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short notice: Shitti Graffiti

23.10. 2015 · Kisses from Berlin, Other

  Shitti Graffiti has not been updated in four months even though I have enough material to feed it for a lifetime. This mostly Berlin-based Tumblr collects, as the title reveals, shitti graffitis. Otherwise known as “street philosophy”. DUDE IF YOU’RE STILL ALIVE HIT ME UP I WILL SEND YOU MY COLLECTION. I have always
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One Fine Day in Lisbon with the smart forfour

22.10. 2015 · Escapism, Other

As you will remember from my holiday blog entry about Lisbon, I am a very big fan of Lisbon. Rarely does a city have that effect on me: calming and relaxing as a summer holiday, but as exciting and challenging as a metropole. No wonder then that so many young and artistic people have settled over
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Laily’s Berlin: Playground Hang Around

21.10. 2015 · Crew Life, Kiez Life

I think, as we get older and more accustomed to being independent, out to explore and define ourselves, the more we realize that decisions and discovery really take a blow at the spontaneous people we once were. Nope, that’s not okay. What has made me come to terms with this? Well it isn’t hard to take

The Most Useful Apps & Websites to Travel Berlin

20.10. 2015 · Other

  I’m not a big app fanatic in general. When I travel, I mostly get advice from friends that I trust on all matters taste and preference. That said, sometimes you’re just lost in a sea of recommendations. Even on my own blog I tend to contradict myself with all the suggestions. It must be super confusing for
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Festival of Lights 2015

20.10. 2015 · Events

  If you’ve attentively followed our Instagram account @findingberlin, you will most likely have noticed the abundance of Festival of Lights pictures in the last week. From the 9th to the 19th October,  we were touring all around Berlin to take pictures and fill up the Heatmap. It was like catching Pokémon. But it was also

The Things I Loved About Copenhagen

19.10. 2015 · Escapism

There’s enough said already about Copenhagen, so I’m not going to bore you with more travel tipps. The city is a global favorite in terms of food, fashion, general style and pretty people. For someone who hadn’t visited a Scandinavian country yet, Denmark was long a front runner on my trip-list. I was eager to
Chicha Ceviche Kreuzberg Friedelstraße Review Berlin-8166

Chicha Ceviche

19.10. 2015 · Food, Kiez Life, Places

  Guys. It was only a matter of time, but now my dreams came true: a Peruvian Ceviche restaurant, only 300 meters from my living room away. Guys. Paradise has opened its doors for me. It’s the truth. Of course, on the first day of opening, I had to go in and see for myself.
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Staycation: 24 hours in Charlottenburg

15.10. 2015 · Escapism, Kiez Life, Places

I’m a really bad Berlin blogger, as most of you know. I rarely update around here and when I do, I’m five years too late for the exciting stuff. I have stopped pressuring myself, though. In fact, I enjoy roaming the same streets every day, visiting the same restaurants. Unless it’s something really new, innovative
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Lisboa: A Berlin Favorite

13.10. 2015 · Escapism

  People have been saying it: Lisboa could be the new Berlin. Rents are cheap, artists everywhere, nightlife’s so loud. Germans have had a knack for Portugal anyway, and now Europeans can all go on vacation in a city that feels more like a holiday prospect superstar: amazing nature, incredible climate, quality food (fish mate) abundance, and
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Berlin Against TTIP: 200.000 People Protest

12.10. 2015 · Events, Kiez Life

  Political protests are a Berlin signature dish. They combine all the characteristics of the city: left-wing activism, loud music, spontaneous riots and an awareness of political and historical relevance of these gatherings. We have also had a history of documenting the most important demonstrations and rallies in the city (a few examples:
Konrad Langer (@konaction) - The Bunker

PostCollective: Berlin, Art and Instagram

09.10. 2015 · Architecture, Shopping

  Ever since Instagram became everybodys essential social media platform, our ways of seeing and writing about Berlin have changed from photo stories on the blog to live captures in our Instafeeds. A picture is a picture: it doesn’t need a headline or any context, and on Instagram, it’s instant (duh). Not only does this particular

Temp Affairs 2015 – win 2×2 guestlist spots!

08.10. 2015 · Event calendar

There’s a surge of some very special new kids, from all over the world, creating beats and sounds you probably haven’t heard before. And if you did, you ended up wondering “what the hell is this shit?”. Little brats “rapping” about being rich millionaires? Really? And yet, they’re epic in their fantastic spirit.
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15.09. 2015 · Music

Not sure if my Google results are just skewed by all the NSFW that I’ve been doing, or if these guys are literally invisible on the net. Guess what, chaps, ROCKAFELLA isn’t the most outstanding name. Anyway, on my mission to find Berlin music, I have returned again to rap. ROCKAFELLA are (is?) from Tempelhof,

Urban Exploring: Photography with PERSPEKTEVA

14.09. 2015 · Kiez Life, Made In Berlin, Places

  Visiting and photographing abandoned, mostly former industrial buildings from the Nazi & Cold War era has become a very popular sport in Berlin. There’s an eerie feeling to breaking & entering a seemingly forgotten place, one that actually reminds you of the history of the city you are residing in. It’s an unconstructed,