short notice: Geschichten über Zeit


My friend Ari is a great per­son. She always texts me to get a drink and I always fall asleep before I can get back to her. Ari is crazy in a good and aca­demic way. Her art hap­pens in her mind first, and when she feels she can share with you the pro­cesses and thoughts that spark her cre­ativ­ity,
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short notice: Milena Auilar at Museum Neukölln


Most people are sur­prised to hear that Neuk­ölln has its very own museum. Even more if they real­ize that it is not the kind of cheesy “Heimat­mu­seum” they expect. Actu­ally Museum Neuk­ölln has a young team with an fresh approach. They cur­ate very dif­fer­ent works which circle around the many nuances of Ber­lins notori­ous neigh­bor­hood. This month Museum



YOUR LUCKY DREAMS — MY LUCKY DREAMS Check out the full pro­gram here. http://www​.hebbel​-am​-ufer​.de/programm/programm/alphabetisch/creamcake-my-lucky-dreams/ sup­port your local theater! poster by our favor­ite designer Max Boss free entry www​.cream​cake​.de

CTM x Transmediale 2015: Event Recommendations

21.01.2015 · One comment

A new year, a new num­ber, an old routine. 2015 just kicked off and we are already facing dozens of events that will accel­er­ate the rhythm of the city back to its reg­u­lar hec­tic pace. CTM x Trans­me­diale seem to be the most inter­est­ing of these fest­iv­it­ies yearn­ing for atten­tion. Since 1999, CTM and trans­me­diale have been tak­ing place in

PLACE 50 Exhibition


Zur Feier unserer 50. Aus­gabe haben wir 50 Weg­beg­leiter ein­ge­laden, jew­eils eine Dop­pel­seite zu bespielen. Heraus­gekom­men sind faszini­er­ende Beiträge zur Skate­boardkul­tur und wir kön­nten stolzer nicht sein! Aus diesem Grund stel­len wir alle Mitwirkenden im Rah­men der PLACE 50 Exhib­i­tion in der Urban Spree Gal­lery aus. Zu sehen gibt es neben klassis­chen

Schaubühne: win 2×2 tickets for “The Forbidden Zone”

15.12.2014 · 11 comments

One of the most pop­u­lar theatres of Ber­lin, the Schaubühne, caters also to Eng­lish speak­ing vis­it­ors and expats in Ber­lin. Today we’re giv­ing away 2×2 tick­ets for the German/English col­lab­or­a­tion (and sub­titled) play “The For­bid­den Zone” on Tues­day, the 16th of Decem­ber 2014 at 8pm. The Schaubühne choses its plays care­fully from a polit­ical and

10 things to do in Winter in Berlin

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There is at least one great thing about winter in Ber­lin: I stop being the only one without a taste in fash­ion. Since every­body is wrapped in lay­ers and lay­ers of func­tional cloth­ing (which is incid­ent­ally only sold in bright neon col­ors) and hik­ing boots, I can finally pre­tend to have the same level of style aware­ness as
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short notice: ACT NATURAL


Act Nat­ural is the first col­lab­or­at­ive pro­ject by Charles Ben­jamin and Egon Elliut. They premiered it on 17th septem­ber in the souvenir space and released it on you­tube. Act Nat­ural is a 10 track album pro­duced by Egon Elliut and accom­pan­ied by a visual concept. Their approach circles around the reflec­tion of the medium itself. Mov­ing images are cre­ated
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Supporter of the Independent by Jack Daniel’s


Scroll down for Eng­lish version. Ber­lin gilt als Hoch­burg und Heimathafen für all diejeni­gen, die einen kreat­iven Spiel­platz suchen, um ihre Ideen und Träume zu real­is­ieren. Nicht umsonst dient die Stadt als Nähr­boden für Start-ups und One-Man-Projekte. Sie dür­fen wild sein, ver­rückt, uner­war­tet – und manch­mal braucht es viel Mut, um sie zu ver­wirk­lichen,
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Jan Herdlicka — I


After 4 years of get­ting deeply into pho­to­graphy, the time has come to step back, pause and con­tem­plate. My first book I is the attempt to find the essence of my pho­to­graphic pur­suit and gave me the chance to look at the work I have done so far from the per­spect­ive of a spec­tator. The first chapter is



Our favor­ite music­ally and artist­ic­ally chal­len­ging party series CREAMCAKE returns to the Süd­b­lock schedule. ◆ E+E W/ CHINO AMOBI LIVE ◆ HIELE LIVE ◆ DJ MARFOX ◆ WHY BE ◆ LARRY
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STATE OF TIME Experience Science Festival — win 2×2 guestlist spots

21.10.2014 · 7 comments

We are giv­ing away 2×2 guest­l­ist spots for the 31st of Octo­ber and the 1st of Novem­ber of the STATE OF TIME Exper­i­ence Sci­ence Fest­ival. What you need to do to win: - share / like / tweet (one of them!) this post­ing via your social media chan­nels – let us know in the com­ments below this art­icle



After we’re all done with walk­ing inside white cubes around the city hold­ing cham­pagne cups, let’s all hang out together have fun drink­ing and dan­cing inside a black cube that we’ll fill as much as we can. It will take place in Ams­ter­damer Strasse 6, Wed­ding, ground floor, on the sat­urday 27th from 9pm

PROFIT | PROPHET — team titanic exhibition


I am not a big fan of art weeks and fairs. In gen­eral, I have little love for art. Not because I don’t appre­ci­ate the aes­thetic, but because everything sur­round­ing it is mar­ket and dis­trac­tion. Some­times it’s very hard to find the art between all of the booze-hunting VIPs. When it comes to the exhib­i­tions my friends from