Da Jia Le

Authentic Chinese Food in Schöneberg
Da Jia Le is one of the most reliable experiences of Chinese food in Berlin and after so many years, still worth pointing the spotlight on its delightfully spicy and delicious specialities from Dongbei.
2 Sep ’18 by Sara Food

Urban & Boutique

Staying at the new Lulu Guldsmeden Hotel Berlin
#WERBUNG# The Nordic inspired, family run and very centrally located Lulu Guldsmeden hotel is perfect for the light-footed and urban traveler.
14 Aug ’18 by Sara Places

Days of Autumn 2017

Taking a walk through Berlins best season: autumn.
23 Oct ’17 by Sara Street Life

Panama Restaurant: Fine Dreaming on Potsdamer Straße

The Panama restaurant on Potsdamer Straße is like a soothing bath in a crystal clear lagoon: wild, exotic, and like a wonderful dream.
26 Oct ’16 by Sara Food, Places

The oldest and gayest street festival in Berlin, Motzstraßenfest 2016

Pictures from the annual Motzstraßenfest in Schöneberg.
27 Jul ’16 by Sara Community, Street Life

Taking an extensive walk through the gay center of Schöneberg

Schöneberg is a blank spot on the map for me, so Fousieh took me out on an autumn walk through one of her favorite districts of Berlin. The weather was grumpy and the mood was eerie, just like Schöneberg kinda is.
10 Nov ’15 by Sara Architecture, Street Life

Persepolis Restaurant

Wonderful Persian specialities to die for! Located in West Berlin and waiting for you to come and indulge.
6 Oct ’14 by Sara Food

Table Dance & Champagne Bottles

#THETICKET with Kindness & Blood Orange - in a Stripclub!
18 Sep ’14 by Sara Events

IXTHYS Korean Food

For a snack or a proper meal, IXTHYS is worth a stop in Schöneberg. The Kiez around Pallasstraße is worth a stroll either way if you're heading there.
29 Aug ’13 by Sara Food

Riding The M29

Sara and I jumped on and off on the route to discover what else was on the way, especially beyond Neukölln and Kreuzberg. Riding the bus and taking a stroll in the neighborhood, in turns, was our way to get in touch with some of the places underway, advancing into the Western city one bus stop at a time.
20 Aug ’13 by Matthias Street Life

Backyards of Berlin: 5, 6 & 7

Matthias shares his courtyard discoveries with us.
1 Nov ’12 by Matthias Street Life


Soft light, brown leaves and lovely memories of the past: one of the most underrated parks in Berlin, Südgelände, invites you to take a walk in autumn.
25 Oct ’12 by Nico Places

Berlin’s brutalist architecture

The modernist architecture style brutalism is in style again, and Berlin has a few incredible buildings that still preserve the impressive and cool era of utopia socialist and Western modernist aesthetics.
3 Jul ’12 by Matthias Architecture

New York 1973 at Gleisdreieckpark

We discovered this shed in 2012. I revisited in 2014, it had already been gone - no surprises there.
23 Jan ’12 by Sara Street Life