Welcome to the Sacred Ground festival, the most intimate party in Berlin-Brandenburg

I went to the Sacred Ground Festival outside of Berlin for one night and experienced an almost perfect vision of an exclusive, intimate and community-focused show. And that's a big compliment coming from someone who hates festivals.
2 Aug ’16 by Sara Events, Music

Making Decisions – with Urban Sports Club (pt. 1)

Our new health & lifestyle correspondent Tandiss is responsible for bringing you the latest news and updates on Berlins sport and detox activities because nobody else was willing to do it, kicking it off with the first part of her Urban Sports Club experience.
26 May ’15 by Tandiss Other

A Night Ride by Fahrtwind Berlin

Berlin has a very active biking community. Often, the bike rides take place at night. It's loads of fun - Stefan shows us what it looks like.
5 Dec ’12 by Stefan Community, Events

YAAM Closing

YAAM had to close down in its old location but it re-opened a while later on same side of the Spree at the former Maria am Ostbahnhof spot (Michaelkirchbrücke).
12 Oct ’12 by Marcus Community, Street Life