Public Viewing in Kreuzberg 36

28 Jun ’12 by Sara Street Life
Snapshots of Kreuzberg during the Euro Finals 2012.

It seems as if the football craze has gone back a step from the heights it reached in 2010. After all, it’s “only” the European finals. Still: many people opt to watch the game with their friends at bars or on the sidewalks when the weather allows them to (which, this summer, is certainly not a given).

While we were excited to watch the German team play against Greece in the quarter finals, we also had a feeling that it could be interesting to see how people in Kreuzberg were actually set up on the streets. So we wandered around Reichenberger Straße, Oranienstraße and Skalitzer Straße and took some pictures of the makeshift set ups. Twenty minutes into the game we got too antsy, though, and decided to let go of our original plan and head for the nearest spot to sit down and feel the enthusiasm that comes with a popular sport.

Stefan, Sara, Marcus, Nico

Four comments

  1. oh gut, ihr habt einen neuen tiefpunkt eurer content-wahl erreicht…

  2. Jim: Wenn das der schlechteste war bin ich ja ehrlich gesagt ein bisschen beruhigt…

  3. sara: ohje, warum seid ihr so ultra-transparent geworden?