City Trips

London: The Future Sound of Berlin

A few thoughts about London and Berlin.
4 Nov ’16 by Sara Travel

New York: Notes

I went to NYC for a couple of days to visit a friend. I was too lazy to form a coherent text or give any recommendations other than "eat pizza and fish tacos"; I didn't do much, either. So here are my confused ramblings.
15 Dec ’15 by Sara Travel

Copenhagen: The Things I Loved

Our travel author Fousieh went to Copenhagen and loved it. She'll tell you why!
19 Oct ’15 by Fousieh Travel

A weekend-trip to Dresden & the Saxon Switzerland National Park

Only a short ride away from Berlin: an impressive national park, called the "Sächsische Schweiz" in German, and the beautiful city of Dresden. Tandiss and her boyfriend explored the region for a few days and took a hike through the lovely environment.
5 Jun ’15 by Tandiss Travel

London: Nothing Particularly Exciting

About seeing gorgeous, wonderful friends in London - and forgetting about the ideals of traveling.
11 Mar ’15 by Sara Travel

Weekend & daytrip places to visit outside of Berlin

Let's say we want to escape for a couple of days from Berlin, for example, when the weather gets surprisingly good and there's no oxygen left between Charlottenburg and Neukölln-Britz. Or if you get stuck in the same loop of weekend-work-shifts, with no new inspiration? Good news: within 2 hours, there are plenty of options to reach. Here are some of the most popular.
2 Mar ’14 by Sara Travel

Auckland vs. Wellington

New Zealands largest cities - of which Wellington definitely seems more to my taste.
25 Oct ’13 by Sara Travel

Frankfurt: Bahnhofsviertel

Thoughts about the Bahnhofsviertel in Frankfurt.
21 Aug ’13 by Sara Travel


Nico and his host Niels roam the streets and art galleries of Copenhagen.
4 May ’12 by Nico Travel


Sometimes, Berlin can be a bit too frantic for me. Whenever I feel that I need to retire for a while, I book a flight to a calmer place such as Stockholm. But after I got invited to visit a friend's art performance abroad and finally returned to Berlin, I knew there was a strong and beautiful competitor: Vienna.
1 May ’12 by Matthias Travel

Finding Napoli

Marcus visited one of the grimiest places of Italy: Napoli.
22 Feb ’12 by Marcus Travel