SMALLVILLE X ODDFANTASTIC: win 2×2 guestlist spots

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As always, our friends from ODDFANTASTIC & SMALLVILLE are giv­ing away 2×2 guest­l­ist spots for our dear read­ers. All you have to do is share this event with your friends on Face­book, Twit­ter, Ins­tagram or wherever else you want and let us know about it in the comments!

SMALLVILLE turns 9 with:

Keith Worthy (Aes­thetic Audio)
Lauer (Run­ning Back, LARJ)
Small­people (Smallville, Run­ning Back)
aka Dionne & Julius Stein­hoff

Morphosis (Morphine, Hon­est Jon’s)
Helena Hauff (Golden Pudel, Werk Discs)
Fiedel (Fiede­lone, MMM)

On the first week­end of May it is time again for our beloved tag team of Smallville Records and Odd Fant­astic. And the massive port­fo­lio of tonight’s party under­lines their keen sense for an impress­ive line-up once again. Keith Worthy runs his small but fine label Aes­thetic Audio out of Detroit. Besides his own pro­duc­tions, folks like Juju & Jor­dash and Steven Tang already release on his plat­form. We only say: emotive strings, deep house for the sun­set and a tem­pera­mental vol­cano of melod­ies. Speak­ing of which, Phil­lip Lauer is not only known as the half of Tuff City Kids and Arto Mwambe, but also called the „melody man“. Away from his cel­eb­rated sets at Robert John­son, for his appear­ances he likes to bor­row some pop appeal as well as eject­ing the disco ball. And of course, the two Ham­burg nat­ives from Small­people will join the party too. After their strong debut, Julius Stein­hoff – the part­ner in crime of Just von Ahle­feld – will release his first solo album „Flock­ing Beha­viour“ later that month on Smallville. By the way, the label cel­eb­rates their ninth year of exist­ence – so there are plenty of reas­ons to celebrate.

The Bunker floor will leave noth­ing to be desired: With his pro­ject Morphosis, Rabih Beaini is def­in­itely the soul of Lebanese Detroit music – and a sound researcher. On his only LP „What We Have Learned“ for Delsin, he presents hand­brake techno that leaves his busi­ness cards in elec­tro, ambi­ent and krautrock. Tonight we’ll enjoy one of his rare DJ sets. Helena Hauff will not only play her debut in STATTBAD, the Hamburg-based DJ embod­ies a mod­ern punk kind of type with her res­id­ent sets at Golden Pudel Club. Whether acid techno, cold wave or cos­mic jazz – Hauff focuses only on energy and vibe. On top her debut EP “Actio Reac­tio” on Act­ress’ Label Werk Discs was one of the best releases in 2013. A real war­horse of the scene will round out the hustle and bustle: Fiedel. Since the mid-90s he has spun records on Monday’s events at “Sub­versiv”, a fix­ture of the Ber­lin under­ground scene. His reg­u­lar sets at Berg­hain are cel­eb­rated until the early morn­ing hours for his mix­ture of Detroit, Hi-NRG and acid techno. Come and join us!


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  1. Hi my name is Luca Balzar­ini, and I just shared the event on my face­book page.
    I hope to win 2 tick­ets!!
    Bye bye and see you next sat­urday!
    Luca Balzarini

    Luca Balzarini
  2. hej,

    shared the event on face­book and tumblr :)
    can’t wait to see lauer and smallpeople!

    have a nice week,
    cara petersen

  3. Just shared the event via Facebook.

    What a lineup! I hope I win.

  4. Keith Worthy… Finally! Some qual­ity Detroit House in Ber­lin!
    So yeah.… it would be good to squeeze 2 out of you! ; )

  5. Hi I also shared this. I came to Ber­lin espe­cially for a party at Stattbad, so I hope to win tick­ets!
    Grtz, Jes­sica Jansen

    Jessica Jansen
  6. hey,
    i’ve put it on my tumblr.

  7. Daniel Kan­ze­pol­ski From Ber­lin.
    Shared on face­book and whatsapp. :)

    Daniel Kanzepolski
  8. pos­ted on facebook!;)