Stadtbad Tiergarten Open Air

by Sara · 19.06.2012 · Events, Kiez Life · 5 comments

There are so many Open Airs in the city… on a good sum­mer day it can be tricky to find out the “right one” . And because of Ber­lins risky weather situ­ation — from Mauwi to Moscow in 3 seconds — one is temp­ted to stay in the neigh­bor­hood. There’s also no deny­ing that not every Open Air is of high qual­ity, there­fore one sticks to the famil­iar events by the usual people. The music has to be boo­gie and the sound stel­lar, there should be drinks and a good off-location without being threatened by the police. There should be a peace­ful atmo­sphere and a lov­ing vibe among the crowd. I demand soap bubbles and con­fetti for every damn Open Air in the city!

On Sunday, Nico, Elisa and I jumped into the car and ended up in an adven­tur­ous place in Moabit: the old Stadtbad Tier­garten! Gor­geous. We didn’t quite know what to expect because I think none of us have even been to Moabit before and couldn’t quite grasp if that was going to be a cool or not-so-cool kind of Open Air. But you know what always works for an Open Air? Empty swim­ming pools. And ska­ter­boys hanging out in the sun. And little chil­dren doing their first steps tag­ging the freshly painted inner walls of the bowl.

The whole thing was organ­ized by Ber­lins music label Fabel­wesen. The music was per­fect. The sun was shin­ing. Income gen­er­ated from the drinks was used for a good cause. Beau­ti­ful people. Big love!

  1. Noch bis zur abend­lichen Stunde, das , für mich, Beste Musikun­ter­fan­gen dieses Jahr.…

  2. Und selbst das is eigent­lich noch unter­trieben!
    Apro­pos ‘treiben’, uns trieb es was die Tränen in die Augen, als wr erfahren mussten, dass diese traum­hafte Loc­a­tion dem­nächst abgeris­sen wird und es sich somit bei diesem ÜBER Oben Ohne um ne ein­m­a­lige Sache gehan­delt hat…

    Naja sehn wirs mal so:
    Der ver­dam­mte Ber­liner Som­mer hat ja schon­mal mit nem Knall begonnen, wer weiss wies dann erst noch wird!

    Cheers and keep on dancing.

  3. Gen­iale Fotos mal wieder. Nice Place anyway

  4. geil geil geil :D

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