Days of Autumn 2017

Taking a walk through Berlins best season: autumn.
23 Oct ’17 by Sara Street Life

Good Delivery Food in Berlin with Deliveroo

We tested the new Deliveroo delivery website and completely approve of it! We're also giving away 3 x 100€ vouchers for you to enjoy your favorite food at home.
7 Aug ’15 by Sara Food, Street Life

The 9 Best Sunset Spots in Berlin

There's hardly anything as beautiful as seeing the sun go down in Berlin. The sky turns into a million shades of pink, and you can lie back and enjoy the iconic Berlin cityscape turn into a romantic movie scene - if you know where you can see it best!
25 May ’12 by Sara Places

Cuvrybrache Kreuzberg

Like many good things, the Cuvrybrache is a place of the past. As far as I know (2016), there's nothing yet on the former empty lot, but there have been attempts at re-building, at squatting, at planning. But Kreuzberg is still staying tough. Although you can't enter the premises anymore, it's still empty. And Blu recently painted over his famous mural that was visible there. Soo I guess everything is going the way it goes.
14 Jul ’11 by Sara Street Life