Street Food

Fatteh, Foul and Msabaha: Arabic Specialities on Sonnenallee

Arabic food is more than just Falafel and Shawarma. It's also Hummus, in many more variations than you can imagine. One of the Levantine favorites is Fatteh, which you can find plentiful on Sonnenallee.
26 Aug ’13 by Sara Food

Bite Club Berlin

A visit to Berlins "Bite Club", one of the first food markets to dominate the scene in Kreuzberg. Ever since, many more food markets - complete with trucks and entertainment shows - have been added to the cities menu, but they all share pretty much the same characteristics and mostly also the same food trucks. Some of the food stalls have moved on from their mobile pop-ups to become real restaurants, while most of the food and drinks are definitely rather "standard choices" by 2016.
7 Aug ’13 by Sara Events

The 5 Best Thai Street Foods In Berlin

Thai Street Food at it's best: find it in Preußenpark, every weekend, at the so called Thai Wiese, where local Thais sell their home-made food in an authentic environment. Here are our top 5 of the foods you definitely have to try while you're there!
16 Jul ’13 by Sara Food

Dong Xuan Center

Dong Xuan Center - aka Don Juan - is a treasure chest of Vietnamese culture and exoticness in Berlin. This is our favorite mall for interesting gift ideas, too.
15 Nov ’12 by Matthias Community, Food, Places