u­lar week­end, 97% of all Ber­liners traveled to the atro­city that is Fusion Fest­ival (see Sara’s wise insights on music fest­ival here) — not an option for me, either — I decided very un-spontaneously to spend the week­end with The Boy­friend aka Johannes and his fam­ily in Warnemünde at the Baltic Sea (“Ost­see”, aka the

Reinforcing Music Festival Stereotypes

06.07. 2015 · Escapism, Events

You know what hasn’t been my dream? Going num­ber 2 in a plastic box! Finally, it came true at every music fest­ival I’ve ever been to. This is why I quit doing music fest­ivals (I also quit hav­ing fun in gen­eral, because fun always involves dirt and I wear too expens­ive clothes for that now. This is what hap­pens
Audi Urban Cinema 2015 Berlin Kulturbrauerei Nightcrawler-0541

Audi Urban Cinema 2015: Recap

06.07. 2015 · Events

On the nicest and sun­ni­est day of the year so far, we were picked up in a silent Audi E-Tron (that cheeky driver really had us enjoy the ride) to enjoy an even­ing of my favor­ite things: hot cars, hot babes and hot pop­corn! This years Audi Urban Cinema man­aged to sur­pass the 2014 event (read about it
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Spreewald: Idyllic Boredom

02.07. 2015 · Escapism

I needed to get out of the city, not for amuse­ment, but to re-charge my batteries. My self-therapeutic meas­ures (in a nut­shell: a con­stant state of denial, com­bined with an over­clocked CPU) can only last so long before I go com­pletely crazy. The past few months were tough, really tough, but there’s still a long way to go before I can
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SOLEMART at Neue Heimat

01.07. 2015 · Event calendar, Shopping

Atten­tion, sneak­er­heads: don’t for­get to put the annual SOLEMART into your cal­en­dars. Since 2009, Sole­mart has become an insti­tu­tion for the sneaker com­munity. It grew from a local flea mar­ket into an inter­na­tion­ally renowned sneaker exhib­i­tion and trade fair. Like always, private con­sumers as well as busi­nesses are invited to
Christoph Neumann -

FindingBerlin at Blogfabrik

01.07. 2015 · Crew Life, Made In Berlin, Places

I’m not going to lie: I’ve been run­ning Find­ing­Ber­lin mostly from my bed in the past five years. Every import­ant phone call, every e-mail, and close to every blog post: yup, from my bed. But I have to grow up now if I want to be taken ser­i­ously. I can’t dodge the bul­let of pro­fes­sion­al­ism any­more, espe­cially now that

Abandoned: Elisabeth Sanatorium

29.06. 2015 · Places

Nobody likes winter. Not in Ber­lin, any­way. Cold dark streets and tired with­drawn people exist in a dif­fer­ent city to the one so full of energy and spirit dur­ing these sum­mer months. When the sky finally clears and the sun shines you have to make the most of it. With this in mind, a sunny Sunday morn­ing

short notice: JOUUR

26.06. 2015 · Made In Berlin, People, Shopping

You know what really sucks? When people you’ve admired ever since you arrived in Ber­lin finally launch their own fash­ion col­lec­tion and you actu­ally like it, but then it’s already sold out after one hour. So here I am, one day later, pro­mot­ing some­thing that is prob­ably as extinct as a mother­fuck­ing dino­saur, but I have to do it.

Take Your Vacation Out of The Closet

26.06. 2015 · Other

What is uni­ver­sally known as Gay Pride (parade) is mostly known as CSD in Ber­lin and resembles an explo­sion of col­ors, con­fetti and fab­ulous­ness (unless you’re going full techno, then it’s usu­ally tough, rough and sweaty). My sweet spot, Orani­en­straße, turns into a show­case of everything — every people, every gender, every color, every mood,

Save The Date: Summer Events 2015

25.06. 2015 · Events, Kiez Life

Ber­lin is a crazy place to be in the sum­mer, and so dif­fer­ent from the rest of the sea­sonal turns. It doesn’t really mat­ter if the weather is crap, it usu­ally is, but the rush of tour­ists flock­ing in and out, as well as an extens­ive list of tra­di­tional sum­mer events that range from street food
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Throwback Thursday: 2006 Kreuzberg / Neukölln Apartment prices

25.06. 2015 · Kiez Life

My pre­cious friend Georg just sent me over a list of apart­ment list­ings in Ber­lin from Septem­ber 2006. He was look­ing for a new place to live back then, and for whatever reason, he saved a list of inter­est­ing places. People have been talk­ing quite a while about how Ber­lin has become more expens­ive, but just how much more

Audi Urban Cinema 2015: win 2×2 guestlist spots!

24.06. 2015 · Event calendar, Events

Since 2014, Audi is offi­cial part­ner of the Ber­linale — Ber­lins grande film fest­ival. To cel­eb­rate the occa­sion (and a moody Ger­man sum­mer), the Ger­man car brand has intro­duced an extremely unique concept to the city: the open air cinema, but in flashy Audi cars and front row seats (as opposed to make-shift pub­lic view­ing in the park). We

Steak Night Show

23.06. 2015 · Event calendar

Update: date changed due to crappy weather! The screen­ings will be held on the 10th of July! If you haven’t yet checked out our favor­ite TV guide for the 21st cen­tury, Medi­asteak, it’s time now. This pre­cious gem is the hand-selected Net­flix of the (mostly, but not exclus­ively) Ger­man doc­u­ment­ary craze. GERMANS LOVE DOCUMENTARIES! AND SHORTS!