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by Sara · 25.07.2010 · Events · 4 comments

I think I’m starting to like the idea of chilling on rooftops instead of parks or bars. Certainly ain’t the only one feeling it though: recently decided they’d record their afternoon sessions not within the secure realms of their studios but on top of the city and invited the heathens of the internet to take part as an audience.

German artists Fotos, Madsen and Gisbert zu Knyphausen accompanied the few people on the rooftop with their magnificent unplugged shows, and all I can think about is listening to that one song and looking at the cloudy sky with the shape of the Fernsehturm in the back and thinking exactly nothing. I felt free there for a second, what with the city to my feet and my friends to my side and those wonderful sounds in my ear. Nobody was allowed to talk for the time recording. Even though we were only about 30 people up there, it seemed as if the whole world was quiet for a moment. The sky, the birds, the taste of rain in the wind, the lone smiles in all of their faces… a second full of bliss and positive ignorance…

This fraction of time passed as quickly as it came. We went back to chatting and taking pictures of the view, shortly before we had to run for cover from the rain. Now, I’m still waiting for the videos to appear online. For the time being, here are the pictures (and you can find more over at Pauls). Thanks to Tape.TV for the wonderful evening.

many thanks to Liz, Herm & Nico for being model portraits.

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  1. Will grab my photos tomorrow afternoon. Can’t wait for it, my first “real” films :-)

    Also, how fuckin’ fat am I!? Will print out no. 14 and put it over my bed to remind me every day to get up and do some sport…


    Also, am super excited to see your pictures! I am thoroughly fascinated with the techniques of the Hassel, I even read about it on Wiki afterwards and it’s a fucking neat thing you have there.

  3. thanks for the nice article and the awesome pictures. the entire team really loves them, as they describe the atmosphere of the day right to the point :)
    was so nice having you guys on our rooftop! we’re glad you had a good day!

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