Torstraße / Mitte

12 Jul ’10 by Sara Places, Street Life
Pictures taken during Fashion Week in Mitte / Torstraße

A walk on Torstraße during Fashion Week. Not many thoughts, not many ramblings. Torstraße is its own little atmosphere, with socialites, hipsters, and yuppies dominating more and more of the scene. On the other hand, how great is it to have all of that stuff culminating in one center of the city instead of all of them? No conflict here, I guess.

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  1. Ich mag die Photos. Haben so eine schöne “filmartige” Farbe und so einen Touch. So natürlich. :)

  2. Seeing these beautiful photos of Berlin in the summer, I nearly teared up. I was there for Berlinale this February and absolutely loved it. And I can’t wait to go back this fall. Will you still be there this October?

  3. Damn, f**k you hipsters! we don’t want you in Berlin!

  4. F**k you hipster! we don’t want you in Berlin!

  5. Very nice pics, a very cool perspective of Berlin Mitte. And what would Berlin be without hipsters :-)

  6. Some great pictures from around Berlin! Where is that last one? You forgot to include Spreepark within the mix. Having recently been there, I can definitely say that it’s a Berlin Hipster spot during the summer. Here are a few photos I took recently:

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