by Sara · 25.04.2012 · Places · 3 comments

We all know how I have a certain inkling for train stations and travel hubs. Südkreuz was no exception when I first saw it a couple of weeks ago. So unlike any other major train platforms in Berlin, Südkreuz is like a bunch of modern architecture features and glass panels thrown together. Somewhat alienated by the lack of charming old Berlin style it turned out that Südkreuz was only one of the “new” major train stations. Like Gesundbrunnen and Ostkreuz (with restaurations soon to be completed), this is a side of Berlin that can only be considered a somewhat disturbing evolutionary process.

Of course, modernisation is not by default something bad. It’s just also pretty weird. Most of Berlins dirty and rusty buildings are what gives the city its scarred but very lovely face. Ending up in Südkreuz or even Hauptbahnhof turns your impression of the city upside down. Personally, as much as all the shiny facades do not fit to the image of Berlin, I think they do add to the whole picture. Berlin is a city in progress… and somehow the contrast is what stimulates every thought ever produced about Berlin.



  1. hey sara,

    thats just one opinion, and as so often there are hundresd if not thousands of different opinions, one likes the `run down´ style of berlin ( i do! ) one dislikes it…but as we all can see troughout the years, the city will become like any other major city in the world, shiny and new…i believe thats the plan of most of the poeple and politics.

  2. Hey David, thanks for your comment. You’re right – there are many reasons to dislike the current developments. And yet at the same time I (naively, maybe) believe that there’ll be a strong focus on keeping the city as it is for economic reasons. After all, it’s a unique selling point for tourists, isn’t it?

  3. We just discovered your site, love it!! I have lived in Berlin too.. and I do love the ‘run-down’ style too.. well, a nice mix of old and new. It’s what makes the city so incredibly special. Unfortunately I keep hearing from friends there that more and more places are closed and not supported anymore,especially in the East. Let’s hope some of those cool urban treasures will remain!