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The OM-D PHOTOGRAPHY PLAYGROUND 10. 04 — 25. 05. 2014

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The OM-D Pho­to­graphy Play­ground by Olym­pus will take place yet another time after the ini­tial suc­cess of last years event. For all Ber­liners and Ber­lin vis­it­ors, this is a very spe­cial event that we can strongly sup­port on Find­ing­Ber­lin. It puts people, even those who only have rudi­mental know­ledge of art and pho­to­graphy, in touch with


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For over 13 years, Berlin-based artists Maik Schi­er­loh and Joep van Lie­fland have run their autonom­ous, inter­na­tion­ally ori­ented art space Auto­cen­ter, a place for art that tran­scends the hier­arch­ies of the art mar­ket. On 29 March 2014 Auto­cen­ter will host its second art auc­tion, for which artists have donated works in sup­port of this non-commercial
Places of Art-9598

Places of Art: Bohème in Berlin

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If you know where to look for it, you will find an extens­ive net­work of cre­ativ­ity in Ber­lin. Bey­ond the estab­lished struc­tures of the art mar­ket (i.e. fam­ous gal­ler­ies, museums and exhib­i­tions), there is still place for off-locations that cel­eb­rate cre­at­ive sub­cul­tures and pos­sibly ideas that will not make the cut to suc­cess. Yet they

Vincent Moon Screening at Michelberger

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Vin­cent Moon is a work­aholic and an inde­pend­ent film­maker from Paris and the ori­gin­ator of the renowned Blogothèque’s Take Away Shows, a concept of shoot­ing music videos in a spon­tan­eous and nat­ural way which feel far more like an accur­ate reflec­tion of the exper­i­ence of live music than the tra­di­tional pop video with all its con­triv­ance and high

Next Frame By Absolut at MADE

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For the Abso­lut Cam­paign 2014, Abso­lut Vodka is present­ing its new inter­na­tional pro­ject “Next Frame by Abso­lut”, a col­lab­or­a­tion with the acclaimed Brazilian graphic novel artist and author Rafael Grampá. “Next Frame” is an inter­act­ive pro­ject that invites Abso­lut Fans to take the oppor­tun­ity to enter their own ideas for the graphic novel that Grampá is
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Berlin Community Radio

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Ber­lin has many com­munit­ies, some in and some out of sight of the gen­eral pop­u­la­tion. Whether these com­munit­ies are held together by their neigh­bor­hoods, their aspir­a­tions or their taste in music isn’t rel­ev­ant. What’s rel­ev­ant is that these days, Ber­lin Com­munity Radio is try­ing to be the meta-narrator of the stor­ies and the art that

Draw A Line Launch Event

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Just before the crowds left Ber­lin for the hol­i­days, every­body gathered at the launch event of some of our dearest friends’ latest pas­sion­ate pro­ject, Draw a line. Some needed to grab a few last gifts for their loved ones, oth­ers were on the lookout for some fine art edi­tions to accessor­ise their flats, many came to see
Berlin by Jenni Sparkswide

Berlin: Mapped by Jenni Sparks

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Maps are a trav­el­ers most treas­ured home dec­or­a­tion. Although the gen­eric ones are far from pretty, they’re still worth another look, time and time again. Even more so when the maps have been obvi­ously used and scribbled on. I love see­ing where people went on vaca­tion, which sights they marked and what kind of stuff they drew

Druck Berlin Print Festival

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Druck Ber­lin is set to become the world’s largest ever art fest­ival for silk screen print­ing. Bring­ing together a selec­tion of the very best print­ers from all over Europe and a host of inter­na­tion­ally renowned artists for three week­ends of live print­ing, exhib­i­tions, solo shows and workshops. Here is our Agenda for the first weekend!

GOODBYHOOD / Team Titanic

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GOOD BY HOOD ℽℽℽ BLOCK BIENNALE29.-30.11.2013 Flughafen­straße is a rough ter­razzo. It’s been some time.We’ve learned our les­sons.But before we move, we move.  †† is proud to announce the open­ing of a new TEAM TITANIC depend­ance. For this spe­cial occa­sion we are throw­ing a 2-day fest­ival. Come cel­eb­rate with our old neigh­bors, your new friends, their spe­cial

SIEBEN — Abschlussausstellung der Ostkreuzschule

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Der 7. Abschlussjahr­gang der Ostkreuz­schule für Foto­grafie präsen­tiert in der Aus­s­tel­lung SIEBEN seine foto­grafis­chen Abschlus­sarbeiten. Unter Beg­lei­tung von Prof. Ute Mahler, Sibylle Fendt und Thomas Sand­berg entstanden 25 Arbeiten im Span­nungs­feld zwis­chen ange­wandter Sozi­alre­port­age und freier Kunst.  Öffnung­szeiten täg­lich vom 26.10.-08.11.:

HARD ✖ WARE ✖ SOFT ✖ CORE Exhibition

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HARD ✖ WARE ✖ SOFT ✖ COREOpening: 25.10.2013 | 7pmExhib­i­tion: 26.10. - 03.11.2013 w/ Silas Fong, Ann Hirsch, Jann Hol­stein, Andy Kassier, Leslie Kulesh, David Lichter, Georgy Maysuradze, Aude Par­iset, Yves Scherer, Addie Wagen­knecht & Pablo Garcia % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % %