Berlin bleibt unsere Stadt

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While the suc­cess of the 100% Tem­pel­hofer Feld ini­ti­at­ive has left a warm glow in people’s hearts, the future devel­op­ment of the city remains a con­cern for many. A couple of weeks ago I atten­ded a rally whose motto “Ber­lin bleibt unsere Stadt” (‘Ber­lin remains our city’) col­lec­ted a broad coali­tion of people and groups con­cerned with

“Hundekopf” or how to explore Berlin with a camera

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Patrick, of berlin-based pho­to­graphy blog Radi­ant Flux, has thought of a way to explore the city that would both expand his hori­zon and make for inter­est­ing pho­to­graphy. You can see all of his Hun­dekopf pic­tures on his blog. I invited Patrick to tell his approach to the pro­ject here and to share his per­spect­ive on Ber­lin in the future


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Every year, we post at least one pic­ture of the Ber­liner Tour d’Eiffel (see here and here and I think there were more but I can’t find them) . Le Fernse­hturm, as it’s called, is still a heartwearm­ing sym­bol of home. Although it has not a power­ful WIFI that con­nects auto­mat­ic­ally, I still con­sider every sum­mer night with a glimpse of it as
UdK Rundgang 2014-3862

UdK Rundgang 2014

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Ah, thank the Almighty we’ve had enough prac­tice for years and years of stand­ing of queues. We’ve passed the Berg­hain test a couple of times, which makes us pro’s in the art of jump­ing the line with 20 people without any­body ever noti­cing (let me tell you, it’s a LOT harder to jump the line any­where else
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CSD Kreuzberg 2014 Recap

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The thing with ana­log pho­to­graphy is that the full rolls some­times live and die in my back­pack without ever being noticed. That’s why it can take a little longer than usual for me to develop them and finally real­ize “oh, so THAT’s what I for­got writ­ing about”. So my cov­er­age of the Kreuzberg CSD might be a little late, but it’s
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Mmaah: Korean BBQ in Neukölln

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Every­body loves Korean food! This is a known fact! And another fact is that I am the per­son that loves it the most, which is why any new Korean joint in town is already a favor­ite of mine. Unfor­tu­nately, Mmaah is a little on the off-side. It’s between Hasen­heide, Columbiabad and Tem­pel­hof, sure, but at the wrong entrance of

Wilde Möhre Festival

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We all heard that story before. The nev­erend­ing tale of ber­lins rise to cool. The myth about its unique party cul­ture. Its about the spa­tial free­dom, the anything-goes, the nobody-cares and the do it your­self that was build on these ele­ments. The sweet memory of the time when all the things were actu­ally hap­pen­ing every­body is asso­ci­at­ing

Converse Rubber Tracks Live Recap: Burgers, Chucks & Little Dragon!

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In the past six weeks, Ber­lin based music artists were invited to par­ti­cip­ate in the Con­verse Rub­ber Tracks pro­ject. After choos­ing the bands out of the applic­a­tion pool by a Rub­ber Tracks jury, Con­verse ren­ted out the Kreuzberg TRIXX stu­dio and had each of the bands and musi­cians use it within 14 days to fine-tune their


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Brit­ish Streetwear brand BOXFRESH are com­ing to Ber­lin for Fash­ion Week to launch their SS15 and cap­sule col­lec­tion at the SEEK trade show for their 25th anniversary in 2014 — and we’re look­ing for­ward to the AFTER PARTY at Hum­boldthain Club on Wed­nes­day, 9th. The party will fea­ture Lon­don DJs T.Williams and Mosca play­ing back to back, as
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Conceptual Kisses

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Of course, most people who write on walls wouldn’t con­sider them­selves artists. And yet there are some — by acci­dent or by choice — who would pass through as con­cep­tual thinkers at the least. Some of them have been very self-conscious about their writ­ings on the wall as we have found out in the past couple of days while
Roamers Berlin Neukölln-2763


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In a won­der­ful twist of events, Pan­nier­straße has not suc­cumbed to the rising num­ber of thirsty people who want edgy bars lin­ing their streets. For­tu­nately, instead Pan­nier­straße has been over­thrown by an explo­sion of spe­cial delis, bis­tros and res­taur­ants, of which most aren’t even open at night. A culin­ary diversity, espe­cially down
Ohlauer Straße Demos-2822

Snapshots from Ohlauer Straße

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Lately I’ve come to terms with the fact that all my taxes are going into point­less and redund­ant bull­shit events that nobody ever asked for. An unfin­ished air­port that costs 17 Mil­lion Euro per MONTH (ser­i­ously, maybe make this a new refugee camp?), a wild World Cup pub­lic view­ing party at Sie­gessäule for idi­ots who know noth­ing about
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Kisses from Hobrechtbrücke

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While Ohlauer Straße was occu­pied by a very dis­pro­por­tion­ate amount of police, the Hobrecht­brücke was freshly dec­or­ated with new kisses. There really is no con­vin­cing way to trans­late any of these, but I hope you get the gist.

Fahimi Bar

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Loc­ated in the bar­racks above Kais­ers on Kotti, but one entrance fur­ther to the right, Fahimi Bar (which has only come to my atten­tion a couple of months ago) has made a point in dis­tin­guish­ing itself from the other clubs/bars on Hoch­bahn level. Instead of going for the shabby chic of Ber­lin, Fahimi actu­ally strives for some­thing