Walking through autumn fog around Landwehrkanal

A night in fog turns the atmosphere of a Sunday evening into an elegant, moody and incredibly dark film noir. There's something very upsetting about fog in the city, and yet I love walking through it. Although last nights fog wasn't nearly as impressive as the one we had in 2012 on Warschauer Straße and Oberbaumbrücke, I was still completely immersed in watching the faded lights and the silhouettes of other people on the streets of Kreuzberg and Neukölln. I took my camera along for a few snapshots.
5 Dec ’16 by Sara Street Life

Goldener Herbst in Berlin

Snapshots of autumn weather in Berlin.
17 Nov ’16 by Sara Street Life

Rooftop View: Fernsehturm

Summer and #thattoweragain - and people throwing romantic picknick partys up there. I can totally tolerate this.
10 Aug ’15 by Sara #berlinkisses

Flying Kites

The definition of Sommerloch: when three grown up men try to fly a kite from their 7th floor balcony in Kreuzberg.
23 Jul ’15 by Sara #berlinkisses

Spring/Summer Snapshots

17 Jun ’15 by Sara Street Life

Snapshots: Best Of 2014

Our favorite pictures from the year 2014 in and outside of Berlin.
6 Jan ’15 by Sara Community

CSD Kreuzberg 2014

Snapshots from the CSD 2014 in Kreuzberg, a queer and left protest & parade that has more to do with politics than party.
17 Jul ’14 by Sara Community, Events

Springtime Blues II

Snapshots from springtime Berlin.
7 Apr ’14 by Sara Street Life

Berlin From Above

The view on Berlin from above
15 Nov ’13 by Sara #berlinkisses, Travel


A snapshot that speaks for itself.
18 Dec ’12 by Marcus #berlinkisses

Meine Güte

Today I found this little conversation in Friedelstr. Berlin how we love it!
13 Feb ’12 by Marcus #berlinkisses


On my lunch break I discovered this sun reflection in the backyard of our office in Neukölln. Somehow it looked like arabic signs to me and I had to think about the transformation of this former muslim dominated neighborhood.
2 Feb ’12 by Marcus Street Life

Fernsehturm Love

I don´t know how often I passed the Berlin Tv-Tower in the last years. Sometimes I just pass by with my bike without having a look but sometimes I just stand there in deep grace and watch the different faces depending on time, light and weather. I love the tower and even though my heart of the city is more south the TV-Tower is the true heart of the Berlin Sky.
10 Jan ’12 by Marcus Street Life

Pro Chillers

Whenever Im passing the corner of Hohenstaufenplatz in Kreuzkölln I am always very amused about these Pro Chillers that are hanging out there all year long.
8 Dec ’11 by Marcus Street Life