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Ber­lin seems like a galaxy to me some­times. A galaxy con­sist­ing of many little stars and plan­ets, try­ing to shine the bright­est– neg­lect­ing the fact that they’ve burnt out, a very, very long time ago… Fash­ion Week brings them all back to the vis­ible sur­face, for the pub­lic to watch what is usu­ally hid­den from their eye­sight. Look­ing in, you’ll assume that this is it, this is where the cre­at­ive and col­or­ful and lead­ing elite of Ber­lin unite, this is where the magic hap­pens, this is where ideas and art are formed, this is the circle of friends you want to have. This is drink­ing expens­ive cof­fee, buy­ing under­ground style chique. This is being on top of it all.

Some people get drawn into this aura of superi­or­ity. Wear­ing the right clothes, hav­ing the right job, know­ing the right people can lead you in. Some people work for years try­ing to be an insider. But it’s genet­ics: you either have it or you don’t. Once you’re inside, cel­eb­rate what you’ve achieved and then never stop doing so. Because there’s noth­ing else to do. There is no secret. There is no hid­den agenda. It’s being blonde and worth­less: look­ing good, with a needle halfway stuck to your arm if only it had the attrib­ute of being a new and upcom­ing fash­ion­able trend to the city. This is try­ing to sur­vive on bread and but­ter just to afford the neces­sary indul­gences. It’s not wealth; it’s poor dec­ad­ence. And thus it becomes noth­ing but a mere illu­sion for the viewer…

I was dis­ap­poin­ted to find out that most of the cre­at­ors, those who should be on top, are those who stick to the low– suc­cess­ful artists, DJs, you name it– they’re bur­ied beneath the all looks, all talk kind of people who’re worth shit but a coke nose bleed. There’s no dig­ging through to them– they’re at home, with their fam­il­ies, work­ing and mak­ing a liv­ing, not at the party for the cool kids (there are excep­tions to the rule). But slowly over­com­ing the premier shock, I star­ted tak­ing the circle of elit­ism for what it is: noth­ing but a pretty face. I look at those people and I real­ize: they’re fuck bud­dies, not long term romances.

In fact, they are what I would refer to as the “poor mans social­ites of the 21st hip­ster cen­tury” in an edgy Hol­ly­wood envir­on­ment (yes, Ber­lin). I enjoy watch­ing the show like I would enjoy watch­ing after­noon soap tele­vi­sion: it’s enter­tain­ing. It’s pretty. But it’s not real. It’s won­der­ful, blind­ing, dizzy­ing and mes­mer­iz­ing fic­tion, but it’s not real.

(Tor­straße spe­cific­ally and Ber­lin Mitte in gen­eral are rep­res­ent­at­ive of the dirt chique that’s been pro­moted at Fash­ion Week and Bread and But­ter. It’s where the social­ites hang out to show. It’s impress­ive, and it’s excit­ing to find new spots and loc­a­tions every time I pass, espe­cially those cute pop up and tem­por­ary stores that appeared last week. The pic­tures taken are from Wed­nes­day and Thursday, some being the open­ing party to the Fam­ily & Friends dis­play Wed­nes­day even­ing, one being the next day in pre­par­a­tions for a long night…)

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  1. true words.

  2. Ich mag die Pho­tos. Haben so eine schöne “fil­martige” Farbe und so einen Touch. So natürlich. :)

  3. Gute Worte.

  4. See­ing these beau­ti­ful pho­tos of Ber­lin in the sum­mer, I nearly teared up. I was there for Ber­linale this Feb­ru­ary and abso­lutely loved it. And I can’t wait to go back this fall. Will you still be there this October?

  5. Damn, f**k you hip­sters! we don’t want you in Berlin!

  6. F**k you hip­ster! we don’t want you in Berlin!

  7. Very nice pics, a very cool per­spect­ive of Ber­lin Mitte. And what would Ber­lin be without hipsters :-)

  8. Some great pic­tures from around Ber­lin! Where is that last one? You for­got to include Spreep­ark within the mix. Hav­ing recently been there, I can def­in­itely say that it’s a Ber­lin Hip­ster spot dur­ing the sum­mer. Here are a few pho­tos I took recently: http://​www​.offi​cial​ber​lin​hip​ster​fest​ival2012​.com/​b​e​r​l​i​n​-​h​i​p​s​t​e​r​s​-​h​a​ng/

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