Gleisdreieck Park

Gleisdreieck Park Berlin (5)
12 Jan ’12 by Sara Places, Street Life
The Gleisdreieck Park is a beautiful new construction in a vast no-mans area of Berlin. With this new public space, the neighborhood will surely experience a rise in attention and value soon.

I’d never been at Gleisdreick Park before, as it only opened a couple of months ago, but it’s more like an adventurous child’s dreams than an average park. Playgrounds (from basic to fancy), skating bowls, football and basketball courts, ping pong tables, BMX hills, a community garden, loads of free green space and wild, old tracks of the former stations (Potsdamer- and Anhaltergüterbahnhof). It all makes for an amazingly well planned and beautiful new park to hang out in the summer. Mind you, at the time of writing, the park wasn’t completely finished yet.

Park am Gleisdreieck, 10965 Berlin

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