The Bowl — Clean Eating & Raw Foods

19.06. 2015 · Food, Places

Thank you, mother earth, for your gen­er­ous vari­ety of lovely veget­ables, seeds and fruits. I was addicted to bad carbs and blocks of bacon grease once, but now I know that I have sinned. I can’t par­ti­cip­ate in those nasty gang­bangs any­more. I say: enough with the burger-bukkake. I am not that kind of per­son now, I am new, I am real, I am
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short notice: Victoria

18.06. 2015 · Made In Berlin, Other

Have you seen Vic­toria yet? I will not tell you any­thing about the plot. It’s bet­ter if you don’t know any­thing — because this gigantic­ally deli­ri­ous idea of a movie can’t be told. It has to seen as a full com­pos­i­tion of film­mak­ing and storyline. One night, one cut, one incred­ible Ger­man movie. In fact: one incred­ible Ber­lin movie. If

Spring/Summer Snapshots

17.06. 2015 · Kiez Life

Let’s be hon­est: this sum­mer is sure off to a slow start. Whenever the tem­per­at­ure drops below 20°, there’s a slight mass-panic to be felt in Ber­lins streets. Was?! SPARGELZEIT IST SCHON VORBEI UND ES IST IMMER NOCH SCHEISSWETTER? Well. One good thing: when the sun finally does show its pretty face, every­body throws spon­tan­eous parties
Eat First Berlin Delivery Food-9743

EatFirst: Fresh Food Delivery

15.06. 2015 · Food, Kiez Life, Made In Berlin

This blog was built on the tears of people who suffered from lack of good deliv­ery food. It’s unfair: six months per year, dark­ness reigns in Ber­lin, and there’s no way people are leav­ing their apart­ments for this out­side depres­sion. Except: you can’t stay inside forever, #hangry­ness is not a happy mood. You think that good

Das Museum Imaginärer Deutscher Designmuseen

11.06. 2015 · Event calendar

What hap­pens when design meets the art world? Silly things, of course. Like the idea of hav­ing a Ger­man Design Museum. The UdK stu­dents of the Visual Com­mu­nic­a­tions class have crit­ic­ally examined and ana­lyzed this idea and turned it into a full exhib­i­tion, open­ing on Fri­day from 5pm to 8pm. Read more: “The Museum of Ima­gin­ary Ger­man

short notice: Headspace

10.06. 2015 · Kiez Life

(Big) city life sucks some­times. Even in moments of clar­ity and calm, some­thing or rather someone is going to pass by and fuck up your day. Of course, most of us have become jaded enough. Most of us know all the Sim­mel the­ory there is about big cit­ies. Most of us have given their last

Dresden & The Saxon Switzerland National Park

05.06. 2015 · Crew Life, Escapism

There’s always some­thing about me. I’m either extremely moody, stressed out, exor­bit­antly over­ex­cited or just plain weird, which is prob­ably my nor­mal state. When my sig­ni­fic­ant other told me that per­haps I needed a little more phys­ical activ­ity to get my focus on track — maybe a little get-away for the week­end to cre­ate the neces­sary
Le Faubourg Restaurant Sofitel Berlin Kudamm-9622

French & Fancy: Le Faubourg Restaurant at Sofitel

03.06. 2015 · Food

I’ve been to many hotels. I’ve also eaten at many hotel res­taur­ants. But with very rare excep­tions, none of them have been in Ber­lin. Of course, vis­it­ing a hotel in your own city can seem a little bit redund­ant and dec­ad­ent. But after pay­ing a visit to Sofitel’s Le Fau­bourg res­taur­ant, I might re-consider my stance. This French res­taur­ant
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Champions League Finale Berlin with HEINEKEN

01.06. 2015 · Events

What’s bet­ter than the Cham­pi­ons­league finale? The Cham­pi­ons­league finale in Ber­lin! Yes, indeed. And while our local her­oes Her­tha are far, far, far, far, far away from being an actual part of the game, the con­test­ants Bar­celona (yay) and Juventus (nay) are just destined to deliver a wild and intense match. If you’re any­thing like me,

Running Amsterdam

01.06. 2015 · Crew Life, Escapism

Tan­diss, our new sports– and lifestyle/health cor­res­pond­ent, is for­cing me to be healthy. Incid­ent­ally, she is also my flat mate, which means now I have to do all sorts of sports. Among them yoga, run­ning, and dying a little bit inside every time I have to “watch my cal­or­ies”. I am a vic­tim of her sports-dictatorship. Over are the fatty
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01.06. 2015 · Kiez Life, Made In Berlin, Other

Big City Life some­times gives me the feel­ing of los­ing my con­nec­tion to nature or what our romantic ima­gin­a­tion of it might be. As it happened, look­ing out of my win­dow into the rather bleak court­yard of my apart­ment made me feel trapped in concrete. On a global scale, the ongo­ing urb­an­iz­a­tion makes it more and
Thomas Henry_Henrys On Tour_Key Visual

Henrys On Tour

29.05. 2015 · Events, Made In Berlin

Fancy res­taur­ants have it, Ber­liner Kneipen have it, nasty dive bars have it: a local hero called Henry. And if you’ve been around drink­ing in Ber­lin, you surely have met Henry before, too. He’s the taste­fully designed and deli­ciously spicy mixer for every soph­ist­ic­ated drink. More spe­cific­ally, Thomas Henry (born & raised in our beloved

Making Decisions — with Urban Sports Club (pt. 1)

26.05. 2015 · Kiez Life

Mak­ing decisions has never been my strong suit. Espe­cially when they are related to con­clud­ing con­tracts. As soon as I’m to be pinned down to a monthly pay­ing mem­ber­ship, I freak out. I always wanted to do Pil­ates, Yoga or a dan­cing class, but again I couldn’t really decide which way to go. Doing all of the three would be too expens­ive and
Spiel des Lebens; photo: Juliane Hoppe

Game of life

24.05. 2015 · Events

What would you do if you could start over, lead a new life, make everything right and become someone completely else? An immersive play lets you pretend you're somebody else. But you should watch out: Not only is death certain, but the play can easily become fate, a puppet master with its own intentions.