Feeling safe in Berlin: KREUZBERG IS MY CASTLE!

After the terrorist attack and the release of vicious crimes in the U-Bahn caught on video, people are talking (again) about the safety of Germany and Berlin in particular. Do we need more local video surveillance? More policing? Politics seem to agree. And I only have some loose thoughts about it.
4 Jan ’17 by Sara Other, Street Life

AirSpace in Berlin: Ästhetik des Digitalen

27 Sep ’16 by Sara Community, Other

Making Decisions – with Urban Sports Club (pt. 1)

Our new health & lifestyle correspondent Tandiss is responsible for bringing you the latest news and updates on Berlins sport and detox activities because nobody else was willing to do it, kicking it off with the first part of her Urban Sports Club experience.
26 May ’15 by Tandiss Other