Summer at Pfaueninsel

The Pfaueninsel is worth at trip at any time of the year for a leisurely walk, a nice picnic, no traffic and some peacocks for garnish. Not actual garnish. tl;dr: this island was once a brothel LOL j/k
14 Jul ’16 by Sara Places

c/o Berlin at Postfuhramt

The c/o at Postfuhramt closed down and re-opened in the Amerika Haus at Hardenbergstraße (Bahnhof Zoo).
13 Sep ’12 by Sara Places

Berlin’s brutalist architecture

Brutalist Architecture: ugly and fascinating at the same time. Let Matthias take you on a tour around Berlin.
3 Jul ’12 by Matthias Architecture


Impressions from Südkreuz.
25 Apr ’12 by Sara Architecture