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The Spreeufer often feels like an escape into another world — after the bru­tal winter we had here, it really feels like another planet entirely — and yet it is as fun­da­mental and pre­cious to Ber­lin as the Sie­gessäule. It’s simple: sum­mers at the water; slap­ping the moz­zies off your neck while you’re sip­ping your whatever fancy drink of the moment. Blow­ing smoke up in the air, where it lingers between you and the sun. The min­imal beats match­ing the impro­vised beach huts and the mis­matched lawn chairs. The reflec­tions of the river in the early morn­ing light, and a beau­ti­ful sunset.

Exper­i­en­cing a moment like this is pure bliss, espe­cially when you get to cuddle up with your friends and share a last sigh before you close your eyes and drift away with the music into long and con­fused dreams… about the early morn­ing heart beat of the city.

Unless Medi­as­pree can be stopped, the Spreeufer is not going to last for very long any­more. East Cent­ral Ber­lin has prob­ably just entered its last sea­son before being torn down for busi­ness pro­jects. I’m not sure how I feel about all of this — Ber­lin needs an eco­nom­ical uprise to keep grow­ing in wealth. The ques­tion is: at what price do we need to grow financially?

Medi­as­pree might just be the first step suck­ing out Ber­lins soul. Then again, people have been claim­ing for years that Ber­lins soul is sucked out. If I can still feel it — surely oth­ers can, too? I believe that the fric­tion between polit­ics and free spirit are what makes Ber­lin so spe­cial. Ber­lin is a con­strained nomadic: clubs, bars, stores and places are inter­twined. They open and close with a high fluc­tu­ation. So who knows where else Bar 25 and Kiki Blofeld will settle next year? How about the WMF, hav­ing by now opened and closed its doors 8 times, of each in dif­fer­ent locations?

Ber­lins insti­tu­tions are legendary for a reason: they’re elu­sive, and only a hand­ful of people get to be part of the myth. Soon, mid-twenties will remem­ber the Spreeufer and say it was the best thing Ber­lin has ever offered– much like todays 30 year olds con­stantly com­plain about the scenester in Kreuzberg and how Berg­hain was so much bet­ter when it was still Ost­gut.

I don’t want to be care­less, and I want to make a point in protest­ing Medi­as­pree at the offi­cial demon­stra­tion (or riot, depend­ing on the mood). But even if we can­not change the inev­it­able: let’s do it the Ber­lin way. Let’s enjoy the fuck out of the last few days we have left.

The places we love: Kiki Blofeld — Bar 25 — and, though a part of Bar 25, Johan­nes­burg 24.

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  1. I like your writ­ing and the pho­tos. You really cap­tured the happy relax­ing moment of enjoy­ing a warm sum­mer with friends close to nature.

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