It’s snowing in Berlin, so Neukölln is full of dick drawings

If you're ready to take a long walk through the snow on a Sunday afternoon, then welcome to the club of Old German People Who Like To Eat Dinner at 6PM. In Neukölln, this adventure will be spiced up with many, many dick drawings.
9 Jan ’17 by Sara Street Life

ELI5: The Berlin Elections in 2016

There are elections on the 18th of September in Berlin, but what are they for? Who can vote? Why should you vote? What's at stake? Here's the Explain Like I'm 5 version of the Berlin elections 2016.
15 Aug ’16 by Sara #berlinkisses, Other

#BERLINKISSES: Kommunikation auf den Wänden Berlins

Berlin ist ein Irrenhaus mit schwarzem Brett, wo jeder scheinbar einen Platz hat, um mal kurz Luft abzulassen. Mal abgesehen von den Irren und Idioten, die den ganzen Tag an öffentlichen Plätzen herum kreischen, ist die Stadt auch vollgeschrieben: mit willkürlichen Nachrichten. Auf Häuserwänden und U-Bahntüren, auf Brücken und Straßen. Das geht über politische Statements oder Graffiti-des-Graffitis-Wegen manchmal hinaus. Was da zusammen kommt, ist eine Konversation über Zeit und Raum hinweg: die #berlinkisses.
28 Jul ’16 by Sara #berlinkisses


"Because it's good for your health I decided to be happy" "But that's not covered by insurance!"
19 Mar ’15 by Sara #berlinkisses

#berlinkisses: With Concept

"I am not an artist, I hustle".  Of course, most people who write on walls wouldn't consider themselves artists. And yet there are some - by accident or by choice - who would pass through as conceptual thinkers at the least. Some of them have been very self-conscious about their writings on the wall, as we have found out in the past couple of days while roaming the streets.
7 Jul ’14 by Sara #berlinkisses

Endgegner Kisses

Here's an interesting imperative: Stock aus dem Arsch und los, loosely translated into: get that stick out of your ass and go! That should set you in the right mood for when the thunderstorm begins in a minute.
11 Jun ’14 by Sara #berlinkisses

Where Is The Weed?

An old one I found in my archives. I took it in 2011 (I think) on the corner of Wrangel and Tabor, sprayed across the entrance of the Taborkirche. The proper answer is: in Görlitzer Park.
20 May ’14 by Sara #berlinkisses

Mean Kisses

Berliners aren't exactly known for being extra charming to each other. In true Prussian efficiency, no more words than necessary are wasted on formalities and politeness. Some kisses have reflected not only the lack of manners but also the downright aggressive tone of the city.
24 Apr ’14 by Sara #berlinkisses

#berlinkisses from Reichenberger Kiez

16 Apr ’14 by Sara #berlinkisses

Voll Schön vs. Shine Bright

The conspicuous facade of the Spreewaldplatz swimming pool (with JUST having left his mark all over it) is always victim of whitewash graffiti. My favorites are rather positive kisses (referencing Ri Ri at least once) and thankfully shadowing a big ass ugly THC piece.
10 Apr ’14 by Sara #berlinkisses

New Berlin: Refugee Camp Oranienplatz

At the beginning of the refugee crisis, Kreuzberg was already fighting for its new citizens to stay.
9 Apr ’14 by Sara Community, Street Life


Kisses from Neukölln
31 Mar ’14 by Sara #berlinkisses

Deutschland, Du Opfer

Deutschland, Du Opfer, Gib Handy!
21 Mar ’14 by Sara #berlinkisses

I Really Need To …

I Really Need To Discover Sex
16 Mar ’14 by Sara #berlinkisses