Abandoned Buildings

Golden Dinner

The allure of dining out in Berlins ruins
27 Dec ’17 by Sara Events, Places

Spindlersfeld and the abandoned ruins of a 19th century factory

A visit to the abandoned chemical cleaning factory at the Spree.
23 Jun ’17 by Sara Architecture

Detroit: Phoenix Rising

Detroit: Notes on a Comeback City.
10 Dec ’14 by Nico Travel, Videos

Wiesenburg: Asylverein für Obdachlose

The intriguing history of the Wiesenburg - written when I visited in 2014. But the family Dunkow is still fighting to keep the Wiesenburg a sociopolitical chapter of Berlin, as many investors are sharpening their knives to get this magnificent property.
8 Sep ’14 by Sara Places

Blub! Abandoned Swimming Pool in Neukölln

The Blub! was one of the most photogenic abandoned places in Berlin. Unfortunately, it burned down in July of 2016 - no more discovering, no more exploring.
14 Aug ’14 by Sara Places

Inside Tempelhof

Tempelhof is not just a park with a different story. It's quite a powerful symbol of modern Berlin. I was lucky to take part in a tour around the insides of the airport, discovering what the former American military base left inside the unused building. Let me tell you: it's as phenomenal from the inside as much as from the outside. Basketball courts and former bowling alleys, little forgotten bunkers and shelters-- had this building not been an airport, it would still be fascinating. I didn't even know the hallways were open to the public (I think you're obliged to book a tour though). 
31 Oct ’13 by Sara Architecture

The GDRs Iraqi Embassy

A visit to the abandoned Iraqi embassy of the GDR.
6 Sep ’13 by Sara Architecture

Beelitz Heilstätten, Berlins creepy haunted hospital

On our mission to forage mushrooms in the Brandenburg wilderness, we decided to make a detour to the Beelitz Heilstätten to discover the abandoned hospital.
27 Aug ’13 by Sara Places

Abandoned Hospital Neukölln

We found the Abandoned Hospital Neukölln, a stately building that is being digested by mother nature after being abandoned.
27 Jun ’13 by Sara Places

The GDR’s Ministry for Building’s demolition site

Matthias paid a visit to a very interesting construction site. The GDR's Ministry For Building. PS: That construction site is not a construction site anymore.
29 Oct ’12 by Matthias Architecture, Street Life

Discovering Marzahn with our local Matze

Matthias takes us on a bike tour through his old home district Marzahn, otherwise known as District 12.
17 Aug ’12 by Sara Street Life

Neukölln’s abandoned Schrebergärten

Matthias discusses the holy concept of Schrebergärten as well as their demise in Neukölln as the city decides it needs the space for more Autobahn.
18 Jul ’12 by Matthias Community, Street Life

Construction Site: Hope.

Why we are fascinated by abandoned places.
14 May ’12 by Sara Street Life

Parking Lot Decks

Needless to say, this space is gone now.
14 Dec ’11 by Sara Places, Street Life