Schloss Gamehl, the perfect weekend retreat in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Schloss Gamehl is a perfect get-away resort only 2 hours from Berlin. A wonderful estate surrounded by farmland, with beautiful rooms & a spa to enjoy.
12 Oct ’16 by Sara Travel

I dream of a wonderful, relaxing and comforting cottage with decent food and a cozy chimney fire, a sauna and nice staff. It doesn’t have to be luxurious, but it should be soothing to the soul. Thankfully, Schloss Gamehl near Wismar at the Baltic Sea caters to that special sentiment.


View from the backyard

We visited the beautiful Schloss Gamehl while it was still beautiful in September. We stayed three days and had no complaints: wonderful staff, spacious and gracious rooms, the most comfortable bed I’ve ever slept in, adequate breakfast and dinner and nothing but farmland beyond the estate.

Schloss Gamehl is only about 2 hours outside of Berlin by car. You could easily also take the train to the little town Wismar (they have a pick-up service from the train station to the estate), but being mobile allows you to take a trip to the supermarket or to the island Poehl, as we did, to see the sea.


The older I become, the more necessary are short weekend retreats to take a breath from the city’s hustle. Unfortunately, two or three nights neither justify the exhaustion of traveling, nor are there many options around Berlin. Sure, you’ve got high-end luxury spas like Die Bleiche, but I’d much rather spend that kind of money for my next 3 years of rent.

On the other end of the accommodation spectrum, you’ve got the typical Brandenburg / Mecklenburg-Vorpommern fashion of  resorts; rustic, run-down, eerie, and worn out. Plus overcrowded by old people or families, and not that I’d discriminate against either, but I just want to chill with other people who want to chill.

More and more people are actively seeking retreats away from the city without wanting to compromise on either comfort or style1 . It’s more sustainable to stay close to the city, and who wants to spend 2/5 vacation days traveling and flying?, but Germany is not a cheap vacation country – and spas haven’t yet entered the consciousness of the middle-class person, it seems -, which is why it’s hard to find adequate options for middle-class budgets. The problem isn’t so much the general availability, but in true Airspace fasion, I prefer to stay somewhere with a young, fresh vibe with like-minded people.

Sooner or later, I could well imagine going down that route and opening a nice mid-budget resort & spa somewhere outside of Berlin. For now, Schloss Gamehl is a great option, too.

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Hotel Schloss Gamehl, 23970 Gamehl bei Wismar+49 38426 22000€€
  1. I know this for a fact because I get asked, on a weekly basis, about nice getaway hotels, secret escapes or intimate spas. Usually by people between the ages of 20 and 40, who don't want to share their time-off with bigoted rural Germans, and yes, that's still a thing in Brandenburg and MeckPomm, and it's important to make note of that if you're a person of color or openly gay that you will not feel comfortable everywhere you go, despite the fact that the tourism industry is open-minded and welcoming enough

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