Peristal Singum (Closed)

12 Apr ’11 by Sara Making Berlin, Places
If you weren't there for the Peristal Signum, you REALLY missed out: this was a drug addicts dream come true! It was a real-life acid trip sort of labyrinth, located over the club premise of Wilde Renate (that club still exists though) and it was pure bliss. I'm not sure what happened to it, to be honest, I just know they don't do the tours anymore. Perhaps the thing still exists, but if it does, I wouldn't know.

It is really a mystery as to how this is going by rather unnoticed these days. Then again, maybe Peristal Singum is one of these things/places/events that can only function without attention. I say let’s try to find a balance. I’m not going to spoil the surprise for you (not that I could): just go if you have the opportunity. It’s not for the faint of heart and it’s really hard to describe without giving it away to some extent, but really, I urge you: go and check out what Peristal Singum is.

You will not regret it and you will never find something like this again, ever, anywhere, in and outside of Berlin. Expect to wait, expect to pay 10 Euro, expect to get your mind blown. Be there from Wednesdays to Sundays from 6 – 10 PM, come alone (just kidding, bring those among your friends who would like to expand their horizons). Find the happening at the Wilde Renate Salon, Alt-Strahlau 70 and hurry up, who knows how long it will be around!

[pullquote author=”atlas obscura”]Overall a whimsical and awe-inspiring experience, the Peristal Singum labyrinth is best approached with minimal preconceptions, an exploratory frame of mind, and a dash of bravery. [/pullquote]

Alt-Stralau 70, 10245 Berlin

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  1. ..been there last week with a couple of friends and I loved it! strange though, how different the experiences were that each of us made…not everyone found the real scary dark channel, some didn’t pass the seesaw a.s.o…. overall an awesome place to confront yourself with some obstacles of your mind!!!

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