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The Spreeufer often feels like an escape into another world – after the brutal winter we had here, it really feels like another planet entirely – and yet it is as fundamental and precious to Berlin as the Siegessäule. It’s simple: summers at the water; slapping the mozzies off your neck while you’re sipping your whatever fancy drink of the moment. Blowing smoke up in the air, where it lingers between you and the sun. The minimal beats matching the improvised beach huts and the mismatched lawn chairs. The reflections of the river in the early morning light, and a beautiful sunset.

Experiencing a moment like this is pure bliss, especially when you get to cuddle up with your friends and share a last sigh before you close your eyes and drift away with the music into long and confused dreams… about the early morning heart beat of the city.

Unless Mediaspree can be stopped, the Spreeufer is not going to last for very long anymore. East Central Berlin has probably just entered its last season before being torn down for business projects. I’m not sure how I feel about all of this – Berlin needs an economical uprise to keep growing in wealth. The question is: at what price do we need to grow financially?

Mediaspree might just be the first step sucking out Berlins soul. Then again, people have been claiming for years that Berlins soul is sucked out. If I can still feel it – surely others can, too? I believe that the friction between politics and free spirit are what makes Berlin so special. Berlin is a constrained nomadic: clubs, bars, stores and places are intertwined. They open and close with a high fluctuation. So who knows where else Bar 25 and Kiki Blofeld will settle next year? How about the WMF, having by now opened and closed its doors 8 times, of each in different locations?

Berlins institutions are legendary for a reason: they’re elusive, and only a handful of people get to be part of the myth. Soon, mid-twenties will remember the Spreeufer and say it was the best thing Berlin has ever offered- much like todays 30 year olds constantly complain about the scenester in Kreuzberg and how Berghain was so much better when it was still Ostgut.

I don’t want to be careless, and I want to make a point in protesting Mediaspree at the official demonstration (or riot, depending on the mood). But even if we cannot change the inevitable: let’s do it the Berlin way. Let’s enjoy the fuck out of the last few days we have left.

The places we love: Kiki Blofeld – Bar 25 – and, though a part of Bar 25, Johannesburg 24.

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  1. I like your writing and the photos. You really captured the happy relaxing moment of enjoying a warm summer with friends close to nature.

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