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News of extensive environmental destruction humanity caused by the way we live have paralleled our existence for decades. The scenario of an approaching climate-apocalypse is being reproduced by science, media and politics permanently. On the one hand, you are being pressured to fundamentally change your lifestyle in order to prevent such drastic damages. On the other,

Herrumbre: Terror, Pain & Staatsballet

12.02.2016 · 12 comments

On February 14, the Staatsballet Berlin proves once again that ballet is more than only pompous costumes and wistful choreography. With Herrumbre, director Nacho Duato created a modern dance piece that revolves around the themes of pain, terror and torture. Even if you’re not a typical ballet fan, you should take the chance to experience
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The Vacancy: A “Berlin Experience”?


  Berlin is littered with abandoned places, but you can rarely find them in the city center anymore. The last one’s are either immediately sold to the biggest investor – a process that has been going on for a while – or used as temporary space. But not by artists, makeshift ravers or cultural programs,

The Things I Loved About Copenhagen


There’s enough said already about Copenhagen, so I’m not going to bore you with more travel tipps. The city is a global favorite in terms of food, fashion, general style and pretty people. For someone who hadn’t visited a Scandinavian country yet, Denmark was long a front runner on my trip-list. I was eager to
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PostCollective: Berlin, Art and Instagram


  Ever since Instagram became everybodys essential social media platform, our ways of seeing and writing about Berlin have changed from photo stories on the blog to live captures in our Instafeeds. A picture is a picture: it doesn’t need a headline or any context, and on Instagram, it’s instant (duh). Not only does this particular

Pop-Kultur Berlin

25.08.2015 · One comment

Pop-Kultur festival is the re-incarnation of Berlin Music Week, set in Berghain, with a versatile line-up and interesting panels. For three days at the end of August, Berlin will be dedicated to pop when the first ever ‘Pop-Kultur’ takes place, a festival with DJ sets and lectures, discussions and concerts. More than 60 artists make

Laily’s Berlin: Pentaprisma Photography Course


We’ve all imagined ourselves as the next Annie Leibovitz or Henri Cartier-Bresson…no? Not even a little? Well at least I can say we’ve all dreamt to be known for having the coolest Facebook profile pics. I have never been formally trained in photography; don’t get me wrong I absolutely love it and recently – with all

WASSERMUSIK: Mother India at HKW


Started on July 17th and going on until August 5th, WASSERMUSIK 2015 is putting on Mother India, an open-air festival attracting eyes and ears to the greatest of what Indian culture has to offer. From film, to dance, to music and lets not forget free yoga, Haus der Kulturen der Welt will be hosting the festival,

short notice: Posters of Berlin


Berlin communicates via lamp posts and walls most of the time. Whether it’s lost pets or more obscure requests, the walls of Berlin sometimes resemble ancient cave walls and their rudimental sign language. And, because this is the Internet, there is a website where all of those notes are actually collected: Notes of Berlin. But

Laily’s Berlin: Steak Night Show Recap


STEAK NIGHT SHOW was put on by none other than Mediasteak (we can see how the theme ties in eh?), an online blog dedicated to showcasing their personal collection of notable documentaries and short films. It is a brilliant way to expose yourself to a world of film that isn’t so often publicized.    
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SOLEMART at Neue Heimat

01.07.2015 · 22 comments

Attention, sneakerheads: don’t forget to put the annual SOLEMART into your calendars. Since 2009, Solemart has become an institution for the sneaker community. It grew from a local flea market into an internationally renowned sneaker exhibition and trade fair. Like always, private consumers as well as businesses are invited to participate. We were there in 2011

Save The Date: Summer Events 2015


Berlin is a crazy place to be in the summer, and so different from the rest of the seasonal turns. It doesn’t really matter if the weather is crap, it usually is, but the rush of tourists flocking in and out, as well as an extensive list of traditional summer events that range from street

Das Museum Imaginärer Deutscher Designmuseen

11.06.2015 · One comment

What happens when design meets the art world? Silly things, of course. Like the idea of having a German Design Museum. The UdK students of the Visual Communications class have critically examined and analyzed this idea and turned it into a full exhibition, opening on Friday from 5pm to 8pm. Read more: “The Museum of

Creamcake Projects presents Fragments of a Scene


On April 16 Creamcake Projects in collaboration with HAU Hebbel am Ufer will present the first performance of a musical programme “Fragments of a Scene”, a musical analysis of our time and a glimpse into the future of an increasingly merging music and art scene. The digital revolution is producing new hybrid projects that are