City Trips

London: The Future Sound of Berlin

A few thoughts about London and Berlin.
4 Nov ’16 by Sara Travel

NYC gave me an existential crisis because it’ really loud

I went to NYC for a couple of days to visit a friend. I was too lazy to form a coherent text or give any recommendations other than "eat pizza and fish tacos"; I didn't do much, either. So here are my confused ramblings.
15 Dec ’15 by Sara Travel

The best things to do in Lisbon

There are many to do lists for Lisbon out there, but if you're looking for the MUST DOs while in Lisbon, I think this here covers it!
23 Oct ’15 by Sara Travel

Copenhagen: The Things I Loved

Our travel author Fousieh went to Copenhagen and loved it. She'll tell you why!
19 Oct ’15 by Fousieh Travel

Lisbon isn’t the new Berlin – but it’s way better!

Is Lisbon the new Berlin? People have been saying so. And yup, there are parallels. But there's also cheap cab rides, an amazing sea-side and a coma-like chill vibe, too.
13 Oct ’15 by Sara Travel

A weekend-trip to the Saxon Switzerland National Park

Only a short ride away from Berlin: an impressive national park, called the "Sächsische Schweiz" in German.
5 Jun ’15 by Tandiss Travel

London: Nothing Particularly Exciting

About seeing gorgeous, wonderful friends in London - and forgetting about the ideals of traveling.
11 Mar ’15 by Sara Travel

The best trips and most interesting places to visit outside of Berlin

Stuck in a city rut? Get out of Berlin! Only a few hours on a bike, car or train ride gets you to amazing places for a day, a weekend or for a whole vacation.
2 Mar ’14 by Sara Travel

Auckland is nice, but Wellington is my Kiwi-love!

New Zealands largest cities - of which Wellington definitely seems more to my taste.
25 Oct ’13 by Sara Travel


Nico and his host Niels roam the streets and art galleries of Copenhagen.
4 May ’12 by Nico Travel


Sometimes, Berlin can be a bit too frantic for me. Whenever I feel that I need to retire for a while, I book a flight to a calmer place such as Stockholm. But after I got invited to visit a friend's art performance abroad and finally returned to Berlin, I knew there was a strong and beautiful competitor: Vienna.
1 May ’12 by Matthias Travel

Finding Napoli

Marcus visited one of the grimiest places of Italy: Napoli.
22 Feb ’12 by Marcus Travel


Planning a short trip to Berlin? Here are a few things you can easily fit into an itinerary of 72 hours.
12 Jun ’10 by Sara Travel