short notice: JOUUR


  You know what really sucks? When people you’ve admired ever since you arrived in Berlin finally launch their own fashion collection and you actually like it, but then it’s already sold out after one hour. So here I am, one day later, promoting something that is probably as extinct as a motherfucking dinosaur, but


01.04.2015 · 2 comments

  Don’t we all love a little turn up on a Tuesday? The AXE Black Shirt Release party at favorite Kreuzberg one-stop for sophisticated drinks and food, Parker Bowles, was delivered in what I like to call “räudiger Manier”: black drinks, black food, all black guests and most of them blacked out by the end

AXE BLACK: Understatement by German Garment

27.03.2015 · 6 comments

At any time in fashion history (I know a lot about fashion history), black was always the new black. It may always symbolize the same thing (namely “I don’t know how to dress right so I’ll just opt for the one thing that always works”), but especially ridiculously colorful dressed men can profit from this

13 Berlin Souvenirs That Are Actually Cool

26.03.2015 · 6 comments

Most of our readers aren’t in living in Berlin. They are visiting tourists! Hello, my dear traveling reader, how are you? This article is for you, because the second most often asked question by tourists (right after “how do I get into Berghain”) is usually “what souvenir can I bring back home”? Today’s your lucky

Frau Tonis Parfum

09.03.2015 · 6 comments

  Those who know me will have noticed that I have cultivated a nasty addiction to perfumes in the past years. I don’t know why, but unlike other women, I don’t mind perfumes as gifts. In fact, I encourage anyone to surprise me with their favorite smells. That’s why I did not hesitate to visit

DANDY DIARY Berlin Fashion Week Opening Sit-in


Who does the best Fashion Week partys? We yet have to find out. But we heard Dandy Diary always has something unusual in store. It’s going to be loud and overcrowded for sure, but that’s what we got used to a long time ago during Fashion Week, anyway. Sonntag, 18. Januar 2015, 22 Uhr Wallstr.

short notice: New Korean Design

28.10.2014 · One comment

The love we have for Korean food knows no boundaries, and certainly it extends to other parts of the culture. Matthias is heading for Seoul soon because he wants to find all the other flavors of the Melona brand, and I’m still dreaming of a world where I can eat good Bibimbap at any time
Heineken Open Your City Fusion-5631

Heineken Cities Of The World: Berlin/Rio Fusion

23.09.2014 · One comment

To celebrate their newly launched City Edition bottles, #Heineken have brought the Cities of the World campaign to life. In a first post, we have already introduced the Open Your City app and gave you some advice on how to go hard in Berlin-Wedding, one of our favorite Kiezes to discover. But the campaign entails

Ucon Acrobatics – Haw-lin Artist Edition

16.09.2014 · One comment

Our friends Nathan and Jakob from Haw-lin have recently designed an artist edition for the Berlin based sportswear label Ucon. Inspired by moto track styles, they’ve designed sweatpants and long-shirts with oversized cuts and the typical symbols and pattern designs that are usually found all over bikes, gear and helmets. Each piece of the Fall/Winter

Converse #SNEAKERSWOULD: get THE TICKET to party!

08.09.2014 · 2 comments

  CONVERSE have just made the Internet a little more … berlinteresting (aaaahaaaaaaahaha). As part of the #SNEAKERSWOULD campaign (WHAT WOULD SNEAKERS DO?), you can now download a Chrome/Firefox Browser-Extension called “The Ticket“. THE TICKET browser-extension will block all the annoying banner-ads on the WWW and substitute it with information

Haw-lin for Ucon Acrobatics Artist Edition Launch


Voo Store is proud to present the new capsule collection by Haw-lin for Ucon Acrobatics as part of their Artist Edition.19:00 – 23:30Thursday, 11. Sept. 2014Voo Store Berlin Oranienstrasse 24 10999 Berlin For more info please check: Ucon Acrobatics Haw-lin Voo Store Music

Festival Season with Diesel – Win tickets to Berlin Festival*


Since the common Berliner loves to excessively party outside of Berlin, festival season is more than just a vague promise of great music and sunshine: it’s a commitment to the lifestyle. There are big festivals, such as the MELT! only an hour away, there are small festivals, such as the Möhre which we’ve told you

Concept Mall: Bikini Berlin

16.05.2014 · 2 comments

The grotesque architecture of the decomposing Bikini building has been renewed to some extent. After having visited the construction site last year and the newly opened 25 Hours Hotel, that is also part of the Bikini complex, I finally got around to visit the concept mall that has added new charm and shopping opportunities to the



The interactive Converse #CLASHWALL #BERLIN finally took place last Saturday. On a stunning springtime day, more than 1300 people were witnessing how a fire-break wall on Torstraße was transformed into a collaborative piece of art. For ten days, users had the chance to suggest what they wanted to see on the wall. The talented artists