Happy Birthday Sundays

Our friend Steffen celebrated his birthday. Thanks for having us!
20 Sep ’12 by Marcus Community

Stadtbad Tiergarten Open Air

A wonderful summer open air in the former Stadtbad Tiergarten - the premises don't exist anymore. The "Schwimmbad im Poststadium" had been closed since 2002. It was planned to re-open as addition to the still existing Stadtbad Moabit. As far as I have found out (this update is from 2016), there's currently a temporary tentstation / camping space in the vacancy.
19 Jun ’12 by Sara Events, Street Life

(An Extraordinary) MyFest 2011

The incredible 1st of May in Kreuzberg is always fun, a battle of intoxication and a lot of gluttony. It's also become a matter of controversy in the past years. In 2016, Luzia (a very popular spot) did not celebrate the occasion as they believe the parade and party have become detached from their once political roots. Maybe it's time to riot again?
3 May ’11 by Sara Community, Events