Stroke 03 Urban Art Fair

by Marcus · 09.10.2010 · Events · 4 comments

You know we love those things that are going on in the streets of the city. Call it Graffiti, Streetart, Urban Art, whatever! We just love people that actively create their environment and tear us out of the regular pastell boredom. But of course we ask ourself – what does it mean when Streetart is entering the galleries all over the world? Is it just a Hype or is there more going on? How much Art is Streetart?

Our friend and biggest art critics Matthias Planitzer out of Castor & Pollux was asking himself the same question. In his Article “Warum ich hier nicht mehr über Urban Art schreibe” he questioned the arty side of Streetart and came to the conclusion that there is none.

The article appeared right before the Stroke03 was opening it’s doors to the Berlin public. So of course the guys behind the fair wanted to discuss his article with Matthias and we got the chance to interview Marco Schwalbe, the curator of Stroke03 Urban Art Fair about the fair itself and Urban Art in general.

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  1. Jungs, ich bin so stolz auf euch! Ihr habt echt ganze Arbeit geleistet!

  2. Couldnt watch it yet but Im super excited :)

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