CODA is the first dessert bar in Berlin, and it’s really good

CODA by pastry chef René Frank and Oliver Bischoff is the newest addition to Neukölln's growing culinary scene. This bar is wholly dedicated to fantastic experimental desserts and great drinks.
12 Dec ’16 by Sara Food

Sunday Aperitivo at Caffè Torino

The Caffè Torino pop-up brings Mediterranean flavor to Berlin: We tested the Italian Aperitivo Culture on a foggy Sunday afternoon in Berlin, only to come to one conclusion: we need more of this!
17 Oct ’16 by Sara Community, Events

Caffè Torino: Aperitivo Culture in Berlin

Martini invites you to become part of the traditional Italian Aperitivo culture at the pop-up Vermoutheria Caffè Torino in Prenzlauer Berg.
11 Oct ’16 by Sara Events, Food

The best steak tartar of Neukölln is definitely at Beuster Bar

There really is nothing better than the combination of delicious food and well-made cocktails. Beuster Bar in Weserstraße got all your wishes covered. Oh, and steak tartare.
7 May ’15 by Luca Food, Places

Crackers Bar & Restaurant

Some restaurants that freshly open their doors in Berlin come with an extra special serving of hype. With some, it is justified, and with others.. not so much. In the case of Crackers, we were overly excited to see what the former (and legendary) club Cookies had turned into after we said goodbye at the last meal.
5 Feb ’15 by Sara Food

The best bars, restaurants, cafés and shops in Gräfekiez

Half Kreuzberg, half Charlottenburg: the Gräfekiez is the little oasis between Kreuzberg and Neukölln that will have you know what "savoir vivre" means.
12 Jan ’15 by Sara Places

Klunkerkranich Rooftop

Klunkerkranich is still thriving and has become one of the most popular roof-top bars and restaurants in Berlin. It's usually very well visited, especially on the weekends. That said, the vibe there is very hippy-esque in the evenings, with an eclectic choice of DJs and sometimes live-gigs. It's not my taste, exactly, but still worth a visit for the exceptional view.
26 Jul ’13 by Sara Places