Quy Nguyen: Vegan Vietnamese Food

It's not easy being vegan, which is why it's important to show appreciation and special attention to the places that make it seem like it is. Vegan Vietnamese restaurant Quy Nguyen is one of these places.
10 Oct ’16 by Sara Food

AirSpace in Berlin: Ästhetik des Digitalen

27 Sep ’16 by Sara Community, Other

Indulge in the best Köfte sandwich in Berlin at Konak Grill

The perfect Köfte from Konak Grill is always worth a trip to Kottbusser Tor, no matter how uncomfortable it can get there lately.
25 Jul ’16 by Sara Food

California Breakfast Slam

I revisited the famous California Breakfast Slam in 2016 after a 4-year hiatus and look at that, I overslept the best pancakes in town.
15 Jul ’16 by Sara Food

Kanaan Hummus Restaurant

Are you looking for love? Then maybe try some good hummus. Kanaan in Prenzlauer Berg boasts to have the best in Berlin. Tandiss tried it to see if it's true.
8 Feb ’16 by Tandiss Food

Zenkichi Berlin: Japanese Fine Dining

The Japanese Brasserie Zenkichi, an import from New York and Tokio, has an 8-course tasting menu to die for, or, in my case, to stay alive for.
11 Dec ’15 by Sara Food

Chicha Ceviche finally brings the Peruvian fish speciality to Kreuzberg

For better or worse (at least in terms of my obession), a new CEVICHE speciality restaurant opened up in my neighborhood.
19 Oct ’15 by Sara Food

Favorite Restaurants & Cafés 2015

They don't necessarily have to be the *best* restaurants, but simply the places that - by the power of food - draw me back every time.
10 Sep ’15 by Sara Food

The Bowl: Clean Eating & Raw Foods

Tandiss loves to eat healthy, so she, uh, actually wrote a poem about one of those new healthy restaurants in Friedrichshain.
19 Jun ’15 by Tandiss Food

Le Faubourg restaurant is the ultra-luxe French fine dining experience

French restaurant Le Faubourg, part of the Sofitel on Ku'Damm, blew our minds away with an amazing mix of fine dining, modern ambiance and exceptional food.
3 Jun ’15 by Sara Food

Beuster Bar

There really is nothing better than the combination of delicious food and well-made cocktails. Beuster Bar in Weserstraße got all your wishes covered. Oh, and steak tartare.
7 May ’15 by Luca Food

gogogi: Korean Food & Drinks

gogogi is the latest and coolest addition to the Korean food scene in Berlin. The restaurant is a masterwork of sleek design and laid back atmosphere.
30 Mar ’15 by Sara Food

Nudo: Cucina Italiana

Great Italian Food? Check. Set menu? Check. Cool service? Check. Appropriate prices? Check! A very good Italian alternative to the usual suspects.
24 Mar ’15 by Sara Food


Arirang Two is that affair that you had in your twenties and still cringe about. It was a cheap, spontaneous thrill, probably due to being extremely intoxicated OR for lack of better options, a convenient thing without commitment and always on-hand in desperate times.
25 Feb ’15 by Sara Food