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Mean Kisses

Ber­liners aren’t exactly known for being extra charm­ing to each other. In true Prus­sian effi­ciency, no more words than neces­sary are wasted on form­al­it­ies and polite­ness. Some kisses have reflec­ted not only the lack of man­ners but also the down­right aggress­ive tone of the city. And by “aggress­ive” I mean I’m crack­ing up laughing. Read more…


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The inter­act­ive Con­verse #CLASHWALL #BERLIN finally took place last Sat­urday. On a stun­ning spring­time day, more than 1300 people were wit­ness­ing how a fire-break wall on Tor­straße was trans­formed into a col­lab­or­at­ive piece of art. For ten days, users had the chance to sug­gest what they wanted to see on the wall. The tal­en­ted artists
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The Schillerkiez is all about the left-wing(ed) top­ics and gentri­fic­a­tion issues. We had a couple of mem­or­able kisses back in our Schillerkiez post (I don’t think any of them are left though), but these pic­tures were taken very recently in the hood. I’ll take the “Anti­fart” tag with a grain of salt; I kinda hope someone bought their
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The Berlin Running Craze

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Is this a phase or is this forever? Liv­ing next to the canal and Görl­itzer Park, I’ve been wit­ness­ing an influx in run­ners. In the past years it seems more and more people have become ded­ic­ated to the run­ning life­style. For whatever reason, it involves neon bright colored sneak­ers and run­ning gear, but I don’t mind much.
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Küzzen aus Liebe

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Mundane? Almost always. Funny? Rarely, but some­times you have to laugh. But ran­dom? Never! Kisses always seem to entail some sort of philo­soph­ical agenda. A les­son of some sort for the attent­ive passers-by. Most of them are romantic, even when they seem aggress­ive. They point out the con­flicts within the city or the state of mind
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Kisses from Gerichtstraße

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Two won­der­ful kisses, found after a long nights rave on Gericht­straße in Wed­ding. I used to live in that corner of Ber­lin (I wear it on me like a vet­er­ans badge) and I still shud­der when passing on Magen­dok­tor, prob­ably the worst and best Kneipe of Berlin. Anyway. Those two are spe­cial: one buffed over tag/graffiti just to be defaced
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Katies Blue Cat

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Katies Blue Cat has never been a secret. Ever since open­ing their “Kreuz-English-Bakery” with a kick-ass vari­ety of snacks and cof­fee on Friedel­straße, all the local blogs and cer­tainly the cof­fee afi­cion­ados have been writ­ing about it. On a nice spring­time after­noon, you can see many people strolling down the Kanal with Katies’ sig­na­ture
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Deutschland, Du Opfer

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This is one of my most favor­ite “Kisses” of the past. When I saw it some­where on either Lüb­bener or Sorauer Straße, I imme­di­ately star­ted crack­ing up. For all of you who don’t know what it says: “Ger­many you vic­tim, give me your mobile phone”. It’s a lot fun­nier in Ger­man though. It’s been buffed quite some time

Make Love, Not War


A new piece has been fin­ished up over the week­end above the Mag­net club at Oberbaum­brücke. “Make Love, Not War” is the motto by which the art­work is going, nicely demon­strated by an Asian des­pot and his beloved wife. The loc­a­tion of the paint­ing, right next to the fam­ous Water­gate club and clearly vis­ible from
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No Schiller for the Kiez: Wilhelm Tell Restaurant

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The Schillerkiez is in con­stant trans­form­a­tion. Ever since the former air­port Tem­pel­hof was opened to the pub­lic, the adja­cent quarter on the Neuk­ölln side has been sub­ject to change. New cafés and res­taur­ants are test­ing those new grounds con­tinu­ously while long-term res­id­ents are shaken up. Until only a while ago, this was their
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I Really Need To …

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My new favor­ite piece on Her­mannstraße is also argu­ably the most ran­dom phrase any­one could think of. I like how the artist appar­ently fucked up the “S” and needed to cla­rify that “this is sup­posed to be an S” next to the piece. I’m a big fan of these little “Ber­lin kisses”. For a while now, we’ve only
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Places of Art: Bohème in Berlin

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If you know where to look for it, you will find an extens­ive net­work of cre­ativ­ity in Ber­lin. Bey­ond the estab­lished struc­tures of the art mar­ket (i.e. fam­ous gal­ler­ies, museums and exhib­i­tions), there is still place for off-locations that cel­eb­rate cre­at­ive sub­cul­tures and pos­sibly ideas that will not make the cut to suc­cess. Yet
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Getting Over Berlin

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Lately, as you’ve surely noticed, many news­pa­pers around the world have been mak­ing Ber­lins cur­rent state of pop­ular­ity a topic. I was torn apart between say­ing some­thing and say­ing noth­ing. After all, this web­site has been part of the “hype”; there’s noth­ing we could say that’s at least remotely unbiased. But when I read Joseph Pearson’s