Sponsored Post: Berlin, you warm me with your coolness

24 Jul ’17 by Sara Other, Videos
A courageous ad campaign for Berlins diversity by traditional power provider Vattenfall.

In celebration of the BERLIN PRIDE and CSD, power provider Vattenfall has created a brave ad campaign that celebrates the individuality of Berlin. The ad portrays the diversity and the occasional inconveniences of Berlin with a refreshing touch of honesty.

Berlin is hunted by two diametrically opposed stereotypes. One is about the ease of living life in an affordable and spacious city, even if you’re not well off. And the other is about how rude and impolite people can be here. It’s mostly a hate-hate relationship for people who’ve lived here for a while. The endless rain, the mountains of dogshit, the political disparities, the ends unmet… there’s a whole list of complaints that are reiterated every day by every person in the Berlin.

When I moved here (almost 10 years ago!), I was stunned by how ugly Berlin was. The whole reason why I started this blog was because I wanted to “find” the real Berlin; the Berlin that everyone was so hyped about. I discovered that people are actually hyping how much love and warmth this city can provide, despite (or because?) of the stringent asshole-ry.

After a few years, I also found out that people aren’t rude. They just don’t all adhere to the normative standards. You can be yourself, as ignorant or as open-minded as you want, and nobody’s going to step on you for that. Not only do you not need to hold back, but you’re sure as shit going to find someone who’s on the same page as you, too. That can be offensive  to some people sometimes – ‘the shock factor’ that newcomers sometimes experience – but to hell with the stereotype. It’s not wild to be yourself, it’s a requirement to live a good life.

Wärme so individuell wie Berlin

Wärme, so individuell wie Berlin

The cool diversity of Berlin

The Vattenfall campaign “Wärme, so individuell wie Berlin” shows the many faces of the real Berlin. The queer, the cold and the weird. And how – if you put it all together – much warmth is created with all the energy of the people here.

Of course, it’s easy enough to identify with the mythical partylife of Berlin. After all, Berlins whole brand is based on the laissez-faire, I dont give a fuck let’s go wild attitude of the people here. But I can appreciate the fact that big name enterprises like Vattenfall make an effort to promote diversity and support the struggles of minorities (as done with their “Farbe bekennen – Volle Energie für Vielfalt” float at the CSD last Saturday).

I’ll be honest. My favorite part of the video? The two muslim girls who’re enjoying their selfie-time. Because how many times have you seen women in headscarves in an ad campaign? Dit is Berlin!