10 — Berghain Anniversary Exhibition

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10 | Halle Am Berg­hain | Eröffnung / Open­ing: 07. August 2014, 19 Uhr / 7pm | Aus­s­tel­lung / Exhib­i­tion: 08. — 31. August 2014 (außer montags / besides mondays), 16:00 — 23:00 Uhr / 4 — 11pm | Abendkasse / Cost: 5€Norbert Bisky (Paint­ing and object) | Marc Branden­burg (Install­a­tion) | Ali Kepenek (Pho­to­graphy) | Sven Marquardt (Pho­to­graphy) | Carsten Nic­olai
UdK Rundgang 2014-3862

UdK Rundgang 2014

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Ah, thank the Almighty we’ve had enough prac­tice for years and years of stand­ing of queues. We’ve passed the Berg­hain test a couple of times, which makes us pro’s in the art of jump­ing the line with 20 people without any­body ever noti­cing (let me tell you, it’s a LOT harder to jump the line any­where else
kisses berlin-2469

Conceptual Kisses

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Of course, most people who write on walls wouldn’t con­sider them­selves artists. And yet there are some — by acci­dent or by choice — who would pass through as con­cep­tual thinkers at the least. Some of them have been very self-conscious about their writ­ings on the wall as we have found out in the past couple of days while

Berlin Art Prize Opening and Exhibition

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Am Abend des 14. Juni 2014 wird der Ber­lin Art Prize zum zweiten Mal fei­er­lich ver­liehen und die Aus­s­tel­lung im Kühl­haus am Gleis­dreieck eröffnet. Dreißig nomin­ierte Arbeiten von Ber­liner Künst­lern wer­den auf zwei Eta­gen des Indus­triege­bäudes zu sehen sein. Die Grup­penaus­s­tel­lung wird vom 17. bis zum 28. Juni dien­stags bis sam­stags von 13 bis 19

Pola Sieverding: Grand Ensembles Exhibition

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In den ehem­a­li­gen Stal­lungen von Otto Pohl, der als der „Kutschen­könig von Ber­lin“ bekannt ist, eröffnet am 6. Juni BOX21 Freiraum für Kul­tur. Die dreigeschossigen Stal­lungen, im Innen­hof der Box­ha­gener Straße 93, wur­den im Jahr 1893 von Wil­helm Mag­nus errichtet, in der DDR von HO als Lager, später von einem Antiquitäten­han­del genutzt. Zum Auftakt zeigt
Absolut Berlin-1816

Absolut Limited City Edition Berlin with Zhivago Duncan

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For the first time ever, Abso­lut has released a Ger­man Lim­ited City Edi­tion: Abso­lut Ber­lin. The launch of the bottle was cel­eb­rated, big style, at Pla­toon last week­end — includ­ing live per­form­ance of the prin­ted art­work and a show­case of the iconic col­ors used on the design. We also got hold of the bottle and were very impressed by


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Art­con­nect Ber­lin invites you to cre­ate a pos­it­ive local space for cre­at­ives to meet, col­lab­or­ate, and innovate. Community Clash! is a bimonthly group art exhib­i­tion fea­tur­ing a selec­tion of Berlin-based artists and a live musical per­form­ance within the Art­con­nect Ber­lin net­work. Together with a vari­ety of cre­at­ive spaces, Art­con­nect Ber­lin is

CenturyCamera by TT

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JONATHON KEATS | Cen­turyCa­m­era- an intergen­er­a­tional sur­veil­lance pro­gram -Exhib­i­tion: 16.05.2014 — 16.05.2114Open­ing: 16.05.2014 | 7PM Friedel­straße 29,12047 Berlin WORLD’S SLOWEST SURVEILLANCE CAMERAS WILL SPY ON BERLIN FOR NEXT 100 YEARS The city of Ber­lin, cur­rently under­go­ing the biggest real estate boom since Ger­man reuni­fic­a­tion, has been chosen

Six recommendations for Gallery Weekend 2014

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Berlin’s art world tends to go into hiberna­tion after the big events in autumn took place, only to com­pletely wake up in spring, when the people start to go to the cafés and parks or just take a stroll because of the lovely weather. Now that every­body woke up, Berlin’s big­ger gal­ler­ies invite Ber­liners and vis­it­ors

Olympus OM-D Photography Playground 2014

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As you know, pho­to­graphy is a sub­ject that we’re very open to on Find­ing­Ber­lin. Since our whole pro­ject is based on visu­als and the core idea is to show how the city is devel­op­ing dur­ing our cov­er­age, we’re always inter­ested in new and innov­at­ive cam­era products and oppor­tun­it­ies to test them. The second round of the Olym­pus
olympus playgrounds

The OM-D PHOTOGRAPHY PLAYGROUND 10. 04 — 25. 05. 2014

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The OM-D Pho­to­graphy Play­ground by Olym­pus will take place yet another time after the ini­tial suc­cess of last years event. For all Ber­liners and Ber­lin vis­it­ors, this is a very spe­cial event that we can strongly sup­port on Find­ing­Ber­lin. It puts people, even those who only have rudi­mental know­ledge of art and pho­to­graphy, in touch with


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For over 13 years, Berlin-based artists Maik Schi­er­loh and Joep van Lie­fland have run their autonom­ous, inter­na­tion­ally ori­ented art space Auto­cen­ter, a place for art that tran­scends the hier­arch­ies of the art mar­ket. On 29 March 2014 Auto­cen­ter will host its second art auc­tion, for which artists have donated works in sup­port of this non-commercial