Posters of Berlin

Posters of Berlin collects the broad variety of posters that you can see around the city. Our new favorite Berlin Tumblr that has been around for a while but that we completely missed.
22 Jul ’15 by Sara #berlinkisses, Other

Berlin communicates via lamp posts and walls most of the time. Whether it’s lost pets or more obscure requests, the walls of Berlin sometimes resemble ancient cave walls and their rudimental sign language. And, because this is the Internet, there is a website where all of those notes are actually collected: Notes of Berlin.

But there’s more. Posters, and many of them, advertising what’s going on in the city. Many times have I been stopped in my tracks to inspect a poster or two, as they compete with each other for the casual flaneur and his attention. In order to succeed, they have to be – for lack of better understanding of the visual communication world – pretty.

Thankfully, there’s a Tumblr that collects those, too. POSTERS OF BERLIN. A real composition of Berlin street life. And it’s been around since 2012. How could I have possibly missed it? You can scroll for days discovering posters that you’ve seen before, or those that you’ve missed but would’ve loved to have seen. Partys, concerts, festivals, readings. It’s an incredible feat of work, and a stunning collection by visual artist The Moza.