The artistic reflection on our contemporary surveillance society

The exhibition Watched! Surveillance Art & Photography examines the complexities of modern surveillance with a focus on photography and visual media.
26 Mar ’17 by Sara Other

Traveling through time, space and cultures at the Jewish Museum Berlin

As everyone already knows: I am not a big fan of museums. I like to immerse myself in history, but not necessarily by seeing old items in glass vitrines. That being said, the Jewish Museum is much more than just a display of historical artifacts: it's a highly sensual experience of history in context of art.
27 Dec ’16 by Sara Architecture, Places

C-HR Festival: “The Future Of Meat Is Vegan”

From the 12th-23rd October 2016, CH-R Festival in Berlin-Mitte aims to unite art, fashion, design and economy to discuss the future of innovation and creativity.
14 Oct ’16 by Sara Events

Lehrter 17 Project Space

Next week­end (11. 09. — 14. 09. 2014) our beloved under­dog dis­tricts Wed­ding and Moabit will trans­form into the cul­tural cen­ter of Ber­lin. At more than 300 dif­fer­ent loc­a­tions, vis­it­ors will be able to see and hear read­ings, per­form­ances, movies, exhib­i­tions, con­certs and hap­pen­ings. Lofts, gal­ler­ies and ateliers will open their doors to show off what they’ve got. To cel­eb­rate the re-discovery of Wed­ding and Moabit, we will be present­ing a couple of extraordin­ary loc­a­tions to you over the next week, from res­taur­ants to hot­spots and a list of events that you def­in­itely shouldn’t miss dur­ing the KULTURFESTIVAL WEDDINGMOABIT. The Lehrter 17 project space will soon cease to exist. Only planned for one year, the space was used as party floor, gallery and functional space for concerts, meetings and cultural gatherings. Because the whole commercial building will be torn down to make way for the new "Europa City" (a new Berlin-Dubai sort of quarter that is supposed to be constructed around the dead Hauptbahnhof area and is bound to make me & any Berlin lover cringe), the Lehrter 17 was never anything but a temporary shop, set up to deliver and known to vanish. Like most cultural efforts in Berlin. Even if you've never been there and don't feel like checking it out during the Kulturfestival, it's projects like this that really represent the volatility of urban development. And there's a cap limit: as soon as all those empty rooms are replaced by conceptional town-houses and sleek offices, there'll be no more (or nothing even remotely affordable). The project space Lehrter 17 will be open during the Kulturfestival WeddingMoabit. It's at the same address as the EXIT Game, so if you get bored at some point, move over and have yourself a real life escaping game.  
11 Sep ’14 by Sara Architecture, Places

Art exhibition at an abandoned women’s prison (Closed)

Matthias takes us to the exhibition in the former womens prison in Charlottenburg.
13 Sep ’12 by Matthias Architecture

Shoot Your Life Exhibition

Supporting artistic youth.
4 Sep ’12 by Stefan Community, Events

Total Sellout

For more than 10 years the Total Sellout has provided young Graphic Designers and Artists the possibility to exhibit and sell their works. The idea started 2000 in Dresden, nowadays this temporary platform opens also in other cities like Leipzig or Berlin. We have been at Glogauer Straße to see a mix of fresh illustrations, handmade screen-print shirts, small installations, unique Photo books and of course nice kitsch. Most of the artworks where made by students of the illustration class of the UDK and the fellows of the Wildsmile Studios Dresden.
24 Jul ’12 by Stefan Events

Ars Electronica: Impetus and Movement

A visit to the Ars Electronica exhibition in Berlin.
17 Jul ’12 by Sara Events

HAU Weltausstellung – The World Is Not A Fair

If you've recently visited the Tempelhofer Park you will most likely have noticed the fifteen gazebos scattered across the fields. They are part of the "The World Is Not A Fair" exhibition of the HAU (Hebbel am Ufer), an artistic project with a twist. Their program is one of self-reflected irony, putting the methods of the international Expos into the fresh perspective of subjective art.
20 Jun ’12 by Stefan Events

48 Stunden Neukölln

48 Stunden Neukölln is a vast experience of Kiez-Art and, of course, nightlife.
18 Jun ’12 by Sara Events, Street Life

Cages Exhibition

Our "Cages" exhibition is a Berlin-based photo-series by the FindingBerlin crew depicting the various soccer cages - also known as "Bolzplätze".
12 Jun ’12 by Sara Community

Olafur Eliasson: Innen Stadt Außen exhibition at Martin Gropius

A quick review of Olafur Eliassons exhibition at Martin Gropius Bau.
8 Aug ’10 by Sara Events

today&tomorrow Speed Show

The Oranienspäti hosted a little computer-based exhibition.
24 Jul ’10 by Sara Events, Street Life

Kunsthaus Tacheles

The Kunsthaus Tacheles closed down a couple of years after this post was published. RIP!
22 Jul ’10 by Sara Places