Soulmates Berlin: Crisis Management after Berghain

Tina Steckling, founder of Soulmates Berlin, offers spontaneous and fully qualified crisis management and psychological support in Neukölln without the bureaucracy. I talked to her to find out more about Berlins collective issues and about mental healthcare in general.
21 Oct ’16 by Sara Community, Other

Making Decisions – with Urban Sports Club (pt. 2)

Tandiss, who is responsible for all things health / lifestyle on FindingBerlin, is back with her final assessment of Urban Sports Club. We are also giving away a free membership for 3 months of unlimited sports, so read on!
16 Jul ’15 by Tandiss Other

short notice: JOUUR

Jessie Weiß launched a fashion collection called JOUUR and I'm totally head over heels, even though I don't fashion that much usually.
26 Jun ’15 by Sara Making Berlin

Christmas in Berlin

Matze tells us what Berlin around Christmas is like.
27 Dec ’14 by Matthias Street Life

Make Love, Not War: AXE & PEACE ONE DAY Campaign Round-Up

Remember the incredibly well done AXE Peace campaign we already reported about a while ago? The time has come to round up its achievements, which are abundant. With the Motto "Make Love, Not War", which was prominently painted at the notorious street art corner of Falckensteinstraße, the campaign was also physically brought to life in Berlin. On an international scale, more than 425.000 people contributed virtually or in real life to a good cause. In Germany, people were asked to stay in bed for 24 hours on a lazy Sunday - we were among those, too - and more than 130.000 followed the call for peace and watched the accompanying five hour social event. The hashtag #liegenbleiben temporarily led the Twitter Trend rankings, and no other hashtag was used more in Germany. It was used more than 25.000 times in Tweets, pictures and posts. More than 220.000 Likes were accumulated on Instagram. In other countries, people either smooched to show their love or donated blood to the Red Cross. The social media campaigns were organized to raise awareness to the current political state of the world. Sixteen countries were part of the global AXE Peace campaign that was executed in collaboration with Peace One Day. Watch the video to see what went down all over the world to support the cause.   The attention of more than 400 million people world wide was garnered for the project, accumulating about 320.000 US-Dollar in the process. AXE invites all of you to celebrate the success of the campaign on the World Peace Day. On September 21st, the international World Peace day, R&B world star Akon will be playing an exclusive concert in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. You can watch the whole thing during the live stream on   This post was endorsed by AXE.
19 Sep ’14 by Sara Events

People of Flowmarkt Nowkoelln

We had our own photo-booth at the Flowmarkt Nowkölln to take portraits of the visitors in our neighborhood!
31 Jul ’13 by Matthias Street Life

Nikolaiviertel By Night

Nikolaiviertel is the fully restored medieval center of Berlin. Matze takes a stroll by night.
26 Feb ’13 by Matthias Architecture, Places

A Night Ride by Fahrtwind Berlin

Berlin has a very active biking community. Often, the bike rides take place at night. It's loads of fun - Stefan shows us what it looks like.
5 Dec ’12 by Stefan Community, Events

A night stroll at Wriezener Bahnhof

Matthias shares his impressions of the Wriezener Bahnhof - you know, that's the old station where Berghain is located today.

“In Berlin, You Never Have To Stop”

Thoughts on an New York Times article about living as an expat in Berlin.
26 Nov ’12 by Sara Community, Other

Dong Xuan Center

Dong Xuan Center - aka Don Juan - is a treasure chest of Vietnamese culture and exoticness in Berlin. This is our favorite mall for interesting gift ideas, too.
15 Nov ’12 by Matthias Community, Food, Places

The vast and gorgeous Charité campus in Mitte

There is a spot amidst the city's heart that measures 180.000 m2, has its own street map, its own transportation system and, as some say, its own governmental structures with councils, committees authorities.
1 Aug ’12 by Matthias Places

Berlin’s brutalist architecture

The modernist architecture style brutalism is in style again, and Berlin has a few incredible buildings that still preserve the impressive and cool era of utopia socialist and Western modernist aesthetics.
3 Jul ’12 by Matthias Architecture

Berlin’s abandoned train stations

There are some S-Bahn stations that haven't seen a train for more than thirty years now. Ghost stations. Some of them still exist and are easy to spot, others are decayed to such an extent that one hardly recognizes the platform. All of them tell stories from prosperous times long ago.
31 May ’12 by Matthias Places