The 9 Best Sunset Spots in Berlin

25 May ’12 by Sara Places
There's hardly anything as beautiful as seeing the sun go down in Berlin. The sky turns into a million shades of pink, and you can lie back and enjoy the iconic Berlin cityscape turn into a romantic movie scene - if you know where you can see it best!

1. Modersohnbrücke

This picture was taken on Modersohnbrücke with a full view on the Warschauer Straße Bahnhof in 2011. Modersohnbrücke has a very grimey and interesting flair.

2. Tempelhofer Feld

The Tempelhofer Freiheit is a lot of things: a former airport, a playground for every skating activity you could imagine, and the very best place to see the sunset in Berlin. It’s like seeing the sun set over the horizon of the ocean, except this is better because the sand won’t clutter your camera lenses.

3. Landwehrkanal (Kreuzberg)


The riverside of the Landwehrkanal may or may not be the dedicated shelter of all of Berlins dog shit.  Still: seeing the sun go down over the river is A++. You can choose the Admiralsbrücke to see it if you need musical background noise (people usually get their guitars out), or Hobrecht-Brücke if a quick beer and view is what you need, or Glogauer Brücke if you really want to be left alone next to a very busy street (but at least everywhere there’s a Späti around if you need a  refill).

4. Oberbaumbrücke

Despite the proximity to the toxic wasteland that is the Warschauer Brücke, the Oberbaumbrücke is still a haven for sunset watchers. A panoramic pic of our endless Spree will set the mind at ease – right next to one of the craziest pieces of traffic in the world. Enjoy the fumes and the view along with a Sterni. Without it, it wouldn’t be Berlin.

5. Görlitzer Park

This picture was once stolen and then used as advertising on Facebook for some random “Berlin Open Air” page. Görlitzer Park is shabby and scabious, but those sunsets in the summers have been well appreciated.

6. Private Rooftops

I get a lot of emails asking how to get access to private rooftops. I guess it’s just trial & error. It used to be a lot easier to gain access, but some of your friends might still know where you can go. For tourists, I’d generally advise not to dabble with illegal trespassing.

7. Cuvrybrache

I was supposed to take Cuvry off the list, as the whole area is nowadays locked away. Before, one could easily sit on this wasteland in one of the most popular and crowded places of Kreuzberg. Nowadays, just like many other places in Berlin, it’s being saved for renovation and building.  But I’m going to leave this up here because I used to love the view at our Cuvrybrache spot.

8. KaDeWe

This is taken from our Dating Tipps for Berlin article, but it’s actually a perfect idea, even when you’re only shopping or taking your parents out for a KaDeWe experience. This view is taken from the Fischrestaurant in the upstairs food court. I know there’s even a better view from the very top floor, but this one is usually crowded with people and it’s annoying and you have to sit in the middle of a square. Being at the Fischkutter allows you to sit right next to the windows. There’s a stupid building that blocks the view shortly before the sun sets, but it’s a great view nonetheless.

9. Schlesische Straße

Consider this my make up gift for the closing of Cuvrybrache. Because in fact, sometimes the whole of Schlesische Straße is drowned in amazing colors, with a straight view on to the Fernsehturm.

Six comments

  1. I enjoy the sunset view to Tiergarten & Siegessäule from our window:

  2. I recommend the parking deck of the Neukölln Arcaden! Simply drive from Flughafenstraße to Erlanger Straße and drive to the top of the parking deck – beautiful view on Berlin’s satellite dish covered rooftops and especially the sunset.
    Great shots btw!

    Cheers, you sundowners (:

  3. From the top of the bunker in Humboldthain.

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