Kreuzberg 61

Hummus Witz is not a joke

Taste the new Jerusalem style Hummus in Kreuzberg
The tiny new lunch spot Witz serves fresh, tasty and green Jerusalem style Hummus at Südstern.
10 Apr ’18 by Sara Food

Local Store: Conscious Shopping

We're into concept stores that don't just sell high quality products but also celebrate an idea behind their collections. One of those stores is the LOCAL store in Bergmannkiez.
31 Mar ’15 by Luca Making Berlin

Felix Austria: Austrian Comfort Food

Luca takes us to his personal favorite Schnitzel-Spot.
11 Dec ’14 by Luca Food

Viktoriapark at the Kreuzberg

Stefan shares his pictures of Viktoriapark in Kreuzberg 61.
22 Nov ’12 by Sara Places

Kreuzberg 61

My first impressions of my new neighborhood (spoiler: I moved out only a few months later and to Kreuzberg 61).
13 Apr ’11 by Sara Street Life