Lehrter 17 Project Space

Next week­end (11. 09. — 14. 09. 2014) our beloved under­dog dis­tricts Wed­ding and Moabit will trans­form into the cul­tural cen­ter of Ber­lin. At more than 300 dif­fer­ent loc­a­tions, vis­it­ors will be able to see and hear read­ings, per­form­ances, movies, exhib­i­tions, con­certs and hap­pen­ings. Lofts, gal­ler­ies and ateliers will open their doors to show off what they’ve got. To cel­eb­rate the re-discovery of Wed­ding and Moabit, we will be present­ing a couple of extraordin­ary loc­a­tions to you over the next week, from res­taur­ants to hot­spots and a list of events that you def­in­itely shouldn’t miss dur­ing the KULTURFESTIVAL WEDDINGMOABIT. The Lehrter 17 project space will soon cease to exist. Only planned for one year, the space was used as party floor, gallery and functional space for concerts, meetings and cultural gatherings. Because the whole commercial building will be torn down to make way for the new "Europa City" (a new Berlin-Dubai sort of quarter that is supposed to be constructed around the dead Hauptbahnhof area and is bound to make me & any Berlin lover cringe), the Lehrter 17 was never anything but a temporary shop, set up to deliver and known to vanish. Like most cultural efforts in Berlin. Even if you've never been there and don't feel like checking it out during the Kulturfestival, it's projects like this that really represent the volatility of urban development. And there's a cap limit: as soon as all those empty rooms are replaced by conceptional town-houses and sleek offices, there'll be no more (or nothing even remotely affordable). The project space Lehrter 17 will be open during the Kulturfestival WeddingMoabit. It's at the same address as the EXIT Game, so if you get bored at some point, move over and have yourself a real life escaping game.  
11 Sep ’14 by Sara Architecture, Places

Amtsgericht Tiergarten

The historical building of the Amtsgericht Tiergarten is absolutely worth a visit, even if you don't have an appointment in court.
9 Sep ’14 by Sara Architecture

#berlinkisses from Wedding & Moabit

Remember: kisses are little philosophies scribbled on public walls.
3 Sep ’14 by Sara #berlinkisses
Who ever plays games anymore? I mean real games, games with friends. All we ever do is hang around in bars and waste our braincells on loud music. Not that I'm complaining - I just know that I've been looking for alternatives beyond museums and movies and extreme sports that are exciting, can be done on a rainy day and don't cost me a house and my firstborn. Even Monopoly gets boring and the World Cup is bound to end at some point, right? Well, I've finally found my new passion (and a reason to regularly shout at my friends for being too slow or stupid): EXIT GAMES. After trying it out for the first time ever last night, I came to the conclusion that I must do it again, and again, and again. It's addictive and it's real and it's a thing you can do with your best friends or against your worst enemies. It's just a game, but the thrill I felt was real. I've you've ever watched David Finchers "The Game" you'll know what I mean. If you haven't, here's a short explanation that will not substitute the actual experience (I promise): You're on a mission. Essentially, you have to leave a room in one hour, or save the world, or simply find your way out. The how to lies in the riddles and quests and clues across said room, and together with your team (never play this game alone), you'll sweat and scream and hunt and combine and think, think, think. I can't tell you a lot more than this... you can't explain the fun of paint ball, lazer tag or bowling unless you've played it once and Exit is the same. Exit Games are apparently a big thing in Asia already, with warehouses being transformed into new worlds and such. The possibilities are endless, but even for a smaller version of the game - right here, in Berlin - it's something incredibly entertaining and captivating. To a certain extend, I had to think of the Peristal Singum combined with a Schnitzeljagd. For now you can play two missions at EXIT GAME, one of them even against another team. There should be at least 3 players to guarantee fun (and success). I loved every minute of it and I can only highly recommend to hide in another world should the weather turn to shit again in the next week... at least for one hour. Oh and yes, it's completely suitable if you don't speak German as the riddles and clues won't need any language skills. You should call before you head over there though. EXIT Berlin Lehrter Str. 16/17, 10557 Berlin Telefon: 030-39 880 477

Stadtbad Tiergarten Open Air

A wonderful summer open air in the former Stadtbad Tiergarten - the premises don't exist anymore. The "Schwimmbad im Poststadium" had been closed since 2002. It was planned to re-open as addition to the still existing Stadtbad Moabit. As far as I have found out (this update is from 2016), there's currently a temporary tentstation / camping space in the vacancy.
19 Jun ’12 by Sara Events, Street Life