Stadtbad Tiergarten Open Air

19 Jun ’12 by Sara Events, Street Life
A wonderful summer open air in the former Stadtbad Tiergarten - the premises don't exist anymore. The "Schwimmbad im Poststadium" had been closed since 2002. It was planned to re-open as addition to the still existing Stadtbad Moabit. As far as I have found out (this update is from 2016), there's currently a temporary tentstation / camping space in the vacancy.

On Sunday, Nico, Elisa and I jumped into the car and ended up in an adventurous place in Moabit: the old Stadtbad Tiergarten! Gorgeous. We didn’t quite know what to expect because I think none of us have even been to Moabit before and couldn’t quite grasp if that was going to be a cool or not-so-cool kind of Open Air. But you know what always works for an Open Air? Empty swimming pools.

The whole thing was organized by Berlins music label Fabelwesen. The music was perfect. The sun was shining. Income generated from the drinks was used for a good cause. Beautiful people. Big love!


Five comments

  1. Noch bis zur abendlichen Stunde, das , für mich, Beste Musikunterfangen dieses Jahr….

  2. Und selbst das is eigentlich noch untertrieben!
    Apropos ‘treiben’, uns trieb es was die Tränen in die Augen, als wr erfahren mussten, dass diese traumhafte Location demnächst abgerissen wird und es sich somit bei diesem ÜBER Oben Ohne um ne einmalige Sache gehandelt hat…

    Naja sehn wirs mal so:
    Der verdammte Berliner Sommer hat ja schonmal mit nem Knall begonnen, wer weiss wies dann erst noch wird!

    Cheers and keep on dancing.

  3. Geniale Fotos mal wieder. Nice Place anyway

  4. geil geil geil :D

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