UdK Rundgang 2014-3862

UdK Rundgang 2014

Ah, thank the Almighty we’ve had enough prac­tice for years and years of stand­ing of queues. We’ve passed the Berg­hain test a couple of times, which makes us pro’s in the art of jump­ing the line with 20 people without any­body ever noti­cing (let me tell you, it’s a LOT harder to jump the line any­where else Read more…

Weekend Kisses

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I know it’s the week­end and y’all can’t take another ser­i­ous blo­g­post about Tem­pel­hof or the cur­rent polit­ical situ­ation in Istan­bul. I know you want to get the fuck out of work and head straight into the nearest swim­ming pool (EXCEPT THEY WON’T OPEN UNTIL JUNE WHICH COME TO THINK OF IT IS SO TYPICALLY GERMAN
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The Berlin-Istanbul Exchange Program

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Everyone’s prais­ing our mul­ti­cul­tural Ber­lin for its eclectic mix of people. But no com­munity has left a big­ger imprint on life in Ber­lin than the Turk­ish. The fam­ous Döner, beau­ti­ful mosques and the pub­lic dis­course of integration/multiculturalism have coined the city­scape and cul­ture. The influ­ences of the Turk­ish pop­u­la­tion are
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5 Places To Visit In Istanbul

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We’ve had the pleas­ure to go and find Istan­bul a couple of weeks ago. You can read everything about our exper­i­ences in this rather elab­or­ate art­icle. Our short trip was full of sur­prises and we found many places that were worth recom­mend­ing, so here are our Top 7. - The Mar­mara Pera. A nice and afford­able design hotel
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Where Is It?

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An old one I found in my archives. I took it in 2011 (I think) on the corner of Wran­gel and Tabor, sprayed across the entrance of the Taborkirche. The proper answer is: in Görl­itzer Park.

Magnum: Celebrating The (Berlin) Moment

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What if we were to con­cen­trate on the now, rather than on the past or the future? The pres­ence has become so volat­ile and hard to grasp, we can hardly fol­low a train of thought without being dis­trac­ted, let alone con­cen­trate on the moment when there’s an abund­ance of screens to look at. Life’s on fast

Volksentscheid Tempelhofer Feld und die Zukunft

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The 25th of May is the day were Ber­liners will be able to vote for or against build­ing on the Tem­pel­hofer Feld (along with the EU par­lia­ment, but that’s for another niche blog to cover). As you may know, we think this is a very rare chance of being part of Ber­lins future. Since most people who

Concept Mall: Bikini Berlin

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The grot­esque archi­tec­ture of the decom­pos­ing Bikini build­ing has been renewed to some extent. After hav­ing vis­ited the con­struc­tion site last year and the newly opened 25 Hours Hotel, that is also part of the Bikini com­plex, I finally got around to visit the concept mall that has added new charm and shop­ping oppor­tun­it­ies to the
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Absolut Limited City Edition Berlin with Zhivago Duncan

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For the first time ever, Abso­lut has released a Ger­man Lim­ited City Edi­tion: Abso­lut Ber­lin. The launch of the bottle was cel­eb­rated, big style, at Pla­toon last week­end — includ­ing live per­form­ance of the prin­ted art­work and a show­case of the iconic col­ors used on the design. We also got hold of the bottle and were very impressed by
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A Kiss For Mother’s Day

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Happy moth­ers day! I tried to find some­thing bet­ter but I guess “MUTTIS RAUS” really takes the cake of the most ridicu­lous kiss I’ve seen (well, I’ve also seen FRAUEN RAUS but missed the oppor­tun­ity of tak­ing a pic­ture, sorry). Iron­ic­ally, the phrase was smeared under the win­dows of a young cre­at­ive agency. I mean — I’d expect it at
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Favorite Eateries in Kreuzberg & Neukölln 2014

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Ber­lins rise in pop­ular­ity and the steady growth of an inter­na­tional and very well fed com­munity has nur­tured a new culin­ary cul­ture in the city. New res­taur­ants, bars and concept eat­er­ies have been pop­ping up all over the place and they’re not exclus­ively döner or bur­ger joints for the budget food­ies any­more. Nowhere as much as
Finding Berlin - 1. Mai 2014 - 1st of May 2014 Berlin © Martin Wolf (41 von 46)

1st of May 2014

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May­day may­hem: every year, the first of May is the ded­ic­ated kick-off of the legendary Ber­lin sum­mer sea­son. And what a kick-off it was: per­son­ally, I spent most of my time in a deli­ri­ous state at the annual Luzia rave. But, lucky for me (and my party­ing), Mar­tin roamed the streets and took plenty of beau­ti­ful pic­tures in

Six recommendations for Gallery Weekend 2014

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Berlin’s art world tends to go into hiberna­tion after the big events in autumn took place, only to com­pletely wake up in spring, when the people start to go to the cafés and parks or just take a stroll because of the lovely weather. Now that every­body woke up, Berlin’s big­ger gal­ler­ies invite Ber­liners and vis­it­ors