BERLIN SOUP: Fund Your Neighborhood Project

€5 gets you soup, bread and a vote. The Berlin Soup aims to unite members of Berlins neighborhood in a safe environment, with the chance to win the kickstarting funds for their project ideas.
15 Sep ’16 by Sara Community, Events

Club Doors: Day & Night 2015

Clubs: hotspots by night and invisible by day. Our series of Club Doors by day from 2011 is returning with a thorough update that actually resembles an inventory list.
29 Jul ’15 by Sara Places

Making Decisions – with Urban Sports Club (pt. 2)

Tandiss, who is responsible for all things health / lifestyle on FindingBerlin, is back with her final assessment of Urban Sports Club. We are also giving away a free membership for 3 months of unlimited sports, so read on!
16 Jul ’15 by Tandiss Other

Amsterdam Dance Event 2013

Analog pictures of the ADE 2013.
18 Nov ’13 by Sara Travel

Day and Night

The first installment of our famous Club Doors series.
28 Apr ’11 by Marcus Other, Places, Street Life

Peristal Singum (Closed)

If you weren't there for the Peristal Signum, you REALLY missed out: this was a drug addicts dream come true! It was a real-life acid trip sort of labyrinth, located over the club premise of Wilde Renate (that club still exists though) and it was pure bliss. I'm not sure what happened to it, to be honest, I just know they don't do the tours anymore. Perhaps the thing still exists, but if it does, I wouldn't know.
12 Apr ’11 by Sara Making Berlin, Places

Finding Munich

Marcus makes a stop in Munich, where he spent three years living - and tells us how it feels to be back.
24 Aug ’10 by Marcus Travel