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Finding Graz

09.01.2015 · 4 comments

Oh my dear Graz, you really are like an ex-boyfriend or girl­friend, aren’t you. Some­times you feel like the one that got away, and I’m still in love with your beau­ti­ful old town with all those little wind­ing alleys and majestic build­ings, your ever bloom­ing scene of cre­at­ive movers, thinkers and doers and your intim­ate

Best Of 2014

06.01.2015 · One comment

Some­time around 2012, we decided to do a “best of” of our favor­ite pic­tures and our lives of Ber­lin — every year. We keep on with the tra­di­tion, and one thing I’ve noticed is that most of us rarely use the big cam­eras any­more. We don’t care for high qual­ity, even though the DSLR pic­tures still stand
First snow in Spandau

First snow in Spandau


For some reason, the first snow of a winter is a spe­cial time of the year, the con­firm­a­tion that the cold sea­son has finally begun – even though a rainy Christ­mas is already bygone. It’s this very par­tic­u­lar day after hor­rible weeks of sleet and freez­ing winds when the season’s romance sud­denly unfolds and cov­ers the city with its heavy,

Akemi — Asian Soul Kitchen in Prenzlauer Berg


You know what I love about liv­ing in Kreuzberg? Basic­ally everything I need is right here and I rarely ever have to leave this part of town to do or get some­thing. BUT that also means that I do exactly that: almost never leave Kreuzberg. (Except going to uni­ver­sity in Char­lot­ten­burg. But that doesn’t count, since it’s not for

short notice: Cards Against Humanity (Berlin Version)


New Years Eve is approach­ing fast, and with it come the high expect­a­tions and the over-the-top sym­bol­ism. How to spend it? With whom? Will I get a cab home? Will I die from unex­pec­ted ghetto bangers on Sonnen­allee? Is next year finally going to look bet­ter for me? Here’s a bet­ter idea: stay at home and play Cards Against Human­ity
Christmas in Berlin

Christmas in Berlin

27.12.2014 · One comment

If you drove home for Christ­mas, if you left Ber­lin and took the train or the plane to get back to your fam­ily every year, you might think back about your Kiez, your friends and those who stayed, who always told you that Ber­lin would become a calm and sed­ate place dur­ing the sea­son. Oth­er­wise, you

Happy Holidays!


It’s that time of the year when Ber­lin is sup­posedly super empty and eerie, and the streets are deser­ted and there is no noise but a silent, Christ­massy spirit. I’ll never know because I always return to my par­ents’ for the hol­i­days (boo-hoo, right). I chal­lenge every­one to prove how empty Ber­lin can be! But any­way, HAPPY HOLIDAYS! (And

Thoughts on Sonnenallee: “Little Orient”


Ach, Sonnen­allee. It is one of my favor­ite streets of Ber­lin. I call it my “Little Ori­ent”. The side­walks are plastered with dis­play win­dows full of Arabic, African and Turk­ish junk, spe­ci­al­it­ies and culin­ary delights. Ber­lin is known for its mul­ti­cul­tural res­id­en­tial areas, of course. Kreuzberg has quite a repu­ta­tion with its

The Best Italian Pizza in Berlin

19.12.2014 · 3 comments

There is no uni­ver­sal, abso­lute “best pizza” in Ber­lin or any­where else in the world for that mat­ter. Pizza is so incred­ibly ver­sat­ile that you can’t pos­sibly find a bench­mark of taste. All I can do is nar­row down the niches of pizza and select what I’m in the mood for. One day, I’ll be crav­ing the
Mall of Berlin & Potsdamer Platz-7442

Mall of Shame

16.12.2014 · 7 comments

Whatever you may think about the Pots­damer Platz, at night some of it’s hor­rible plan­ning and invas­ive archi­tec­ture regain dig­nity through the mes­mer­iz­ing lights. If any­thing, it’s as close as we can get to the stand­ard image of the big city. Although I am hardly ever there, I still secretly enjoy the atmosphere. Now I would’ve had a couple

Austrian comfort food at Felix Austria


As some of you might now already, I call the beau­ti­ful coun­try of Aus­tria my home­land. And let me tell you: us Aus­tri­ans get a lot of ste­reo­types thrown at our heads. Among them are us lov­ing yodel­ing, every­one being king at winter sports, and an affin­ity for base­ments – but not in a good way. Of course these are

Finding Detroit

10.12.2014 · 2 comments

It has been almost a year since Mar­cus and I vis­ited Detroit (remem­ber Mar­cus’ impres­sions of the city?). It was the last des­tin­a­tion of a road trip we did for a small video pro­duc­tion. I’d wanted to share my impres­sions before, but time passed and it seemed wrong to post these icey pic­tures in the begin­ning of spring. We

10 things to do in Winter in Berlin

09.12.2014 · 5 comments

There is at least one great thing about winter in Ber­lin: I stop being the only one without a taste in fash­ion. Since every­body is wrapped in lay­ers and lay­ers of func­tional cloth­ing (which is incid­ent­ally only sold in bright neon col­ors) and hik­ing boots, I can finally pre­tend to have the same level of style aware­ness as
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short notice: ACT NATURAL


Act Nat­ural is the first col­lab­or­at­ive pro­ject by Charles Ben­jamin and Egon Elliut. They premiered it on 17th septem­ber in the souvenir space and released it on you­tube. Act Nat­ural is a 10 track album pro­duced by Egon Elliut and accom­pan­ied by a visual concept. Their approach circles around the reflec­tion of the medium itself. Mov­ing