Stroke 03 Urban Art Fair

by Marcus · 09.10.2010 · Events · 4 comments

You know we love those things that are going on in the streets of the city. Call it Graf­fiti, Streetart, Urban Art, whatever! We just love people that act­ively cre­ate their envir­on­ment and tear us out of the reg­u­lar pas­tell bore­dom. But of course we ask our­self — what does it mean when Streetart is enter­ing the gal­ler­ies all over the world? Is it just a Hype or is there more going on? How much Art is Streetart?

Our friend and biggest art crit­ics Mat­thias Plan­itzer out of Castor & Pol­lux was ask­ing him­self the same ques­tion. In his Art­icle “Warum ich hier nicht mehr über Urban Art schreibe” he ques­tioned the arty side of Streetart and came to the con­clu­sion that there is none.

The art­icle appeared right before the Stroke03 was open­ing it’s doors to the Ber­lin pub­lic. So of course the guys behind the fair wanted to dis­cuss his art­icle with Mat­thias and we got the chance to inter­view Marco Schwalbe, the cur­ator of Stroke03 Urban Art Fair about the fair itself and Urban Art in general.

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  1. Jungs, ich bin so stolz auf euch! Ihr habt echt ganze Arbeit geleistet!

  2. Couldnt watch it yet but Im super excited :)

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