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Christmas Present Ideas for Berliners

23.11. 2015 · Shopping

I love giving presents. Even when there is no occasion. I think it is my way of manipulating people into liking me. That’s why, throughout the year, I collect very good ideas and then blow everyone’s mind. I know you all want a piece of me and my genius mind, so I do want to
Abandoned Warehouse Lichtenberg Berlin-8511

Fleischfabrik in Lichtenberg

20.11. 2015 · Architecture, Places

Between visiting the Stasi-Museum and riding our bikes to Don Juan Center, my friend Rachel and I stumbled upon an odd warehouse in the middle of Lichtenberg (although I don’t know if it is the “middle” of Lichtenberg. It’s maybe just somewhere in Lichtenberg). Since I’ve probably never even been through Lichtenberg before,
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Secret Concerts: Bach-Marathon at Konzerthaus Berlin

19.11. 2015 · Events, Music, Places

  My favorite German word is “Hochkultur”, because it implies that culture, per se, is low and that you have to willingly participate in some form of elevation to know what Hochkultur means. Unfortunately, not many people know that High Culture doesn’t need to be elitist, conservative and lame. Especially when it comes to
Der antike Kronleuchter und das Deckengemälde im Stil des 19. Jahrhunderts sorgen für französisches Flair in der Fly Beyond Bar


18.11. 2015 · Events, Food, Places

I always forget that this part of Friedrichstrasse exists. But walking up to the spotlit bright blue exterior of the BOULANGERIE FRANÇOIS, with all these fancy people queuing up behind the red rope in heels (HEELS! In Berlin!), I wonder why I’m not here more often. I’ve been tempted up here for the opening night

EatFirst: Fresh Food Delivery

17.11. 2015 · Food, Kiez Life, Made In Berlin

Update (19.11.2015): After reviewing EatFirst originally in summer (we left the original review below), the start-up closed for a little break and re-appeared on Berlins food scene with a new concept. Initially, EatFirst was available two times per day, making sure you’d get fresh, healthy and hot meals for lunch or dinner. We were asked
Stasimuseum Lichternberg DDR Berlin-8405

Stasimuseum Berlin

16.11. 2015 · Places

I never get tired of mentioning how much I detest museums and most exhibitions. Unless I have a very specific interest in something that is shown, I would rather spend my time and money on strolls through forgotten streets and eat artisan cakes. But the Stasimuseum caught my attention, not necessarily for its content (as German

Vegan & Healthy Food Delivery: Fresh Parsnip

13.11. 2015 · Food, Made In Berlin

I currently live on chemical uppers and downers to structure my day (six cups of strong, black filter coffee to wake up and 2 hours of intense gym-training to kick-start the sleep hormones). Wake up at 7, work half the day, maybe poop if I’m lucky, then the rest of the day working and readying
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12.11. 2015 · Events, Food

  A while ago I was invited to a charming breakfast by GREY GOOSE Vodka at the Charlottenburg institution Kaffeehaus Grosz. An elegant breakfast seems to have nothing to do with vodka (you know, apart from day-drinking on a Sunday), but soon we were enlightened about the occasion: GREY GOOSE is opening a French Boulangerie in Berlin, offering fresh
Schöneberg Potsdamer Straße Gay Bunker-7791

Staycation: Schöneberg

10.11. 2015 · Kiez Life

It was a bleak, uniformly hungover afternoon, at least 4 degrees colder than now and with even less sun to be seen. The unseasonably shitty rain-weather wasn’t particularly inviting for a walk through Schöneberg, but Fousieh and I couldn’t be deterred from our mission. Fousieh loves Schöneberg and secretly – well, not so secretly


09.11. 2015 · Music

Remember how I was like “lol we’re gonna have a new music category and it’s going to be only German and Berlin trap music” well, I was 100% real about that. Except I haven’t really been listening to German music at all, which is why my perfect cabron Georg is the most important character in
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Finding the Balkans I

08.11. 2015 · Escapism

  By the time me and my friends packed our small Hyundai to hit the road i did not really have any vision of what the Balkans might be or look like. Since the Yugoslavian War has ended in the early 2000s the region seemed to be quite absent in German media and I hardly knew
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Disco Shopping by Warsteiner: Party At The Supermarket

30.10. 2015 · Events

  Late night grocery shopping: every Berliners wish. While we usually waver from Späti to Späti, on rare occasions you can also find real, proper supermarkets open 24/7. Living the Berlin Dream! But it doesn’t have to stay a dream. The Disco Shopping Night by Warsteiner at Kaiser’s next Saturday should make it happen. DJ’s, disco


29.10. 2015 · Event calendar

Don’t know what to do on Halloween? Get a tattoo in one of the cities most popular studios. AKA, the only tattoo shop I ever set foot in (I didn’t get a tattoo though because it’s not my thing and I have no taste whatsoever so I’d probably end up with a silhouette of the
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The Definite Berlin To Do List

28.10. 2015 · Architecture, Other, Places

What bugs me with Berlin tourist guides, usually, is how general they are on selling the city. God knows everything is sold to you nowadays: even experiences. They’re bundled, packaged and sold. But come on, at least sell the right experiences. Berlin, like most global metropoles, offers many things that are becoming universal: designer cafés with