Daluma – Raw & Vegan Food

If you're a fool for superfoods, you'll love Daluma in Mitte.
2 Oct ’14 by Sara Food

Gordon Café & Record Store

The South of Hermannstraße gets its first hip café. Does that mean gentrification is taking over - or is there another side to the story?
14 Sep ’14 by Sara Community, Food


Great food and coffee, but always overcrowded and definitely overpriced: Roamers.
3 Jul ’14 by Sara Food

Katies Blue Cat

Katies Blue Cat has never been a secret. Ever since opening their "Kreuz-English-Bakery" with a kick-ass variety of snacks and coffee on Friedelstraße, all the local blogs and certainly the coffee aficionados have been writing about it. On a nice springtime afternoon, you can see many people strolling down the Kanal with Katies' signature all-white to-go cups. The coffee is remarkably on point.
24 Mar ’14 by Sara Food

Bonanza Coffee Heroes

If you need a quick cup of good espresso-based coffee while in Prenzlauer Berg, you should head over to the Bonanza Coffee Heroes.
26 Oct ’12 by Sara Food

Favorite Places: Factory Girl! (Closed)

The Factory Girl of Friedrichshain closed down its location but re-opened in Mitte as far as I know - I've never been there.
11 May ’11 by Sara Food