The Vacancy: A “Berlin Experience”?

The Vacancy was an exhibition that ran til October 2015 as part of a joint venture between ZeitMagazin and Galerie Crone. It was displayed in an old, rundown hotel before constructions work continued in the building.
26 Oct ’15 by Sara Places


Jan Herdlicka, our very own talented photographer and artists, is back with a couple of thoughts on city life vs. perception of nature. His works are photographic collages, inspired by life in Berlin.
1 Jun ’15 by Jan Herdlicka Other

Wiesenburg: Asylverein für Obdachlose

The intriguing history of the Wiesenburg - written when I visited in 2014. But the family Dunkow is still fighting to keep the Wiesenburg a sociopolitical chapter of Berlin, as many investors are sharpening their knives to get this magnificent property.
8 Sep ’14 by Sara Places

#berlinkisses from Wedding & Moabit

Remember: kisses are little philosophies scribbled on public walls.
3 Sep ’14 by Sara #berlinkisses

UdK Rundgang 2014

The UdK Rundgang: a staple dish among the cultural events of the city.
18 Jul ’14 by Sara Events

Places of Art: Bohème in Berlin

For the Esprit Montmartre exhibition in Frankfurt at Schirn Kunsthalle, I was asked to contribute an idea that would connect the vivid  art scene of 1900s Montmartre to todays Berlin.
13 Mar ’14 by Sara Community, Places

Raumverdichtungen #3

In continuation of the Raumverdichtungen seriesJan Herdlicka visited places you come across everyday. In his technical process the obvious dimensional characteristics blur out and only a fraction is left. With this he is questioning the process of memory and the character of the structures surrounding us.
20 Nov ’13 by Nico Architecture

Raumverdichtungen Berlin #2

The Raumverdichtungen continue.  Jan Herdlicka follows his concept of “the essence of memory”. If you think of places you have been to, you wont be able to imagine every characteristic. Single details get lost and others become more dominant.  Some­how a new place emerges in your memory. 
19 Aug ’13 by Jan Herdlicka Architecture

Haus der Kulturen der Welt

A walk around the Haus der Kulturen der Welt, an important institution of Berlins political, cultural and architectural history.
7 Feb ’13 by Sara Architecture

Documenta Kassel 2012

Matthias and Elisa went to Kassel for the art fair Documenta. Here's their review - without the art.
26 Sep ’12 by Matthias Travel

Art exhibition at an abandoned women’s prison

Matthias takes us to the exhibition in the former womens prison in Charlottenburg.
13 Sep ’12 by Matthias Architecture, Events

c/o Berlin at Postfuhramt

The c/o at Postfuhramt closed down and re-opened in the Amerika Haus at Hardenbergstraße (Bahnhof Zoo).
13 Sep ’12 by Sara Places

Shoot Your Life Exhibition

Supporting artistic youth.
4 Sep ’12 by Stefan Community, Events

Berlin Doors

About the time I lived in Friedrichshain, I remember one thing quite clearly: the abundance of frontdoors covered in graffiti. Only recently, my photographer friend David showed me an impressive series of photos he shot on a bright and sunny day whilst hunting these remarkable filthy doors of Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg.
3 Sep ’12 by Matthias Street Life