Peristal Singum

by Sara · 12.04.2011 · Events, Places · 2 comments

It is really a mys­tery as to how this is going by rather unnoticed these days. Then again, maybe Peri­stal Singum is one of these things/places/events that can only func­tion without atten­tion. I say let’s try to find a bal­ance. I’m not going to spoil the sur­prise for you (not that I could): just go if you have the oppor­tun­ity. It’s not for the faint of heart and it’s really hard to describe without giv­ing it away to some extent, but really, I urge you: go and check out what Peri­stal Singum is.

You will not regret it and you will never find some­thing like this again, ever, any­where, in and out­side of Ber­lin. Expect to wait, expect to pay 10 Euro, expect to get your mind blown. Be there from Wed­nes­days to Sundays from 6 — 10 PM, come alone (just kid­ding, bring those among your friends who would like to expand their hori­zons). Find the hap­pen­ing at the Wilde Ren­ate Salon, Alt-Strahlau 70 and hurry up, who knows how long it will be around!

[pullquote author=“atlas obscura”]Overall a whim­sical and awe-inspiring exper­i­ence, the Peri­stal Singum labyrinth is best approached with min­imal pre­con­cep­tions, an explor­at­ory frame of mind, and a dash of bravery. [/pullquote]

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  1. ..been there last week with a couple of friends and I loved it! strange though, how dif­fer­ent the exper­i­ences were that each of us made…not every­one found the real scary dark chan­nel, some didn’t pass the seesaw a.s.o.… over­all an awe­some place to con­front your­self with some obstacles of your mind!!!

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