Spreepark Plänterwald

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Update Wed­nes­day, 26th of March 2014: The Spreep­ark Plän­ter­wald has gone back into the hands of the Sen­ate. Prom­ising to keep the area in the spirit of a theme / recre­ational park, this means that Spreep­ark will soon be open to the pub­lic again! Source: Tagesspiegel.

The story of the Spreep­ark Plän­ter­wald is one of the most ridicu­lous around Ber­lin. It was pretty dif­fi­cult to find entrance up until a year ago — shut down and watched closely by secur­ity, it became every pho­to­graph­ers chal­lenge to snap a couple of shots of the decay­ing, rusty games and rollercoasters.

The enter­tain­ment park in Treptow-Köpenick used to be the only one in the former GDR. It opened up in 1969 as “Kul­tur­park Plän­ter­wald” right by the Spree. From 1989 til 2001 it became the “Spreep­ark Ber­lin” with some new attrac­tions for fam­il­ies and their chil­dren. But soon enough the park had to close down for the lack of vis­it­ors (due to the high entrance prices) and the owner, Norbert Witte, announced the Spreep­ark was insolv­ent. He tried to ship his attrac­tions to Lima to counter his debts, but soon it was clear that that was not his only inten­tion. Within the “Fly­ing Car­pet” attrac­tion, he had attemp­ted to smuggle 180 kg of cocaine. What a daredevil.

In any case, people ended up in jail and the park was destined to rot away. Nowadays there’s a spe­cial ini­ti­at­ive try­ing to make the park a new, lively part of Ber­lin. From this sum­mer on there’ll be tours around the leftover attrac­tions, includ­ing the impress­ive fer­ris wheel. The pic­tures I took are from last year and should give an impres­sion of the ghostly urban atmosphere.

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  1. i love this post, it looks so magical

  2. Recom­men­ded movie: Hanna. Plän­ter­wald is the loc­a­tion of the movie’s finale and beau­ti­fully photographed.

  3. Amaz­ing.…

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  2. […] news, every­one! Ber­lin hat den rund 30 Hek­tar großen Spreep­ark im Treptower Plän­ter­wald zurück gekauft, nachdem der let­ztens bei eBay ver­steigert worden war. […]

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